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Thank God for Great Spruce Pine Neighbors!!

My wife and I are retired and live in wonderful Mitchell County. This morning, we woke up to snow and said, "Well, we won't be able to walk down our steep driveway to get the mail." When I opened the front door to look outside, I was so happy to see that one of our kind neighbors had scraped and cleaned our entire driveway!! Anonymously! What a wonderful Christmas blessing!!! Many thanks to this kind soul! Folks, please remember your neighbors who are older, or shut-ins and unable to do things for themselves. Your little act of kindness can mean so much!!

Senior Center Needs Your Help

Dear Editor,
How many of you have been a little extra blessed this year?  How many of you would like to be a blessing to someone in need?  Have you ever considered feeding a senior citizen?  Our seniors are the most vulnerable of our population.  Many are homebound and unable to fix a hot meal.  Many are alone with no family around or, in some cases, living.  The Yancey County Senior Center has been feeding this population for decades. 
The Yancey County Senior Center is now serving 75 people through Meals on Wheels – people who may not otherwise get a hot meal.  We currently have 74 clients who come in and eat lunch Monday through Thursday.  We also serve 21 clients through In-Home Aide and pay for 12 people to utilize Yancey Transportation to come in to the Center for meals.  No one over 60 is turned away, or ever charged for their meal.  However, our need continues to grow due to baby boomers becoming seniors.  The need grows but our funding continues to be cut.  We now have a waiting list of 15 people in need of Meals on Wheels and 15 people in need of In-Home Aide services.
If you are looking to donate somewhere this holiday season, the seniors of Yancey County would greatly benefit from your donation.  With so many good causes in the area to donate to, many times seniors are overlooked.  Our mission statement reads “To promote the quality of life and successful aging for the senior citizen population of Yancey County”.  We believe that our seniors are deserving of the security of knowing they will get at least one hot meal a day. 
Donations can be made by mail to Yancey County Senior Center, PO Box 546, Burnsville, NC 28714 or made in person at our facility located at 503 Medical Campus Drive where you can experience what our Center is all about.  All donations are tax deductible.  ANYTHING helps. 
May you be blessed this holiday season,
Yancey County Senior Center Staff

Daily Commentary

 I think Mr.Sink and WKYK do a great job, one of the most respectful radio stations on air in today's world. It would be wonderful if he didn't have to talk about all the negative things going on the world, but he tells it like it is, it would be wonderful also if we lived in a world where we could love each other 365 days a year, talk about Jesus and how he died for us and be thankful everyday....not just in December...don't ya think?

It is my opinion that Mr. Sink is doing a fine job with his commentary on the radio and a good decent man. What some call hate is reality, Mr Sink always tells it like it is, America today is a country in which we have freedom of speech. when i hear something i don't want to hear on radio or t.v. i simply change stations or put it on mute. this may be a good option for you. No disrespect intended,


 In the spirit of the Christmas season, it would truly be a blessing if Mr. Sink could focus his commentaries on the message of love, tolerance, and joy, for the month of December. His negative and polarizing political comments often take the joy out of listening to WTOE in the mornings. Let's focus on the love and forgiveness that Jesus taught as we celebrate his birth. Thank you.

More Gun Violence

Just to be fair, "prayers working" is just an opinion of another also, funny how that one is OK. Jeesh you people....

"Not a Real Solution"...Please do tell me what your solution is? Make guns illegal like drugs, theft, and murder? I hear you throwing out opinions, I don't see you throwing out solutions. 


 That is a pretty broad brush you are painting with when you say "what about the people that weren't harmed because MAYBE a prayer......" What about the people that are DEAD and their families, thoughts and prayers didn't work for them. When you are dead you are dead. That is a saying people use to justify and make themselves feel better about the gun violence in this country. Not a real solution.


First PRAYERS do work ! Shame on you . Second ,why point out the color of the perpetrator ? Did you know in Chicago alone there have been over 700 homicides in 2017 ? And that's a downsized rate from previous years . By the way black on black is the highest in America , if you want to call out color crime related . It is criminals at heart and mind and the mentally deranged that can murder someone or ,even those that are so out on drugs / alcohol their minds aren't comprehended . Either way prayers work for any situation . 


In response to "thoughts and prayers" not working...can you confirm this? How do you know that one of those injured should have died but didn't because of thoughts and prayers? What if another attack could have happened from someone with a mental illness but it didn't because of their grandma's constant prayers. No law can prevent the mentally ill/evil people from wanting to hurt someone else. If you aren't sending thoughts and prayers to the victims, then what are you offering, other than another snowflake-worthless opinion. To wrap this up, the gun violence in Texas, ended because of a responsible gun owner. We don't have a gun issue, we have an ingnornace issue. How will you protect yourself when faced with a killer?


Oh look another white male kills 20+ people in Texas.......and more thoughts and prayers!!......they don't seem to be working

Town of Burnsville

Really? A bag of potting soil is a "disgrace"? Please get a life.

