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Proposed Federal Budget Will Impact Habitat for Humanity

Mitchell-Yancey Habitat for Humanity needs your help.  Since 1992, this affiliate has built 21 homes across our two counties and these homes have provided housing for 28 families over these years.   M-Y Habitat is grateful for the volunteer and financial support from this community.  Your generosities have helped to build over 800,000 Habitat homes throughout the world.  Habitat partner families must demonstrate a financial need for housing, be willing to help in the building of their home, and be able to pay a monthly no-interest mortgage. 
In mid March, the White House released its fiscal year 2018 budget outline, which includes recommendations for deep reductions in housing and community development programs that enable Habitat for Humanity to serve more families and communities across the U.S.  These reductions would be devastating to Habitat and all housing programs across the country.

Federal housing programs currently reach about 1 in 4 income eligible households. With the proposed budget, many fewer would receive assistance, leading to even more families to choose paying housing costs over purchasing food, health care, and meeting other basic needs.

“Perhaps more than ever before, middle and lower income households in the U.S. are shouldering heavy housing cost burdens and facing a variety of health, education, financial stability and other challenges resulting from or complicated by lack of access to decent, stable housing at an affordable price,” said Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International. “Federal housing programs are critical to meeting affordable housing needs in our country, and we look forward to working with the administration, along with Habitat’s many supporters in Congress as legislation moves forward with the budget and appropriations process.” 

The "skinny budget” proposes eliminating CDBG (Community Development Block Grant Program); HOME (Home Investment Partnerships Program); SHOP (Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program); Section 4 Program; the CDFI fund, which administers the New Market Tax Credit program at Treasury, and the entire Corporation for National and Community Service agency, which implements the AmeriCorps program. Further programmatic detail on the Administration’s budget request proposals will be released in May.
Every single one of these federal programs used by Habitat would be eliminated.  Needless to say, Habitat affiliates cannot afford to lose the $35,000 loan granted for each home we build from HOME funding which we currently receive through North Carolina Federal Housing Program.

Eliminating or reducing funding for these housing programs would exacerbate local housing shortages and increase the burden of housing costs on families in need of housing stability.

Habitat believes housing is foundational to reducing poverty and achieving lasting economic growth. In the coming weeks and months Habitat will work with our elected officials to demonstrate the value and importance of these programs for Habitat’s work and in meeting affordable housing needs.

Help us keep Habitat for Humanity in our community.  Please call or write your representatives and senators and share your views on the importance of Habitat and all housing programs across the country.
US Senators:                                                            US Representative:
Richard Burr 1-202-224-3154                    Mark Meadows (202)225-6401
Thom Tillis1-202-224-6342                       
NC Senator Ralph Hise (919)733-3460
NC Representative Michelle Presnell (919)733-5732

Great Opportunity

What an opportunity we have in the loss of the Cane River championship to teach our children some important lessons. First of all, people and their feelings are what matter most (letting a special needs child be a part of the team is more important than winning). Second, always be honest, even if it means giving up something. Third, we don't always get the trophy. Fourth, forgive people. Mistakes were made, forgive them. These are some of life's most important lessons. These kids are already winners, they won the season, they won the championship. Learn these lessons and they will be winners in life. 

Snowy Roads

Just a recent observation, but some roads in Burnsville are completely snow free and others don't get touched but maybe once every 36 hours. I sincerely hope that once the new Burnsville Fire Department gets built maybe they will actually treat that road. In driving through town today I noticed (at lunchtime) that parking lots had been cleared, the bypass was treated and well maintained and the road up by Verizon was totally white all the way up the hill. Why pay double taxes on everything if you don't get any benefit? 

Road Conditions

We were unlucky enough to be some of the people who had to be out on the roads on Tues.afternoon. The roads in Yancey co.were in really good shape even the side roads,once we crossed the county line into Mitchell Co.dang main roads were barely passable,not to mention the side roads were awful as we traveled to our daughters home to deliver groceries.Whats up with Mitchell Co.Yancey had as much or more snow.We were in an awd vehicle and we have lived in these mtns.all our lives,is Mitchell co.ever going to be able to do their job when it comes to keeping the roads safe an clear!

