Mitchell High Seniors Honored

On Thursday, November 9, in the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Spruce Pine,
Sarah Weatherman and Jesse Pitman were recognized as Mitchell High School Seniors of the Month. They were introduced by Senior and Sophomore Counselor, Grant Sparks.
Sarah Weatherman presented a slideshow with images of various pieces of her artwork as well as her photography, both of which she has a passion for. She told the club about her aspirations for the future, explaining her past and how it has made her the person she is today and the person she hopes to be. Sarah included her desire to become an elementary school teacher, and help shape the minds of future generations. Furthermore, she discussed the time she has spent volunteering and participating in community service activities, some of which include Key Club and Samaritan’s Purse.
Jesse Pitman began stating that many who know his dad know that he is very involved with sports and from a young age his dad has had him involved in sports. However, his dad taught him that the most important thing in life is to excel in the classroom, so that one day he could have a good job to rely on, because one day everyone’s sports career will come to an end.
    Jesse's parents also taught him from a young age the importance of setting goals. His parents taught him that each day, week, month and year it is important to set achievable goals that will make you a better person each day regardless of whether you achieve the goal or not. They also taught him that each time we do not achieve a goal or have a bad day, it is important for us to learn from our wrongdoing or mistake so that we can become a better person and learn how to achieve the goal in the future.
   He has enjoyed school since a young age, has always enjoyed being able to spend time with his friends while learning. School has also brought into his life interesting and exciting out of school activities such as sports and being a part of clubs. he has always enjoyed from a young age studying math and working with numbers, and from a young age he has had an advanced skill in working with math. His skill with numbers is what has led him into his career path in which he plans to study architecture at Appalachian State University.
    Jesse concluded his summary mentioning how one of the biggest goals in his life from a young age has been to win a state championship in football. From the first day he began playing football that has been the dream for him, the journey begins on November the 17th.
Pictured is Rotarian Angie Vance with MHS Seniors Sarah Weatherman and Jesse Pitman and Senior and Sophomore Counselor, Grant Sparks
Photo by Rotarian Doug Sudduth

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