First off no one told you to shut up! Second, if you don't like the way something looks in town or anywhere else, move! No one is making you stay here. Things happen and sometimes people "think" others should do as they "think" they should. Maybe you could have asked the business owner if they needed help moving the potting soil. Lots of bigger problems in the world then worrying over a bag of potting soil on the side-walk. How funny this is.. 


I am bothered  by the hateful nature of the previous reply. Quote,  "If you don't like the streets, then don't look at them or live here". What kind of attitude is that? I think peole have a right to live where they want and be able to have an issue addressed without being told to shut up or get out. In my opinion it is the responsibility of whomever was using the potting soil to dispose of it. 

If you want the streets to look any better and at a faster rate, why don't you volunteer your time to help them out. I'm sure they'd love to have some free manual labor for moving those bags of potting soil. If you don't like the streets, then don't look at them or live here. Carry on!


Here we are trying to improve the look of our town and get people to shop downtown and we can't even move the potting soil bags off the sidewalk that has been unmoved all summer. It is a disgrace and an eye sore!!!


None of side streets along the bypass through town have signs indicting the name. Is the DOT going to put up new ones?

Terrorist Attack on New York

The reason NY idiot is labeled a terrorist is , as he ran over and killed people , he hollered Allah Arkabar ,meaning he kills for their god ,pure evil terrorist attack . Not of our nation . 

You cannot just call any attack a terrorist attack regardless of how many people die. Why you ask...because of insurance companies. Any acts of terror or protesting is the insurance companies automatic "get out of jail free" card. Any damages and/or lawsuits are not covered unless there is a Terror Protection Coverage as an additional rider. Because insurance companies rule the country, the government has to be careful on how they use the term Terrorist. Although there is more to the definition of Terrorist, this is one of the main reasons. On another note, if there was a protest in Burnsville and businesses were damaged due to protesting, they are also out of luck. Unfortuntely. 


I would like to know why the New York idiot killer is labeled a terrorist (killed 8 people) while the white dude in Vegas is not (he is a "lone wolf" (killed over 50 people). Anyone?? 


I can only assume that our liberal law makers will be trying to place some kind of control on cars now that there have been several attacks by sick people driving cars/trucks into a crowd and killing innocent people. Just saying ahead of time that cars don't kill people and neither do guns! It's the people who use them!! Anything can become a weapon of great violence in the hands of the wrong person. Start with the evil minded-that's the danger to all if us. Leave the FREEDOM of INNOCENT people as it was meant to be from the beginning of our great nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

What Has This World Come To?

 In response to the comment "What has this world come to?". My son is 11. Still in "your age range" and loves to dress up for Halloween. I love to dress up with him. He goes around with his bag and gets his candy, as every child should. I stand on the outside of the line (even though I am in costume) not holding my hand out. I am an adult that works 12 hrs. a day. Not getting off work at 5:00, unlike some lucky people. I don't think you are EVER too old to go trick or treating! Have fun when you can, especially when you can do it with your kids. If my son wants to dress up when he is 13, 15 or 30 years old, I want him to!! Let the younger people have some fun! If they want to dress up when they are in their teenage years, let them! It's up to the person handing out the candy, to make the call on whether or not to give them candy! Let's not ruin what little there is to do (for fun) for these younger people!! 

As I watch the town square fill up with trick or treaters, this year, I began to wonder at what age do you stop going or taking kids trick or treating? I think once you get a certain age, you should be able to put away childish things and become productive adults. come on parents of adult children(13 and up), show some direction in your childs life, other than begging for something free.  Life is hard and standing in front of people with an open bag, bucket or hand is not what life is about. and as far as the actual adults(18 and up). get a job that is at least an 8 hour shift that provides health insurance and retirement benefits, not wait until your soap opera is over and then come out before actual working adults are still working until 5 oclock. 



Websters defines vultures as a greedy person;one who feeds on the mistakes or bad luck of others.We see another increase in our electric bill the first of the year.We already had a renewable energy increase this year-now a minimum increase to clean up the coal ash spills.Where are the solar farms,wind farms,etc?We don't see where all the millions are going.This is besides the $17.00 plus tax for the meter installed at your home.The renewable energy recovery fee went from .51 to .58 cents today and the energy efficient rider went up also-from.68 to .96 cents-is it for renewable energy or their coffers.Do the math on both renewable energy and renewable rider.My opinion is it is not being used for renewable energy.I noticed that the older citizens that are on Social Security are getting a small raise the first of the year-my husband said the vultures will show up and he was right.My opinion is-we would not have had these coal ash accidents if the companies would get rid of these educated idiots and so called engineers and the people have to pay for their mistakes.Hire some people with some common sense.It should have been fixed correctly from the beginning. 

Road Construction

I am warning everyone driving around the road that connects Morning Star Baptist Church Road to the Highway is not only damaging vehicles , but it is very dangerous as well. Apparently the road construction crew either : (1.) Does not care. - or - (2.) Lacks the knowledge on how roads effects vehicles.