Stop Light

There also should be a stop light at the end of Bill Allen Branch. With all the traffic going to and from the Trash Facility, it is very dangerous to turn left any time of the day. There has already been one fatality on the new 4-lane, does there have to be another? Come on Burnsville - Let's Get it Together!!!! Do what's best for the people. PLEASE

Can we please consider putting a stop light at Charlie Brown Road before some one is seriously hurt or killed? 

March is National Social Work Month

March is National Social Work Month. As a medical social worker for Yancey Hospice and Palliative Care, I would like to share with you some of my own thoughts about hospice and offer some basic information.  Those of us who are employed by hospice feel a great sense of connection and commitment to the community and surrounding counties we serve.
For many of us March is a time of (more)

Please Pave Road

Please, Please dept. of transportation will you please repave or fill in the terrible holes and ruts in the little road between East Yancey and Burnsville school. All the buses have to use it now that go into Burnsville elementary . Just begging... Have a nice day !!!

Fairground Apartments

To the person who wrote about fairground apt I agree lived here a good while it has gone down hill no places to park trash everywhere people who don't work nothing wrong with them noisy neighbors loud motorcycles going fast through the neighborhood magement don't seem to care 

 Live in fairground apt a while starting to go down hill no parking trash everywhere people that don't work nothing wrong with them drugs selling drugs Tenn tags living here over 6 months noisy here people driving fast on motorcycles bad place to live now 

Lengthy Opinions

This comment would be in response to the person who finds it necessary to submit lengthy, full page opinions to this public forum. You would be better served to put down your pen and power down your computer and be thought a fool than to continue your barrage of name calling, hate and left wing liberal rants and remove all doubt.

He Made Us All

Yes all people is God's creation . Our culture , beliefs run different than other religions of foreign countries . It is nearly impossible for these difference evolve with each other . We see the evil doings if other countries so called religion . It is considered more as cults . God also gave humans common sense to realize the difference of being safe or just plain stupid . Those that rant Death To America ,Kill The Infidels Or Allah Arkbar should not be allowed into our country . But should be prayed for .. yes they are also racist in our country , but they ARE NOT all white ! Every color can be racist and are . Black Panthers , Black Lives Matter proves that . Lastly , yes God created all humans , he created us to have thinking knowledgeable brains to know the different reactions of others . Good and bad . Should we fall for anything ? No ! JEAN 

That is exactly right. I have been trying to get this out for a long time. There are good and bad in all different races and creeds. Some people think that if a person is of a different race, come from a different country, culture or religion they automatically presume that they are bad people. That is not so. This ideology is called xenophobia and bigotry. There are good people in every nation, of every race and of every religion. People need to see everyone as human because we are human before we are anything. There are so many racists, white nationalists, xenophobics and bigots in the United States it is ridiculous. It trickles down from one person to the next. I am proud that I am not labeled as one of these. I believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ. God made everyone including the people that don't believe in Him. 

God created each of us. We may be of different races, genders, creeds and have different political views, but non the less, we are his. Why can't we all just get along? Before you choose to speak or act on something, ask yourself this one question, "How will this affect my testimony?". Then act accordingly. Peace and love to all!

Teacher Comments on Betsy DeVos New Education Director

For the person writing to say "Our education system is/was the best in the world". Here are the facts: The US ranks 17th in educational performance out of 40 countries ranked in overall education performance. Finland ranks first. The US ranks 23rd in PISA science score out of 65 ranked economies. China ranked first. The US ranks first in female science students. The US ranks 31st in highest female math scores on the international mathematics assessment out of 44 OECD and partner nations. Taiwan ranked first. The US ranks 2nd in ignorance (out of 14 countries) in "General Ignorance" about social statistics, such as teen pregnancy, unemployment rates and voting patterns - and I guess I should add the reality of how far our educational system has fallen. I guess that explains why you think our educational system is so great.

Why is Mrs DeVos getting criticized ?! She hasn't even did anything as of yet !!! People in our education system should not be around our children little lone educating them !! It is pathetic ! Yes , we the people voted , yes we voted conservative to get our country back from the devestiating Obama's 8 years . If you don't know the devestation I'm talking about maybe you need to be educated . I pray Mrs DeVos runs the education department conservatively ! Teachers need to keep their political views out of the classroom . My child was told if he spoke of Donald Trump again he would walk laps during PE .. EXCUSE ME ! my child and all others have FREEDOM OF SPEECH , protected and given right CONSTITUTIONAL !! teachers as well as everyone else that don't like or claim President Trump ,we'll get over it or move to another country ! By the way : WE HAD TO PUT UP WITH BARACK HUSSIEN OBAMA for 8 LONG years ... it is conservatives turn !! Get over it ! 

