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We as a community need to be concerned about Fracking. We shouldn't roll over and keep our heads in the sand. There are a lot of things that we know and much more that we don't. Let's be informed and not allow our Representatives to pull the wool over our eyes. Several towns have already had meetings to discuss what can be done by ordinances to prevent Fracking in their community. We need to do the same. It's not safe. Call your Representatives and let them know where you stand, more importantly VOTE when the time comes and show them where you stand!

Representative Presnell is either "gullible" or "Ignorant" (meaning the absent of knowledge) is she believes everything she reads, especially information from individuals who are heavily paid by large corporations either politically or under the table. NC deserves better!!!!! Shame on you Ms. Presnell. You need to do your research. Protect our environment!!!!!!!

Rep. Presnell claims "Problems would be widespread and obvious by now. Yet, they are not."  She is wrong, and just telling you what the industry is telling her to say. There is plenty of video documentation.  But people who rely on the lamestream media, such as commercial tv like Fox "news", are not going to hear about the problems because the lobbyists and PACs who own our government now also own the mainstream media. They will do or say anything to protect their profits.  It doesn't matter if you are a Christian or not, it doesn't matter if you are a conservative or a liberal, it doesn't matter if you are straight or gay - drinking chemicals from fracked water sources is going to hurt you.  If it was so safe, why would Rep. Presnell make it a crime for healthcare professionals to tell you what made you sick?


Mining and Energy Commission Chair Jim Womack wrote these two letters in regards to North Carolina Environmental Partnership Ads and Political Ads on Fast Track Fracking.
Letter 1
Letter 2


Ethylene glycol has many uses, including as antifreeze in cooling and heating systems, in hydraulic brake fluids, and as a solvent.  When humans consume ethylene glycol here are the health effects: throat and upper respiratory tract irritation, central nervous system (CNS) depression, followed by cardiopulmonary effects, and later renal damage.
Boric acid and its sodium borate salts are active ingredients in pesticide products used as insecticides, acaricides, algaecides, herbicides, fungicides and as wood preservatives. It causes testicular atrophy in males and developmental toxicity in pregnant females. It kills unborn children.
The regulations sited say companies cannot inject “waste” water containing these chemicals horizontally under land that is not under contract to the mining company. It does not say they cannot inject them during the initial mining process, and even if they break the law and dump into your land you have to prove it and they are only convicted of a misdemeanor, like a speeding ticket………….
 ……..small fine, no jail time, no compensation for your heart attacks, kidney failure, shriveled parts, and miscarriages.
The good news is it might not happen here! It will happen in the Piedmont! We may be able to send a few folks down there to frack them and make some money! Who cares if it’s not us …..right?
I really hope we are better than this. Apparently our representatives are not.

I have received quite a bit of feedback about energy exploration recently. I hope the information below will help address some concerns.
Energy exploration began in 1948. There are currently 38 states that are exploring for natural gas. More than a million projects have been undertaken in the United States, and 2.5 million worldwide.  Problems would be widespread and obvious by now. Yet, they are not.
We will not lift the moratorium on drilling until all the regulations created by the Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) are in place. Once the rule-making process is completed (which I’m told will be summer 2015), there will be 60-day waiting period. At that point, permits will be issued. The last time I saw the stack of papers, they were about an inch thick, and were filled with rules and regulations.  They are not finished yet. We will have the tightest set of rules in the nation.
The U.S. Geological survey says The Deep River Basin – a potential gas field – is mostly in Lee, Moore and Chatham Counties.
We are lagging behind in energy exploration in North Carolina.  On the issue of the chemicals, 
99.5% of the fluid is water and sand. The rest is common household items such as Sodium Chloride used in table salt, Ethylene Glycol used in household cleaners, Borate salts used in cosmetics, Sodium/Potassium Carbonate used in detergent, Guar Gum used in ice cream and Isopropanol, used in deodorant.
Per SB 786, we added this provision:

"§ 113-395.2. Subsurface injection of waste prohibited.
(a) Disposal of wastes produced in connection with oil and gas exploration,
development, and production, and use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing treatments
for that purpose by injection to subsurface or groundwaters of the State by means of wells is
prohibited in accordance with G.S. 143-214.2.
(b) Notwithstanding G.S. 143-214.2, a violation of subsection (a) of this section shall
constitute a Class 1 misdemeanor.
We prohibit injection and the MEC has draft rules dealing with recycling of fluids or onsite treatment.  For the water retained in the formation, these formations are below the water table (well below), so there is no risk of contamination (to wit, these rocks already are full of high salinity “formation water” that does not impact overlying potable aquifers).  MEC rules not only deal with water treatment, but they also deal with chemical disclosure and require the companies to post general chemical info on the national FracFocus registry.
I have heard from DENR that there will not be hydraulic fracturing anywhere in Western North Carolina. However, there is opportunity in WNC for job creators to help supply the industry.
I share your concerns and will do everything I can to keep our mountains safe.
Please email me back if you have any questions. And feel free to forward this to whoever would like more information.  
Thank you,
Michele (NC Representative Michele Presnell)
Further information about Hydraulic Fracking

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