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Four Lane

Why are they tearing the road up for? Are they repossessing it for money to have the grass mowed? !!! Just wondering!

Would you have expected anything else, seeing how fast they laid it, to avoid fines. The rich get richer while the poor pave the way, sorry for the pun. "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pun"

Why the heck has the NEW road being tore up AGAIN!!?! Seriously people this is ridiculous. Looks like same company doing it again also, why why why?!?

Grass and the New Sidewalks

Grass has to be mowed. Why didn't they plant flowers like the beautiful ones you see on the way to Asheville? 

I also agree that the grass needs to be maintained on the new 4 lane, it looks very bad. It is very hard to see when pulling out of Charlie Brown Rd because of the slight hill and now the tall grass. It should not have be planted in grass if it can't be kept mowed.

Lots of time, money and man-hours were spent to complete the beautiful new 4-lane road through our town. The new sidewalks were an added accent that not only are pretty, but are appreciated by those who walk for exercise, and also by those who walk to get to a specific destination. However, the sidewalks and the grassed medians would look so much better if they were mowed and trimmed. If the grass along the sidewalks and the medians aren't maintained, all the hard work for the scenic highway isn't going to look too pretty as people pass through Burnsville. I feel this needs attention soon.

Bill Allen Road Stop Light Suggestion

We do not need a light at Bill Allen Road. a. Be patient and make your turn in either direction. b. Use the turn light at East Yancey to make a safe turn. c. Do not turn out from the Trash Depot and go East. Again...use the traffic light to mitigate the situation. At 6pm, East Yancey Light needs to go Yellow. I like the timing of the lights overall the last month. New Timers are in it seems. The other day, a gentleman, turned eastbound in the Westbound lanes in a white pickup. People were driving all over the place to get a way from him. and....he turned on a Red Light to boot. Only in Yancey

Freedom Caucus

You stated in your writings that some of Trump's enemies are lobbyists. Why did he have so many lobbyists around in his inner circle? Paul Manafort, his former campaign chief was a lobbyist for Russia. Michael Flynn was a lobbyist for Turkey and possibly Russia. Carter Page was targeted by the FBI as being a foreign agent (spy) for Russia. Yes, they're his enemies alright. You people keep on thinking that way. Why does he have so many people around him that are somehow involved with Russia? He said himself that he had a great relationship with Vladimir Putin but then retracted. People need to be concerned about this but I guarantee you that they will vote for him again.

Why does Congress care what the Freedom Caucus wants? Should they not ask the American People what we want instead? Who is the Freedom Caucus and who funds them? After watching in earnest over the last few weeks and as a constituent I can only see one thing that came out of the Mark Meadows Freedom Caucus’s band standing. We still have Obama Care and its rising premiums and failures. We can thank Mark Meadows and his Freedom Caucus for that. This brings up a question for me who is the Freedom Caucus and where do they get their funding? Answer-The Freedom Caucus receives funding and advertising from some very influential lobbyists that hide behind 501- C 4 organizations. Heritage action is one of these and interesting enough they are located in our state. Their Chief Executive is Michael A Needham a rabid known public critic of President Trump. Following the money you also find Heritage Action is also funded by none other than Globalists billionaires Koch Brothers. These two men are known for their animus disdain for our newly elected president and have been also linked to George Soros as of lately. The Koch Brothers hide behind 501(c) 4 status so they can fund rabid groups like Heritage Action and Club for Growth in order to wage war on our President’s agenda while hiding under the premise of principals and under the banner of conservatism. But conservatism and principals are not the Koch Brothers real agenda. Their goal is a globalist utopia governed and controlled by few. This is not the same agenda that the people of this Country voted for in unprecedented numbers and also across party lines in November. Some of President Trump biggest enemies are Lobbyists. So whose side is Mark Meadows on? Is he on the side of the forgotten man and woman that have been destroyed by Globalists like Koch Brothers and Needham or does he just do their bidding. Why does Congress care what the Freedom Caucus wants should they not be asking the American People instead? The people of this country sent a very strong message to the status quo of Washington in November. We are fed up with obstructionists like Mark Meadows and his Freedom Caucus and we want you to work for the interests of the American People not your lobbyist Globalist donors by the name of Koch and Heritage Action.
Cindie Harman Hot Springs NC – Spring Creek 

Proposed Federal Budget Will Impact Habitat for Humanity

Mitchell-Yancey Habitat for Humanity needs your help.  Since 1992, this affiliate has built 21 homes across our two counties and these homes have provided housing for 28 families over these years.   M-Y Habitat is grateful for the volunteer and financial support from this community.  Your generosities have helped to build over 800,000 Habitat homes throughout the world.  Habitat partner families must demonstrate a financial need for housing, be willing to help in the building of their home, and be able to pay a monthly no-interest mortgage. 
In mid March, the White House released its fiscal year 2018 budget outline, which includes recommendations for deep reductions in housing and community development programs that enable Habitat for Humanity to serve more families and communities across the U.S.  These reductions would be devastating to Habitat and all housing programs across the country.

Federal housing programs currently reach about 1 in 4 income eligible households. With the proposed budget, many fewer would receive assistance, leading to even more families to choose paying housing costs over purchasing food, health care, and meeting other basic needs.

“Perhaps more than ever before, middle and lower income households in the U.S. are shouldering heavy housing cost burdens and facing a variety of health, education, financial stability and other challenges resulting from or complicated by lack of access to decent, stable housing at an affordable price,” said Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International. “Federal housing programs are critical to meeting affordable housing needs in our country, and we look forward to working with the administration, along with Habitat’s many supporters in Congress as legislation moves forward with the budget and appropriations process.” 