To the person who wrote this topic about liberal teachers. I am not a teacher myself but I know and have known many teachers in the Yancey County School system and they are some of the best teachers there are. I also don't know what you're talking about with the remark of a teacher but the teacher has a right to voice their opinion according to the First Amendment. I know that the Trump administration seems to be trying to do away with the freedom of speech but it is still in effect. As far as liberal teachers, I wish we had more of them. Being a liberal means that you are for protecting human rights of everyone, helping the poor and the sick and protecting our environment. These are qualities which many conservative politicians oppose. I wonder why you conservatives think that these are bad qualities? These are common sense qualities. Things that are disheartening are people who are uneducated, misinformed and uninformed. Like many of Trump's cabinet picks, Betsy DeVos has no experience whatsoever in the job she has been chosen for. She has no experience in the public school system or any education system at all. That is a fact. She is a billionaire. That is a fact. She advocates for voucher programs for which critics think would bring inequality and segregation back to the school system. Our education system is/was the best in the world. I don't think it is going to be the best anymore under the DeVos/Trump administration. Betsy DeVos and her family have donated to the republican party for many years. We don't need our education system politicized. That is a fact. Her education reform record in Michigan is seen as being poor. Her system includes making administrators and executives more money and students are not getting educated. Her advocacy for charter schools is a disaster for the education system. More charter schools are ranking below the 25 percentile than public schools. Her nomination would privatize, defund and destroy public education in the United States. She has made a career out of trying to destroy our public education system. It is common sense that people with no experience whatsoever in a certain position shouldn't be appointed or elected to that position. Almost everyone in this administration, including the president, has no experience whatsoever in their role. That is ridiculous that the United States has come to this. A president, particularly, should have experience in government. A Secretary of Education, should have experience in the school system. You are the one who need to get your facts straight, not the teacher/teachers who are stating the truth of the matter. I am a proud liberal and I am proud of the liberal ideologies and the liberal teachers that you think are so bad. If you look through the Bible at the teachings of Jesus, you will see a lot of liberal ideologies such as compassion for others, helping the poor, unfortunate and the sick. Conservatives tend to oppose these ideologies though. For a party who has a base of a lot of Christians and claim that voting republican is the Christian thing to do, they are wrong, misleading and conning the Christians to get them elected. Which ever teacher/teachers oppose Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education has a right to do so and they are right about her. So the best thing for you to do is to get your facts straight and read/watch real news and do research other than fake news and conspiracy theories of the right-wing media. Right-wing media is one of the main institutions destroying the education of millions of people in the United States. 

I am very concerned with the comments by the person whose headline states that he or she is a teacher in our county who is highly indignant that liberal teachers in the system are commenting in regard to the appointment of Betsy DeVos as "Education Director". Fact: Betsy DeVos was NOT appointed as Education Director as stated by you. She was in FACT appointed as Secretary of Education, an unfortunate fact for the children who attend public schools, and particularly those who attend school in a small, rural county such as ours. Ms. DeVos is an advocate for charter schools and private schools and by her own words has intentions of moving education away from the public school system. Moving away means removing funding from our public schools. Our small system will be greatly damaged if funding is removed or reduced. Fact: Liberals have the right to their opinions just as well as conservatives. So, if you do not want any of the "liberal teachers" stating any opinions, which I believe is their First Admendment right, then You should not have the right to express your "conservative opinion" either. You should move on and keep your boisterous opinions to yourself as well. This is a very serious situation in regard to the education of our children and grandchildren and I am glad to know that at least some are concerned about this issue. What is disheartening is that our children's educations have been sold to the highest bidder. To those teachers and other citizens who see something wrong with this I say, "Good for you". To those who refuse to see and acknowledge the destructive and emotionally unstable condition of this administration...shame on you. I expect a TTT (Trump Temper Tantrum) in response to my comments and that will be fine. However, I do not care if you are a republican, democrat, independent or somewhere in between all of these political stances, our children's educations SHOULD NOT EVER be for sale. Period. Unacceptable. 

