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Gun Control

First of all I  would like to extend my deep sorrow to all the families who have lost their loved ones in all the senseless killings that have taken place and in no way do i want my opinion to offend anyone who have lost their loved ones or friends. Today as i express my opinion I can't understand the people in the United States both people in the government and the general public thinking that banning guns will stop these shootings. As I listen to the news,read the papers as well as other sources it is evident that many people in our government as well as some individuals with millions of dollars are doing everything they can to take away the guns from all American people even though the vast majority of Gun owners are people who are law abiding citizens who have never committed a crime they hold jobs, many have families, have good moral character,respected community leaders, and do anything to help their fellow man in their local communities as well as supporting charities, and the last thing on their mind is to use their gun  to hurt or kill any one. Many gun owners own guns for the purpose of  hunting, many own guns to protect their self and their family,some just collect guns.                I am a gun owner and when I am home i have it close by, when I leave my home my gun is always with me and as of now this my legal right this in no way means I have any intention of hurting or killing anyone. we are certainly living in dangerous times there are many people with mental problems, as well as drug addicts who will break into homes or rob you, many prey on women to take them against their will and many other things.            The President has and continues to search every avenue to take away the peoples right to keep and bear arms as well as others on both sides of the political isle. If people would only take the time to research history they would see that Hitler's objective was GUN CONTROL see how that worked out, also other countries have taken peoples guns again research and see how that's working out. I would like to share  some fact's with you the surgeon general has determined that smoking cigarettes causes harm even death however anyone can have a pack laying around and as long as you never touch them they will never hurt or kill you. Another product that has been determined that will hurt as well as kill you and innocent people is Alcohol. I could go on and on with other examples but the fact is one makes the choice to smoke,drink and many other things. It's simple there can be loaded gun laying on a table and no one will ever get hurt or killed with it only when some one picks it up and goes into a school,or office, home or other place arms the gun PLACES THEIR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER AND PULL'S IT. Owning a gun or guns don't make you a killer, terrorist or a bad person. Just this morning it was reported that Hillary Clinton said that if she was elected she would push to make it possible for people to sue gun makers for the action of a individual or group REALLY! Each person should and are responsible for their own actions. If a gun control law passes and the government was able to go to peoples homes and businesses and take innocent law-abiding citizens guns- 1.Then the government would have full control 2. People who intend to do harm to others will still be able to get their guns. IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP AND STAND UP AMERICA.  I am sure many disagree with me but consider this while you are sitting looking at your computer be careful it may fly through the air and split your skull SILLY RIGHT SO IS THE IDEA THAT A GUN WILL JUMP OUT OF NOWHERE AND SHOOT YOU! 

Better Ball Fields

where does the money go from the ball games $8 to watch a football game I think $5 is enough I have been a lot of ball and some of these fields I would be ashamed to play on how about spending some of these money if you going to charge so much

Road Construction

As mentioned in another comment, a major highway project DOES require coordination. Too bad this project seems to have none. With no end in sight for work on turning the bypass into a four-lane, what genius decided it was a good idea to start tearing up Main at the same time? Leaving NO clear and open paths in and out of town on many days? And this isn't entirely directed at the company working on the road. In a place that loves regulation as much as Burnsville, I don't think someone can start digging up a highway without clearance from some sort of government official. 

I would just like to respectfully say something to the people complaining about the road construction. They are putting in a 4 lane highway. They are moving mountains/hills, putting in drainage, ground support, building bridges, etc. Do you think they can do all this in a matter of months without any mess or minor inconveniences to drivers? It takes time, coordination, cooperation and patience from everyone. There is a whole lot more involved than any of us know. Make plans to leave earlier so that you arrive to your destination on time and expect the delays, that way when you get straight through it's a happy surprise. I personally think the 4 lane is a complete waste of time and money. I highly doubt it will bring the traffic through Burnsville that some want and it takes away from the beauty and simplicity that brings the tourists here to begin with. Not to mention, the hurt it's already caused by driving tourists away because they want to avoid the construction. It will take time to recover from that alone. With that said, I may not like it any more than the rest of you, but seriously, complaining will do no good. If everyone would stop being so negative about it and start focusing on the positive, such as the jobs it has created for people in the area, or looking forward to the smooth ride you'll soon have all the way to Spruce Pine while being able to pass the tractors and folks who insist on driving 35mph wherever they go, I bet that stress levels will drop dramatically and you'll all be much happier people. Focus on what is really important in life, the construction won't last forever. 
How do you like the gobs of pavement put by the drainage ditch on 19E in town. Am I the only one that can see the gobs are before the drain ditch , instead of in back.. when the rain comes it is thrown out into road. if the gob of pavement was in back of drain the water would run into drain ditch. How is it we put up with so much? If you don't drive near or on the center line through that area your car gets beat to death.. How much longer ? That unfortunately is only one little problem facing us while dealing with the road construction.. 

