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Little League Signups

You are welcome, thank you for the questions. We want everyone to be informed about Yancey County Youth League because we would love to grow and have more children involved. Thank you for your interest.

Thank you so much for the information about little league (T-ball) sign-ups. The age requirement / deadline was something I had not thought about.

Yancey County Youth League has T-ball for children that must have turned three years old by the September 1st of the prior year. So for a three year old to play during the 2017 season they would have needed to turn three by September 1, 2016. When sign-ups are scheduled they will be posted on the WKYK website, in the Yancey Common Times Journal and the Yancey County Youth League Facebook page.

So....does that mean there is an organized sport for 3-4 year old children in Yancey county or not? I know that there is baseball for older kids, but my little girl is wanting to play ball on a team and I don't want to have to keep waiting for a post or announcement that she wont be eligible for. Thanks 

What if residents are not on Facebook? Will notifications be posted on the WKYK news site or in the Yancey Common Times? Believe it or not, not everyone uses Facebook...

Editor's Note: Yes, we air announcement on the radio and post under the Sports section of this website.


The Yancey County Youth League will be doing baseball sign ups end of February/early March. If you are on Facebook you can like our page https://www.facebook.com/yanceyyouthleague and you will be notified every time we post any updates on Facebook. Thank you.

 I know it's probably too early for signups to be now, but was wondering if Yancey County had Little League T-ball, for children 3-4 years of age, and if so when are signups usually?

19 Widened Road Dangers

 If you thought the widening of the road was going to change the way people have been driving in this area you were fooling yourself. The people have just started driving much faster and more dangerous than they were before. Now they think that because they have an extra lane they can zip in and out of the traffic to get where they are going faster and faster every time. Even though the police and state troopers are working very hard to catch these speeders it is getting worse every day. Do not expect it to get any better any time soon until people get the point it will not be tolerated any more any time by anyone. So please slow to the posted speed on the road. It is posted very clearly. Plus drive carefully to not cause any accidents. You might save your life or one of your family members lives. Think when you get behind the steering wheel to drive. 

In addition to screwy turn offs that confuse even geniuses, now everyone is doing 45-55 when the speed limit is 35. The Burnsville PD could write tickets all day long! 

I can't understand what engineers were thinking when theyplanned the road. At the Ingles location, undoubtedly the busiest location in town instead of using the divided highway, making people have to turn right, they have left turns going in and coming out. Disaster was bound to happen. They made it incredibly hard to come from the western end of town and be able to get into either Hardees or McDonalds, I presume in an effort to promote safety. Yet at the worst possible location they have left turns going in and out. Something needs to be done but at this point I don't know what.

Now that, tragically, someone has died in front of Ingles, I hope and pray that a signal light can be installed there. The congestion coming and going to and from the store makes it vital to have more safety there!


Why???can we not have a notice when town water SP has a water boil ?? Not everyone has time to go on computer or listen to wtoe?? Dont you know what a robo call is??

Traffic Lights

Does anyone know when the new traffic lights will be activated?

Slow Down Please!

 I know the speed limit on Double Island is unmarked, so it's supposed to be 55 mph. I've talked to the highway patrol and all I could get done is bus stop signs. There are lots of kids that ride the bus on that road. Some people hate to pull out of or into their drive ways because people are speeding. It's a curvy road and very dangerous if you are flying!! Not only to other drivers but to yourself as well. PLEASE slow down, watch out for buses and kids waiting on the bus, and also for animals (from deer to cats).

School Superintendent

Dr. Tipton, I have watched you throughout the years and want to say thank you for being a role model for our young boys and men in the area. I know there are to many families in this community without fathers in the home. You have set a great example of what our young mien should strive to be. I know many more people who feel the same way. Yancey County is lucky to have you and your staff leading this next generation. I do hope that myself and the others I have been speaking with about this are not in the minority. 


