Parkway Playhouse Volunteer Opportunities

Become a member of the Parkway Playhouse Volunteer Guild. Volunteer to usher, bake a cake, cook a casserole, lend a truck or your muscles. However you want to plug in, we can use you. By becoming a member of the Guild you make the continued success of Parkway Playhouse and Parkway  Playhouse Junior a reality, but you also get great incentives. You can earn a free ticket for every nine hours you volunteer. The biggest bonus is the family you will be joining and the fun and satisfaction you will get working with your new friends. Visit our website at, or send us an email for information on how you can get involved at


On Tuesday March 27 at 6:30pm, Parkway Playhouse will hold its first Usher Orientation.  The event is free, and approximately 60 minutes in length and participants will learn about Parkway Playhouse’s season as well as how performances work. Participants who complete the course will be able to sign up as ushers for the 2018 Season and attend performances for free when they are volunteering, as well as acquire additional complimentary tickets to other Parkway Playhouse performances. (Please note that if you were an usher in 2017, you need to take the class each year to stay up to date.)   Ushers need to be at least 16 years of age.


Next on April 7, from 10am-2pm, Parkway Playhouse will have its Annual Spring Work Day.  During the course of the event, volunteers will work with Parkway Playhouse staff and board to open up the theatre building after being shuttered for the winter.  Activities for the day range from landscaping and yard work, to maintenance and repairs throughout the building.  It is a great way to explore and learn about one of Burnsville’s most iconic landmarks and cultural attractions, as volunteers will be working in every area of the building inside and out.  Participants who work for four hours will receive a complimentary ticket to a 2018 Parkway Playhouse Mainstage performance.  All are encouraged to wear “work clothes” and bring a pair of work gloves.  This activity is suitable for kids aged 12 and up.


For more information about Parkway Playhouse, including performances, classes, and volunteer opportunities, please call 828-682-4285 or visit the Parkway Playhouse website at