To our many liberal teachers in Yancey county...Before you spout your mouths off around other teachers on Betsy DeVos, get your facts straight...isnt that what you teach? ...and to our liberal teachers at Mountain Heritage for years...move on...keep your boisterous opinions on the election to your ignorant self...your beyond slanted discourse is...disheartening.

Enforce the Leash Law

First off I am a dog lover and respect all pets. However I do have a problem with people who feel they do not have to obey the Leash Law in the city limits of Spruce Pine. Time after time the garbage is torn in to and just left to blow all over the roadway. In sight of the owner too. Many times I walk up the hill from the hospital on my break and I'm usually greeted with 2 large dogs.I suppose they are the ones ripping up the garbage bags left to be picked up. They usually jump on me almost knocking me down and continue to follow me on my walk. They wear no collars for identification.If we have leash laws why aren't they enforced? It's a matter of time that they will be ran over or knock someone down causing an injury. I would like to see the leash law printed in the local paper. Is that an option? Or better yet mail a notice of the leash law to all city limit residents. I hope law enforcement will be stricter on the dog owners and give them a ticket. Warmer days are coming and more people will be walking. At least put them on a leash or in a fenced area-Be Responsible for your pets!

Our New School

Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest for the company that accessed the condition of the schools to be the company contracted to build the new ones? 

The same person who did the assessments on our old schools has been contracted to build our new school. Were any other bids asked for or reviewed? Our old schools that are being closed are over 70 years old. How long do they expect a modular school to last? It may be cost effective in the short term but I wonder for the long term.

Bypass in Burnsville

I would like to make a comment about the intersection at Pensacola road the one at Burger King and the town center. about the people cutting you off at the 2 intersections mentioned. have you never heard about the right of way if not you need to get you a handbook from the highway patrol station and it will tell you who has the right of way and watch out for the speed trap in 35 speed zone there a state patrol officer that is trying to set record for the most ticket in a day he must be trying to impres his boss

This Morning on Face the Nation

To the person who questioned the facts on the news outlets. You are the one who is wrong. You provide no statement for why you think I am wrong so that shows me that you are uneducated, misinformed and uninformed. Your comment is generic while my writing shows educated facts and common sense. Your comment is politicized. Not that of any common sense or educated statement whatsoever. Yes, I am a left-wing liberal and proud of it. We believe in and advocate for human rights for everyone and believe in and advocate for helping the poor, unfortunate and the sick. These are issues that everyone should advocate for but the majority of republican politicians oppose them. We also have compassion for others and are educated on issues and have great common sense. We are not white nationalists, racists, bigots or xenophobic's like many of the right-wing conservatives are. President Obama is one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States. No thanks to the republican congress who blocked about every good thing he tried to implement. Or no thanks to the right-wing media who distorted, twisted and turned everything about him. President Obama brought dignity to the White House. He is a very dignified person and president who has a great sense of humor. I still consider him as my president while I do not claim this one we have now to be. To the other person who stated that it was only a 90 day ban on failed countries. It is a ban on Muslims. Donald Trump stated during his campaign that he would propose a ban on Muslims and that's what he tried to do. I am a Christian but according to the Constitution of the United States, people have a right to worship the way they want and I believe in that right. The inexperienced Trump has unlawfully went against the Constitution in many ways. He has tried to do away with freedom of speech, freedom of the press (who tell the truth about him) and freedom of religion. Our democracy is fading away under Trump. Trump wants to be liked and cheered for as Howard Stern put it. He doesn't seem to care about our democracy and has misled, misinformed and lied to his supporters who seem to be very uneducated on the issues. The don't believe in the facts, they only believe what Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Mike Pence, Fox News, Breitbart News, Alex Jones, right-wing media, Trump's minions and puppets want them to believe. They have ruined the education of many people in the United States.

To the person that wrote about news outlets and THEIR facts ... Hahaha YOU are so wrong it's pathetic ! I can tell you are so far left you just fell off the cliff Obama sit you on . All I am going to say is , GO PRESIDENT TRUMP !! By the way : you need to invite some of those chanting death to America , refugees come live with you awhile ,see how that goes .

I think this is part of what's wrong with our country. Just read the accusations and hate-filled comments that have no real basis. Back to the original question--it is not a ban on one religion. It was a 90-day ban on failed countries that can not at this point in time properly check and issue passports. They happen to be predominately Muslim countries. However the 7th Day Adventists and Mormons do not have a book that calls for killing anyone who doesn't agree with it.

