Cougar Hooper's Skills Camp 6-20-13
First Annual Hooper’s Skills Camp at Heritage a Big Success
The first annual Cougar Hooper’s Skills Camp was a big success at Mountain Heritage High School last week with a large number  Yancey County’s young men participating in the five day event  that was packed full of learning opportunities for the campers.
Cougar Coach Hank Newson said of the camp, "It was an unbelievable week of Basketball!"  Our goal this week was to focus on skill development and form relationships with our future players.  We definitely achieved both”.
There were 68 total campers from K-9th Grade attending the five day camp at the high school. “The kids worked so hard each day on improving their fundamentals and I think that all of the coaches witness significant improvement made by the campers from Monday-Friday.
Along with basketball skills, coaches stressed teamwork and the fun side of the game. “We had kids excited to get better, that's what camp is all about,” Coach Newson said. “Now our hope is that the kids will take what they learned this week and continue to work on their game using correct technique. 
The camp was also a forum for the first year Cougar Coach to get to know his future players and the people of Yancey County. ”For myself, still being new to the community, I needed to get to know the campers on a first name basis so I'm not a stranger when they get to MHHS, Coach Newson said.
Coach Newson said that he had the opportunity to work with each age level and that he was really impressed with how hungry they were to learn. “We all had a lot of fun, he said.
Cougar varsity and JV players also helped coach each age group.  “They did a fantastic job, there might even be some future coaches in the group,” Newson said.
Coach Newson sent out a special thanks to Coaches Randy Laws and Evan Hall and Players Sports for providing the T-shirts and trophies!
On Friday the camp held silks competitions where the following winners were awarded trophies:
K- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Division Winners-
1 on 1 "King Of the Court" Champion: Malachi Huskins
Foul Shot Champion: Sawyer Atkins
Hot Shot Champion: Lawson Higgins
1 on 1 "King Of the Court" Champion: Theo Antinori
Foul Shot: Logan Higgins
Hot Shot: Gabe Tipton
King of the Court: Tommy Johnson
Foul Shot: Jaren Neil
Hot Shot: Nathaniel Ledford
King of the Court: Trey Robinson
Foul Shot: Trevor Silvers
Hot Shot: Trey Robinson
3 Point Champion Trey Robinson
Senior Division Levi Higgins-Junior Division: Matthew Ledford
Cougar Camp Team Photo
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Cougar Camp Team Photo