The "skinny budget” proposes eliminating CDBG (Community Development Block Grant Program); HOME (Home Investment Partnerships Program); SHOP (Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program); Section 4 Program; the CDFI fund, which administers the New Market Tax Credit program at Treasury, and the entire Corporation for National and Community Service agency, which implements the AmeriCorps program. Further programmatic detail on the Administration’s budget request proposals will be released in May.
Every single one of these federal programs used by Habitat would be eliminated.  Needless to say, Habitat affiliates cannot afford to lose the $35,000 loan granted for each home we build from HOME funding which we currently receive through North Carolina Federal Housing Program.

Eliminating or reducing funding for these housing programs would exacerbate local housing shortages and increase the burden of housing costs on families in need of housing stability.

Habitat believes housing is foundational to reducing poverty and achieving lasting economic growth. In the coming weeks and months Habitat will work with our elected officials to demonstrate the value and importance of these programs for Habitat’s work and in meeting affordable housing needs.

Help us keep Habitat for Humanity in our community.  Please call or write your representatives and senators and share your views on the importance of Habitat and all housing programs across the country.
US Senators:                                                            US Representative:
Richard Burr 1-202-224-3154                    Mark Meadows (202)225-6401
Thom Tillis1-202-224-6342                       
NC Senator Ralph Hise (919)733-3460
NC Representative Michelle Presnell (919)733-5732

Great Opportunity

What an opportunity we have in the loss of the Cane River championship to teach our children some important lessons. First of all, people and their feelings are what matter most (letting a special needs child be a part of the team is more important than winning). Second, always be honest, even if it means giving up something. Third, we don't always get the trophy. Fourth, forgive people. Mistakes were made, forgive them. These are some of life's most important lessons. These kids are already winners, they won the season, they won the championship. Learn these lessons and they will be winners in life. 

Snowy Roads

Just a recent observation, but some roads in Burnsville are completely snow free and others don't get touched but maybe once every 36 hours. I sincerely hope that once the new Burnsville Fire Department gets built maybe they will actually treat that road. In driving through town today I noticed (at lunchtime) that parking lots had been cleared, the bypass was treated and well maintained and the road up by Verizon was totally white all the way up the hill. Why pay double taxes on everything if you don't get any benefit? 

Road Conditions

We were unlucky enough to be some of the people who had to be out on the roads on Tues.afternoon. The roads in Yancey co.were in really good shape even the side roads,once we crossed the county line into Mitchell Co.dang main roads were barely passable,not to mention the side roads were awful as we traveled to our daughters home to deliver groceries.Whats up with Mitchell Co.Yancey had as much or more snow.We were in an awd vehicle and we have lived in these mtns.all our lives,is Mitchell co.ever going to be able to do their job when it comes to keeping the roads safe an clear!

Stop Light

There also should be a stop light at the end of Bill Allen Branch. With all the traffic going to and from the Trash Facility, it is very dangerous to turn left any time of the day. There has already been one fatality on the new 4-lane, does there have to be another? Come on Burnsville - Let's Get it Together!!!! Do what's best for the people. PLEASE

Can we please consider putting a stop light at Charlie Brown Road before some one is seriously hurt or killed? 

Please Pave Road

Please, Please dept. of transportation will you please repave or fill in the terrible holes and ruts in the little road between East Yancey and Burnsville school. All the buses have to use it now that go into Burnsville elementary . Just begging... Have a nice day !!!

Fairground Apartments

To the person who wrote about fairground apt I agree lived here a good while it has gone down hill no places to park trash everywhere people who don't work nothing wrong with them noisy neighbors loud motorcycles going fast through the neighborhood magement don't seem to care 

 Live in fairground apt a while starting to go down hill no parking trash everywhere people that don't work nothing wrong with them drugs selling drugs Tenn tags living here over 6 months noisy here people driving fast on motorcycles bad place to live now 


Why???can we not have a notice when town water SP has a water boil ?? Not everyone has time to go on computer or listen to wtoe?? Dont you know what a robo call is??

Town Center Brewery

Since the town council seems intent on polluting our county with alcohol perhaps it is time for those in the county who oppose it to boycott the town center until such time as they reverse their decision to lease to the brewery.

What Bible are these people reading exactly? Alcoholic beverages appear in the Bible, both in usage and in poetic expression. The Bible considers it a blessing from God that brings merriment. Alcohol was also used for medicinal purposes in biblical times, and it appears in that context in several passages as an oral anesthetic, a topical cleanser and soother, and a digestive aid. Most of these negative posts must be from ignorant, sheltered people that don't want to see Burnsville grow. Get to get a life!

We have nothing for our grand kids unless they have a certain last name,we had chance for lowes and a wallmart in town but no certain people kept that from happening. IIts clear unless you have a certain last name or born with a silver spoon in your mouth your nothing in this town.As far as the brewery it's a local person but here goes the bible thumpers again.Yancey county has been wet for many years(home made hooch) so what's the problem.,wine was mentioned many times in the bible.

The BURNSVILLE TOWN CENTER leased to a brewery....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! The mayor and town council members that voted for this should be "RAN OUTTA TOWN ON A RAIL".

Well just one more move to prove that Burnsville is on a fast trip to hell in a hand basket. The town center would have been a great place for local private use but now it will be just another tool for the devil! Thank you Shannon Peterson and Ruth Banks for still having a sense of morality in this world that is headed for a judgement that will be so sad. What is our county going to have for our children and grandchildren to be proud of? A brewery?? I think not!! God help us.