To the person who said they are a republican. I don't know where you get your news, information or research from but you are all wrong. You're not stating the facts at all. Maybe you get your news from Breitbart News (entertainment for the alt-right) , Fox News (false news, distorted facts) or Alex Jones (king of conspiracy theories and false news) for which are listed under entertainment rather than news. These media outlets are what is the problem with our country. They make people dumber, uneducated, misled and uninformed. They don't tell you the whole truth. You say that you used to be a Democrat. You should have stayed a Democrat and maybe you would have learned the truth instead of believing false news, conspiracy theories, distorted facts. You stated that 90% of all shootings are done by Democrats? That is completely hilarious. I have laughed so hard thinking that someone has actually been taught that and actually believes it. Who told you that? Alex Jones? Donald Trump? Kellyanne Conway? Fox News? Breitbart News? They're all of the same. The truth is, there are actually no record of what party that they belong to, nor have they ever checked. Donald Trump has sure taught you well on how to give false numbers and false information. This only makes people dumber that actually believe it. The Democrats don't use religion as a tool to get elected as you say. However, the republicans do. The Democrats abide by the constitution that says everyone has the freedom to worship. I don't believe in any other religion except for Christianity but people of other religions have a right to worship the way they want. The Constitution of the United States give people this right. The Constitution or America wasn't based on any religion. A clause of the Constitution that Thomas Jefferson wrote states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." This is called separation of church and state if you've ever heard of it and debunks the statement you made that America was based on Christianity. I am a Christian but I also respect the rights of other people to worship the way they want and that's the way other people should be as well. That's one reason why you get called a bigot. You stated that our religious liberties were under fire for the last eight years. That is also false. Under the Constitution, we have the freedom to worship the way we want and nothing was ever changed about that during the last eight years. The republicans probably believe that it was because they send their minions and puppets around lying to people about it every election. The republicans have also been known to send their people around to tell people that Democrats are going to take away their Bible's and guns. Many of these dumb and uneducated people actually believe it. The republicans have ruined the education of society by stating all of this fake news, conspiracy theories and outright lies. You all need to wake up and find out the real facts, not something distorted by Fox News, falsified by Breitbart News, lied about and made up by Donald Trump and his minions and puppets or made up by Alex Jones. You talk about muslims the way the rest of the republicans do, the're all not rapists and murderers like the republicans would like for you to think they are. Who did Muhammad Ali or Kareem Abdul Jabbar ever kill or rape? No one. They have made a great contribution to society and haven't tried to destroy any other religion. Although I don't believe in the same way that they believe, I respect their right to believe the way they want as everyone should. All muslims are not terrorists. That also debunks your claim that they are. As far as immigration goes, you call it illegal immigration. How did our ancestors get here? Were they illegal too? Put yourself in the immigrants shoes. Suppose you live in a very poor country and had no way of supporting your family as many of them don't. Wouldn't you want to come to a country where you could prosper and make a better life for yourself and your family? I would and I guarantee you that you would too. The waiting list is long and the price is so high to fill out the documents that many of them cannot afford to do it. That's why they come here and that's why they do everything they can do to come here. It is very cruel for someone to grudge another for wanting to make a better life for themselves and families. Do you and other republicans want these people to go hungry and starve to death? That's what would happen if they didn't come here. You all have very cruel ideologies that are not of the Christian views. For a party that says they have Christian views, the republicans sure don't have many Christian views at all. According to the Bible, Jesus would have wanted to take care of these people. The teachings of Jesus were to have compassion for others, help the poor and help the sick. The republican view seems to be the opposite. They oppose every program to help the poor and sick. They also seem to have no compassion for people who aren't like them. The Democrats enacted Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps and they support these programs to help the poor and the sick while the republicans oppose them and are at the moment, trying to dismantle them. That is a very cruel thing to do. The ideologies of most republicans are cruel, un-American and are not Christian values as they dupe