Nascar Journalist To Be at Burnsville Library

Tom Higgins will be doing a presentation at the Yancey County Library, School Circle
Saturday 30th May, 2015 at 2pm. Tom Higgins came out of Burnsville a teenage baseball and basketball player, competing in both sports at Brevard College, a proud member of the 1955 Toe (more)

Traditional Arts Recital

Recently, parents, grandparents, and siblings of the 6th and 7th grade Traditional Arts Program for Students (TAPS) participants were entertained with a recital in both Cane River and East Yancey Middle Schools. These students have been working with professional musician, Ron Powell, for the past six months, studying the guitar and learning about the heritage of music so riff in this region. They (more)

Foods Class Visits Stuarts on the Green

The Mitchell High School Foods II class visited Stuart's on the Green on Wednesday, May 12th.  The field trip allowed the students to experience a real world example of concepts they learn in Foods II including:  proper food preparation and storage, how a commercial kitchen is organized and operates, as well as aspects of business management and entrepreneurship.  The students were given an tour of the restaurant and kitchen by the owner Stuart Jensen.  During the visit student's also had the opportunity to enjoy lunch at Stuart's on the Green.