Steps in Heritage Stadium

Having been out to the Mountain Heritage Stadium recently I couldn't help but notice (since I almost fell) that on the left hand side of the home bleachers some of the concrete steps are crumbling. It does seem like during the "off" season these might have been easily repaired. However even now it would be much appreciated if someone could take a little cement out and pour a couple new steps. The other thought is if something is not done then there is a good possibility that when someone does fall the high school will have a lawsuit on their hands. A little cement would go a long way toward averting disaster. 

Words of Thanks for A Special Celebration

   The Mount Mitchell 100 years Celebration on August 7th was a wonderful success thanks to the involvement of numerous individuals. Sponsored by the Town of Burnsville, Yancey County, and the Chamber of Commerce, these organizations and the volunteers who joined them, made this possible with their funding and volunteer hours given to planning this event.
    The “little brown jugs” created by Pete & Kim McWhirter were the hit of the day.  A special thanks to these Yancey County craftsmen for their generosity in making this collector’s item possible for this unique celebration.
    Big Tom Wilson’s rare appearance since 1909 was due to the willingness and humor of David Boone, and the special assistance given by his wife Elaine. The task of keeping those Monarch butterflies alive and well until their musical departure to Mount Mitchell belongs only to Jamie McMahan. The wonderful ice cream cart crafted by Police Chief Brain Buchanan, with the assistance of Ronnie Tipton, was cool, and with the cloth donated by Glen Raven Mills, and finely stitched by Faye Presnell, this ice cream cart will continue to be a part of many celebrations on the Town Square. The numerous ice cream scoopers, under the directions of Jeanne Martin & Judy Buchanan, did an excellent job in seeing that FREE ice cream was served to one and all. The special appearance of our North Carolina Poet Laureate, Shelby Stephenson, is thanks to the initiative undertaken by Lucy Doll
     Finally, last but not least, starting our week of special events, we are appreciative to local authors Jonanthan Bennett and David Biddix with the release of their book, MOUNT MITCHELL, and to Bill Baker and Wanda Proffitt for coordinating free refreshments for this literary kick-off event .  Our sincere thanks to our state legislators Representative Michelle Presnell and Senator Ralph Hise, for their participation with April Riddle, Western Regional Director for Governor Pat McCrory. The Governor’s Proclamation, a lasting remembrance of this special day, was due to the guided assistance of David Grindstaff and John Anglin.  And making sure that this event was well publicized, the Mount Mitchell 100 Years Celebration Committee is especially grateful to Radio Station WKYK and to our Yancey County Times Journal.
                             Theresa Coletta, Chairman
                             Mount Mitchell 100 Years Celebration Committee

Mitchell High School

Come on Mitchell High, the billboard at the bottom of the school road still is from June of last school year, build some moral and refresh it for the students. We have already had some events happening and it's still on senior night awards ???? Geezzzz

Upset Over Community Survey

To the person who told it like it is, I ADMIRE YOU! I am right there with you that the powers that be are bankrupting, and taking the money for family support and educating our kids out of our reach. This town we live in is soon to be in sad shape, and art, and tourism is not feeding the hubs that have for so long held the wheel on. The citizens of this area. Commisioners Do something to regain industry and jobs !

The recent article placed on the WKYK news site titled "Important Community Survey Underway" wanting help on "how to brand the area as an arts area and market it as such in order to help our local economy" makes me just a little upset. Please, someone, anyone, tell me how branding this area as an arts area will help the local economy? The number of empty buildings just in the city limits alone out number the buildings with a business in them. All we seem to have now are consignment shops and banks. We need jobs, people! We need jobs that can pay a wage high enough for men and women to support their families. Not someone painting a picture or making a pottery bowl and trying to sell it...We need jobs so our children don't have to leave to find work. This isn't a tourist town...this isn't an arts town...this is a place slowly dying because the people in charge, the people who can make a difference, the people with the money and influence, don't seem to want real jobs here. We need places to work that can put food on the table and clothes on our backs. We need jobs...please...just bring jobs to this area. We need to be known as a jobs area, not an arts area. 