the Christian people with their republican lies and make them believe their republican agenda is the Christian thing to do (which is not). Also, the refugees in Syria need places to go. They are being killed over there, many of them. You all are unsympathetic and insensitive to people who are not like you. Jesus was once a refugee according to the Bible. In Matthew Chapter 2 Verse 13, "And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him". Matthew Chapter 2 Verse 14 "When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt". Donald Trump is wanting to turn people away who are facing the same consequences that Jesus did. You say you don't understand my way of thinking. I sure don't understand your way of thinking. You and many other republicans have a very distorted view of issues and the world as a whole. My way of thinking is the way of Jesus, common sense and a lot of education and research. If you don't understand that, you need to read the Bible, learn some common sense, get an education as I did and do some research. One of the many things that Hillary wanted to do if she won was to make college free or affordable. I was hoping very much that this would happen so more people could afford to attend college. Many people are uneducated, misinformed, uninformed and believe in conspiracy theories and lies before they believe the truth. The things that you wrote show that you are uneducated, misinformed, uninformed and you believe in conspiracy theories and lies before you believe the truth. The republican politicians and right wing media outlets seem to use a methodology referred to as gaslighting to dupe, con, mislead one's thinking and destroy one's education. They are not credible. If you haven't heard of gaslighting it is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target's belief. Donald Trump is the king of gaslighting. He has duped America and all his supporters. His supporters actually believe him even with the real facts laid in front of them. The greatness of this nation ended on January 20th of this year. It has gone to the dogs literally. The alt-right have been empowered by Donald Trump and they are forcing their agenda and rotten ideologies upon the good people of this nation. Donald Trump says he don't have any affiliation with the alt-right but his cabinet is composed of some of them such as Steve Bannon who is Donald Trump's chief strategist and sits on the National Security Council. Steve Bannon was an executive with Breitbart News. Breitbart News caters to the alt-right and prints and spreads fake news and conspiracy theories. It is an opinion outlet, not real news. Think National Enquirer and The Globe and you will have all the makings of Breitbart News. Many right wingers actually believe the things printed in their outlet. Right-wing media is very dangerous to the education of society. It is false and misleading. You say the Democrats have destroyed our military. Can you elaborate how? You can't because you believe every word that Donald Trump, his minions and puppets tell you. That is a statement that I have heard Donald Trump say. The truth is, our military is the strongest in the world and hasn't weakened one bit. Donald Trump and people like you have very much offended our men and women in our military by saying they are weak. You also stated that the Democrats have destroyed our economy. That is very false too. Our economy under the Obama Administration was the best it has been in a while. Unemployment was down far below that it was when we had a republican president. The republican congress and senate was not of help to our economy, however. Any good thing that President Obama would want to implement, the republicans would block it. He wanted to raise the minimum wage but the republicans blocked it. There are many people who work to support their families on minimum wage. The republicans, by voting not to raise the minimum wage, prevented these people from making more money for them and their families. The deal with Obamacare, after it was run through the republican congress, senate and supreme court, they made changes to it that wasn't intended to be in it. Without Obamacare, millions of people are going to be without insurance. People with pre-existing conditions that won't be able to acquire insurance because of these pre-existing conditions. You all don't seem to care though because it's not you. You all don't seem to care, have any consideration or have any sympathy at all for other people. I care about other people and I have sympathy for them. That is the Christian thing to do. You also mentioned the abortion issue. You all refer to the Democrats as baby killers. We are not. We believe in a mother's right to choose in cases where the mother's life is on the line. 28 out of 100,000 child births a year result in the death of the mother. That equals out to around 1200 mother's deaths per year in the United States during pregnancy or child birth. It is a devastating decision for the mother either which way she chooses but it should be her choice, not the governments. The government should not have any right whatsoever to tell the mother that she has to die in order to have the child. It should be completely up to the mother whichever choice she makes. I agree that many abortions take place that shouldn't. I have done a lot of research on it. Many of the women who