Frasure Wins Again

Defending champion and longtime Scottish athletics competitor Eric Frasure, 29, of Denver, N.C., took home the first place title in heavyweight athletics at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games again on Saturday.
Frasure first competed in traditional Scottish athletics in Clover, S.C, in 1999 and hasn’t missed a Grandfather Mountain Highland Games since he was 12 years old. He tried out for the amateur heavyweight competition at age 14, qualified at age 15 and turned pro in 2007.
            Frasure won four out of seven events Saturday but says he doesn’t favor one more than the other.
            “I love them all. Every event has its own challenge, and you can always get better,” Frasure said. “You get really good athletes here. There’s no lack of effort; you have to fight to win.”
            Frasure trains at CrossFit Allegiance in Denver to stay competition-ready.
            The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games occurred this year without the presence of Ross M. Morrison Jr., who was a judge and a mentor to the athletes for nearly 60 years until his death in 2013. He served as president of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games from 1997-2013.
            “He was a big part of a lot of games for us,” Fraser said. “It was always a good feeling to see Ross.”
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56-Pound Weight Throw (for distance)
1. Eric Frasure, Denver, NC                 38’ 6”
2. Chris Chafin, Currie, NC                  37’ 7”
56-Pound Weight Throw (for height)
1. Eric Frasure  , Denver, NC                           16’
2. Kerry Overfelt, Loretto, Ky.             15’
Clachneart (16-pound stone toss)
1. Wes Kiser, Gibsonville, NC  47’ 3.5”
2. Eric Frasure, Denver, NC                 45’ 8.5”
Sheaf Toss (tossing a 20-pound sack of hay with a pitch fork for height)
1. Eric Frasure, Denver NC                  32’ (1st try)
2. Wes Kiser, Gibsonville, NC  32’
Caber Toss (flipping a 20-foot, 120-pound telephone pole end over end)
1. Wes Kiser, Gibsonville, NC  12:00
2. Eric Frasure  , Denver, NC               11:45
22-Pound Hammer Throw (for distance)
1.  Eric Frasure, Denver, NC                                        110’ 4.5”
2. Adam Sizemore, Parrottsville, Tenn.              94’ 8.5”
28-Pound Weight Throw (for distance)
1. Wes Kiser, Gibsonville, NC              79’ 5”
2. Eric Frasure  , Denver, NC                           77’ 7.5”
Overall Winner: Eric Frasure

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