In God We Trust

THANK YOU COMMISSIONERS FOR YOUR VOTE!! I pray our whole nation will wake up and remember that our trust in GOD is what brought us to the status of #1 in the world. Our loss of that trust and faith is what will continue to bring us down. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Road Work

 I Agree with the comments about road work. I also do not think they should tie up traffic during the hours when people are trying to pick up their children from school and the school buses are trying to get the children home. Why can they not suspend the work from 2 until 4? Wednesday was a disaster ARE YOU LISTENING DOT?

The road from Micaville to Burnsville is a disgrace.They worked on it the week before and the week of the craft fair, now they have quit again. Wednesday I observed 11 men watching one man digging a hole,that was all the work being done fron Micaville to cane river.Why can't the pavement be fixed where they have dug up the pavement to cross the road,it just keeps getting worse. What will it be like a year from now,when the road is still not finished. Where are all the state inspectors.

Loafing Dogs

I am so upset about having my cats preyed upon by DOGS. I do not own a dog, yet a big pile is left inn my yard and my cats cannot eat in peace because they are forced to run to safety while the " egg suckers " devour their food. So I think you best be aware, If you think it makes me happy to hear and see a commotion on my back porch by a loafing dog. think again! I am tired of this nonsense !! It will stop !

The Confederate Flag Issue

OK so everyone is in an uproar about the removal of the Confederate aFlag from the Statehouse grounds in SC. This fine emblem of "Heritage" was erected in the early 1960's as a protest against de-segregation in the south (known history folks), and it was past time for it to be removed. Keep flying this proud emblem of "Heritage" on your lawns and trucks all you want, as an identifier of whatever you believe. Oh and tell all the church burners and people who are putting them on the lawns of African American churches how proud you are of that heritage. Identify yourselves and be proud.

Old Glory

How long before someone or some group decides that they are offended by the United States of America Flag. How long before some politician issues the order to lower Old Glory from her place above our great nation? Our nation was founded on the motto of "In God We Trust" and not on the political agendas of millionaires. We need to wake up and take a look around, our freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate!

Banning Confederate Flag

As I have watched and listened to media reports concerning taking down The Confederate Flag in South Carolina It brings me great concern that just because some think it only symbolizes racism when it in reality is a part of American History, as well as civil war monuments. If the confederate flag has to come down because some believe it only represents racism and it offends them, then the rainbow flag representing the homosexuals for example should not be allowed either as well as many others because of what they represent that offends some. Many people according to reports by media outlets. Also as reported by media lawmakers want to stop the confederate flag from being on license plates if this happens then all other depictions of any symbol representing anything should not be allowed how silly but serious the thought of this is, for example that picture of a bear offends me because years ago a bear attacked a member of my family, silly right? I am not a racist but I believe there are some racist people, but the government or no group or individual has the right to label me as a racist because I believe the confederate flag to be a part of the History Of The United States of America. Whats Next? Stop recognizing Gettysburg and other historical battle fields as well as the valiant generals and soldiers who lead fought and the thousands who gave their life on both sides. This Is My Opinion on this Issue. I also believe that it should be of great interest to the people that this is only the beginning of the FREEDOMS we have today being taken away IT'S TIME TO TAKE A STAND!

Parking at Fairground

when is the parking issue in fairground st d section going to get better 2 parking spaces for each family have family's parking and taking up 4 and 5 spaces cars are going to be towed the cops need to address this when you leave no place to park

Cats on McKinney Gap

To those of you who stopped to offer assistance or words of encouragement, I finally got the last of the kitties on McKinney Gap (till next time). It's amazing, the people i did talk to have all found dumped animals up there. It is such a problem. Wish there was more money in the budget for animal control.

Yancey County

chickens, roosters, road construction, taxes, bars, parkway play house, illegally parked vehicle's, etc.....  I  have something to say. Who cares? the same families that run Yancey county will always run Yancey county. we will never have any more than what we already have here, which is a BIG FAT NOTHING.