Watch Out for Construction Crews

Mitchell County residents should be aware that Country Cablevision now has crews running fiber lines for the upcoming broadband service. They are working on Highway 226 on Grassy Creek; along the main road from Mayland Community College back towards Spruce Pine; and from Ledger School in Bakersville towards Spruce Pine.  This is a part of the $25 million  USDA Rural Utilities Service project to bring broadband internet service to rural areas that are not being served. We remind you to use caution when driving through these construction areas. 

Notice From the Yancey County Sheriffs Office and the Burnsville Police Dept

Re: Verizon Cellular Scam
On October 20, 2014 hundreds if not thousands of people received telephone calls from number 919-555-5050.  The caller spoke in a broken English accent.  Some people received the call from a male caller while others received the call from a female caller.  The caller stated that he/she was with Verizon Cellular and that they were running a survey.  If the person they had called would answer 3 questions, then they would be credited $20.00 on their upcoming bill.

Question 1: Are you the account holder and how many cellular phones are on your account?
Question 2: How do you rate your Verizon service from 1 to 10?
Question 3: What would you recommend to better cellular service in your area?

After these questions have been answered, the caller will then say that he/she needs you to verify your last 4 numbers of your social security number.

These questions do not seem to be intrusive and a lot of people seem to be comfortable to give this information.  Beware! 

The following day, October, 21, 2014, several citizens of Yancey County have found that their cellular phone account has had primary phones disabled and other devices have been added to the person’s account.  Large monetary amounts have been charged to their Verizon account.  Overseas phone calls have been made.  It is reported that some bank accounts have had attempted access gained by unknown persons.

If you receive a call from the number, 919-555-5050 it is strongly advised that you do not answer this call.  If you have spoken with a person from this number and are having any problems with your cellular phone, please contact Verizon at 828-678-3530.

Spruce Pine Town Hall Closes to ReLocate

The Spruce Pine Town Hall will be closed on Friday, October 24, 2014.  They will reopen at their new location, 11050 South Highway 226, on Monday, October 27th.