Please Take Care of New K-9 Officer

Yes, we all certainly need to pray that the new K9 officer does not come to any harm but have any of you inconsiderate people stopped to think how the officers wife must feel. Not only will she probably be worried for the new member of her family but I'm sure she hasn't gotten over the fear she felt knowing that some evil person fired a gun toward her home where she, her husband & her children were sleeping. Knowing very well that it was a warning to her husband. How about keeping them in mind too and stop this nonsense. They have been through enough. Chris was very much loved & Jackie will be also.

How about this novel idea in keeping new K9 Officer Jacki safe......keep him/her in the house. Kennel inside, let them sleep wherever, keep in the basement. But not outside, exposed to whatever and whoever and the elements. Treat them with respect and love like you would a human Officer. I know most k9 handlers around the states keep their partners in their homes. It’s the right thing to do. 


I'm not sure what the person was implying but I do know that the previous K9 was well taken care of. I'm happy our county has a new one.

While the rules of how to take care of a K-9 is thoughtful, let me suggest that something not offered was " while I'm telling you everyting to do, don't ask me to help you do it". Another worthless opinion with no substance behind it. Perhaps offer to buy the K-9 a barn so he's safe, then people will know how serious you are about the care of the K-9. I think there should be credit give to how well the K-9's are taken care of and NO ONE is 100% protected from Stupidity and Evil people. 


Everyone in Yancey County is happy that the money has been raised to acquire our new K-9 Officer. He is a beautiful, alert dog & will join the force after Christmas. In light of previous K-9 deaths in Western NC, we sincerely hope that an abundance of caution will be exerted in caring for this K-9 Officer. Just a few suggestions: Please don't leave him in a hot car with the windows up. Please observe him carefully so that he doesn't run out in traffic and get hit by a car. Consider locking him up safely in a barn so that he can't be ambushed overnight. Make certain that he has plenty of food and water. Good luck!!

Traffic Laws

Please click the link below to view a map of the laws state-by-state. NC is trying to pass a law to fine slow left-lane drivers, but for now I can drive in the left lane from Madison County to Micaville just to annoy people who like to complain.https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/18nadbdqx422hjpg.jpg

Tickets around here get dismissed to easily by clerks office,why would Highwaypatrol want to waste time. Small town politics.


Why do people no longer obey traffic laws? No signals given. Speeding through school zones and through town. The speed limit changes to 45 right before the high school if you are heading into town from the west end and people just ignore it. They drive on either side of the highway, not realizing they need to stay on the right side unless they are passing a car or turning left. It irritates me that they think they drive on either side. What is the point of a 4-lane? There is only 1 sign that says "slower traffic keep right." More of these signs need to be up and they need a sign where the speed limit changes that shows your speed. Weaverville has one and it helps. The HP need to be out there in full force and give out tickets until people learn the traffic laws and don't get me started on the teenagers coming out of the high school when school lets out. They absolutely fly down the straight towards Riverside. Have you noticed all the black marks in front of the traffic lights where people have slid? People make u-turns right in front of a line of ongoing traffic traveling at 55 miles per hour. I feel lucky to get from point A to point B. People need to pay attention and obey the traffic laws and there would be a lot less wrecks.

Pray No One Reads These Opinions

Our author complains of poorly-written opinions and their impact on potential business relocation. I don't think many businesses would look at this opinions page - or even know about it - to size-up the town's education level. BUT the author is spot-on about businesses seeking educated people. So the INTENT of their message shouldn't be lightly dismissed. In that same message, however, the author himself confuses the reader with his, "It's embarrassing and sad that so few who write their opinions sound so uneducated." I think the correct and intended connection is 'few' with 'educated' - or perhaps the author should have chosen 'many' with 'UNeducated.' One must be careful wielding the power of the pen, lest we become stained by the bitter-sweet ink of irony.

 It would be great to read others' opinions if they weren't so poorly written. The spelling, punctuation, capitalization and lack of sentence structure is usually below a 3rd grade level. Some of the opinions don't even make sense, because the words are just strung together without any meaning. Don't our people even know how to write a complete sentence? Pray that no one or no prospective businesses or employers considering locating here ever reads these. It's embarrassing and sad that so few who write their opinions sound so uneducated. The first thing that any company considers when locating to an area is how well educated the workforce is. This is meant to encourage, not discourage. 

Fairground Apartments

To the person who wrote about fairground apt I agree lived here a good while it has gone down hill no places to park trash everywhere people who don't work nothing wrong with them noisy neighbors loud motorcycles going fast through the neighborhood magement don't seem to care 

 Live in fairground apt a while starting to go down hill no parking trash everywhere people that don't work nothing wrong with them drugs selling drugs Tenn tags living here over 6 months noisy here people driving fast on motorcycles bad place to live now 


Why???can we not have a notice when town water SP has a water boil ?? Not everyone has time to go on computer or listen to wtoe?? Dont you know what a robo call is??