have abortions live in states where republicans have cut Medicaid that would help out with doctor bills for these young families. However, I don't agree with this way of thinking, that is why some of them do it. I agree that the abortion issue should be amended by the states for which the law could be done. I think it should be limited to a woman's health being on the line for the reasons I stated earlier. You also talked about gay marriage. Although, I don't believe in being gay but I do believe they should have rights as everyone should. You say that homosexuality is an abomination according to the Bible but isn't all sin? A sin is a sin, according to the Bible, I don't recall it saying that any one sin is greater than the other except sinning against the Holy Spirit. All sin can be forgiven except the sin against the Holy Spirit. Society, however, has laid the blocks for judging sin by wrongly proposing other's sins greater than their own. That isn't right. The way that society ranks sins are not that of the Bible but that of their own standards. About gun control, you have it all wrong. You cannot compare car accidents, alcohol related accidents and accidents caused by texting to gun violence. It is all different. Murder by firearms are acts of violence. These mentally unstable people are soon going to be able to purchase guns. These are some of the very ones that gun control is intended for. They do not need the ability to purchase any kind of firearm. The republicans, however, think that everyone should own a gun including the mentally unstable, criminals, people on terrorist watch lists and people on no-fly lists. The republican congress wouldn't even vote on a bill last year that would prevent people on terrorist watch lists and no-fly lists from purchasing a gun. How dumb is that? You people will go right ahead and vote for them though. The violent acts in our country are mostly not by terrorists from other countries but by our own people. The focus needs to be on our own people. 35,000 people in the United States were killed by guns in 2015, probably about the same or more in 2016. For you to compare gun violence with vehicular accidents involving alcohol and texting is very wrong. They are very different issues. The NRA donates to the republican congress and senate to keep them from voting for any kind of gun control. Gun control would make the NRA lose a lot of money. They put money before people's lives. The republicans then dupe the people by telling them that if they have gun control that the only people that will have guns are criminals. That is not facts. They just say that to dupe the people into thinking that they're doing the right thing. They know that they can get by with it because people are so uneducated on a lot of things including gun control. It is common sense that we should have gun control. You say it is already against the law to own assault rifles? That is wrong. They were banned until George W. Bush got in office and the time limit run out on the ban and he didn't reinstate it. AR-15's are one of the top sellers now if you didn't know it. People can still buy AK-47's. Many of these guns are purchased without a background check because many gun shows and online retailers don't require it. Your comments are very cruel as many republicans have a cruel way of thinking. No one should be ran over by a vehicle because they are using their First Amendment rights. You republicans are trying to destroy our democracy. Donald Trump is trying to be an authoritarian, dictator or tyrant, not a leader or president that he should be doing. Here are facts on the numbers of executive orders by presidents: Obama 276, George W. Bush 291, Bill Clinton 364, George H.W. Bush 166, Ronald Reagan 380. Out of the last 5 Presidents, Obama was next to last on the number of executive orders. You need to quit listening to Donald Trump, his minions and puppets, Fox News, Breitbart News and Alex Jones and get your facts straight. I have debunked about everything you have written. You all need to wake up and see that the republican party is destroying our nation. Almost everyone of Donald Trump's cabinet members are not qualified for their position. The Environmental Protection Secretary has anti-EPA views that would destroy our environment and are in the process of rolling back regulations on companies that are polluting the air. It is common sense that these restrictions need to be in place. The Education secretary has no public school experience at all. She will destroy our education system. The Secretary of Energy once wanted to do away the department. The Attorney General has been known for racist remarks. Our law enforcement surely doesn't need someone like him calling the shots. There are too much racial profiling going on as it is. The Secretary of State is a man that Vladamir Putin refers to as a friend. Vladamir Putin is a murderer and very corrupt man that Donald Trump continues to praise. With Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway advising Trump based on their lies, fake news and conspiracy theories, this country is in for it. Wake up people. Life as we know it is fading away. Christians, please don't be duped by the republican party. They are only using you as a tool to get elected. How can a political party say that they are Christians when they oppose the teachings of Jesus? 


