Yancey Commissioners Proclaim April “Child Abuse Prevention Month”

Yancey County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution at their April 9th meeting proclaiming April as “Child Abuse Prevention Month.”  Commissioners recognize children are our most vulnerable community members and that they deserve to be nurtured so they are allowed grow up to contribute to the county’s success and prosperity.  Everything possible must be done to provide children safe, stable and nurturing homes and communities in which to live.

Commissioners heard a presentation from representatives from the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) program, an agency within the state court system, regarding the effects of child abuse in Yancey County.  Director John Lewis and Program Specialist Erica Griffith Edwards represent the specific interest of children when cases are brought before the court system.  They stressed that child abuse is a real problem that has a number of causes including drug and alcohol abuse and poor parenting skills.  GAL also has a number of private citizens who volunteer with the program to represent the voice of the child in court proceedings.

Commissioner Johnny Riddle stated, “It is our hope that by proclaiming April as “Child Abuse Prevention Month,” this action will put an emphasis on the issue and encourage all citizens, and the faith, business and education communities to increase efforts to support families.  By supporting families we will prevent child abuse and strengthen our community.”


PICTURED:  Commission Chairman Johnny Riddle signs proclamation declaring April “Child Abuse Prevention Month.”