The high school has sports other than basketball and football. Can we see some pictures of some of the other sports. Wrestling, golf tennis. These kids work hard and also need recognition as well. 
Editor's Note: We welcome your photos. Anyone who has a child playing sports or is taking pictures at games or any other events please send them to us (holly@wkyk.com or holly@wtoe.com or submit buttons) and we will gladly get them on.

Red Light at Mountain Heritage Intersection

 I'm glad the road construction is almost done! However, the traffic light at the intersection at Mtn Heritage and Crest View needs to be looked at. The light takes FOREVER to change, and in some cases refuses to change at all. No matter how many times you back up and try again to get in just the right spot to trigger the light, it rarely ever detects traffic in the left turn lane...

Diet Mountain Dew Cans

Dear Citizen who continually throws out your Diet Mountain Dew cans on Silas Branch Rd, It seems now it has become a game. I continue to pick up your trash and you proceed to throw more cans out. Do you live on this road? Why do you feel it necessary to dump your cans on the side of the road, my property,and the creek? How disrespectful can a person be? There is now a hidden camera set up , so do please continue so I can turn you in to the police for littering. P.S Thanks for the free cash! I've made 3 dollars from your cans, which is 3 dollars more than I had.

Thank You

 A Big THANK YOU to the Cane Creek Community Club. For the GIFTS they give for the children in Foster care in Mitchell County. They also sponsored a shop with a cop child. This is a wonderful community and I am so glad to be a part of it. God bless and Merry Christmas.

New Four Lane

People are driving like maniacs on the new road. Slow down people and stop the cutting in and out. It's very dangerous because some people are confused at the turning places and get over into the oncoming lanes. When the cones are put out I  do wish they would keep them out of the lane you are suppose to be driving in. Sometimes you can barely squeeze by them.

Since when do we even have a four lane. Have you driven through from Jacks Creek to Micaville since they were supposed to open up the new road.if you do not drive slow you will plow right through yellow cones.IT IS STILL A BIG MESS.When is it really going to be opened up?

The new 4-Lane highway going through Burnsville is great; however, drivers need to STAY OUT OF THE FAST LANE IF THEY ARE GOING TO GO BELOW THE SPEED LIMIT. Apparently people have no idea how to drive on a major highway. I would suggest that the DOT put up signs "slower traffic stay the right lane" or something to that effect. 

Smoke in the Air

 If the smoke in the air is bad for our health, tell me why in the world school is letting these kids go outside and play?

Town Center Brewery

Since the town council seems intent on polluting our county with alcohol perhaps it is time for those in the county who oppose it to boycott the town center until such time as they reverse their decision to lease to the brewery.

What Bible are these people reading exactly? Alcoholic beverages appear in the Bible, both in usage and in poetic expression. The Bible considers it a blessing from God that brings merriment. Alcohol was also used for medicinal purposes in biblical times, and it appears in that context in several passages as an oral anesthetic, a topical cleanser and soother, and a digestive aid. Most of these negative posts must be from ignorant, sheltered people that don't want to see Burnsville grow. Get to get a life!

We have nothing for our grand kids unless they have a certain last name,we had chance for lowes and a wallmart in town but no certain people kept that from happening. IIts clear unless you have a certain last name or born with a silver spoon in your mouth your nothing in this town.As far as the brewery it's a local person but here goes the bible thumpers again.Yancey county has been wet for many years(home made hooch) so what's the problem.,wine was mentioned many times in the bible.

The BURNSVILLE TOWN CENTER leased to a brewery....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! The mayor and town council members that voted for this should be "RAN OUTTA TOWN ON A RAIL".

Well just one more move to prove that Burnsville is on a fast trip to hell in a hand basket. The town center would have been a great place for local private use but now it will be just another tool for the devil! Thank you Shannon Peterson and Ruth Banks for still having a sense of morality in this world that is headed for a judgement that will be so sad. What is our county going to have for our children and grandchildren to be proud of? A brewery?? I think not!! God help us.