More About Tattoos

I didn’t write the first opinion on tattoos but to the writer that says “mind your own business”, I’ll judge you for anything I want too. Just as you have the right to deface your body. Actually, I have sympathy for people that have such low self-esteem and confidence about their body that they see the need to draw on it to distract from what they feel they lack. I guess the reasoning is “I have fat calves, so I think I’ll get a tattoo of a dragon that goes up to my knee so no one will notice”. How about just work out a little, boom, problem solved. Or, “I don’t like the way my neck looks, maybe a picture of a skull with snakes coming out it’s nose will help” Wait….what? I think there’s common ground here though. You get all the tattoos you want, and I’ll think anything I want to about them, deal?