To whomever wrote the "dems should be run over", do you think that was a Christian statement??? If you feel "the dems" are so wrong then I would suggest that you should pray them. There are racists and bigots on all sides of politics. The sad thing is that most of them are always at church everytime the doors are open. One sin is no greater than the other in the eyes of God. Love thy Neighbour as thyself and stop pointing fingers unless you're looking in the mirror. (If you think Obama destroyed this country....let's see where US is in one year of DJT.)

FINALLY, someone stating the truth. THANK YOU! Republicans should remove their blinders to see what is actually occurring with our democracy. Every day it disappears little by little. How shameful that the letter written by Martin Luther King Jr.'s widow could not be read aloud by Elizabeth Warren. Trump Administration only want the American people to know "their" truth NOT the real truth. According to some Christian leaders, Trump was voted in by the hand of God. I believe this as well, but not for the reasons they are alluding to. If you believe that about Trump, then you must believe that about all world leaders, past and present. PRAY PRAY PRAY.

To the person that think Republicans are the problem with the world.The Democrats are what the problem is.The Bible does say you can judge a tree by the fruit it bares that is the reason i am a Republican I don't like rotten fruit.The Democrats are the ones that use religion as a tool.If you don't agree with them you are considered A bigot racist or anything else they can think of.Our religious liberties were under fire for the last eight years And if Hillary would have been elected they would have been gone.America was based on Christianity.That is the reason we have One Nation under GOD in our pledge and in GOD we trust on our money instead of one nation under alla.Muslim is not a religion but a cult bent on destroying Christianity.Can you really call a religion Someone that rapes kills and tortures innocent people and do every other ungodly thing under the sun in the name of alla if you don't worship alla you are to be killed.These people are terrorist plain and simple and have no business in the United States.And the immigration issue.IT isn't about immigration but ILLEGAL immigration eleven million illegals sucking us dry.We aren't the worlds motel 6.They have destroyed our economy.Obama has sucked our social security dry to give it to a bunch of illegal immigrants that hasn't payed in one red cent.They get food stamps dental health care a place to stay even a separate set of laws. while the elderly and disabled do without.The Democrats has even destroyed our military.For the last eight years we have been the laughing stock of the world.The Republicans has done more to help the poor than the dems ever will.Getting rid of the illegals that are sucking us dry will help more than anything that could be done.Eleven million jobs for our citizens.Not to mention the billions of dollars that leaves our country every year will remain here.If all the money that is wasted on illegals by the dems every year went to the poor they would want for nothing.You cant even get health care Obama care has even destroyed that.Everything that they touch they ruin Gay marriage how sickening Homosexuality according to the Bible is an abomination in the eyes of God I am not saying that they haven't got a chance.But it is wrong and i don't want it shoved on my children and family.A mans place is in the men's room and a woman's place is in the ladies room plain and simple.And about Abortion millions and millions of innocent baby's killed each and every year.You only mentioned the ones they had to abort to save the mothers life which is something that cannot be helped and is fully understood.But you forgot to mention all the children that are aborted every year just because the mother didn't take responsibility for her actions.Murder pain and simple.You will take up for the innocent killing of a child.(Thow shalt not kill) but you are for taking guns from everyone.I fail to see your way of thinking.There are millions of people that are killed by vehicle every year by drunk driver and not to mention cell phones lets ban all cell phones alcohol and automobiles.Democrats don't want anyone to know just how many lives are saved each and every year with a gun.There are more killings every year with a knife than a gun.And may i point out that 90% of all shootings are done by democrats.And i hate to break it to you but it is already against the law to own what you people call an assault rifle.Assault is an action not a gun.And as for your comment about not needing one for hunting.The constitution wasn't written in case the deer wanted to kill us.And as for all the riots by the dems if you ain't got anything better to do than block the road and try to hold up someone that has actually got a job and works instead of waiting on a handout then you ought to be ran over.If it was anyone that had a reason to protest it was the Republicans over the last eight years while we were under Obama and watched our country be destroyed from the inside out.Obama was the dictator if he didn't get his way he would do one of his executive orders.More than any other president in history And Obama put a ban on several specific groups of people while he was destroying our once great country.Not to mention throwing Israel to the dogs.Where were all the protesters then.I see it is only if the republicans do it.Written by a once upon a time democrat that's family had been Democrats ever since the civil war .That seen the light and changed over to a Republican.Our whole family got tired of watching the democrats destroy our country.Instead of rioting and protesting.We voted it out. 

To the person who last commented. I didn't call white people those names. I am white myself. I was referring to all the hate groups that make up a lot of the Republican party and supported Trump. A lot of these people are referred to as the alt-right. They are uneducated, misinformed and uninformed. There are a lot of these people in the United States. A lot of these people are believing the lies (which this administration is referring to as alternate facts) and false statements that this administration is putting out. It is a dangerous time in society when people are actually believing them. The Bible also states that you can judge a tree by the fruit that it bears. I don't feel that I should ask for forgiveness for stating the truth. Republicans, however, oppose a lot of the teachings of Jesus. Compassion for people, helping the poor and helping the sick. These are issues that Democrats stand up for. Many Christians have been brainwashed and told that voting Republican is the right thing to do. The Republicans only use Christians as a tool to get elected. I don't see how they haven't figured that out by now. This is a very divided nation. People have a right to their opinions but many are believing the wrong way and not using common sense but believing the wrong people. When I read the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, I don't see anything that would contribute to the Republican agenda or platform. However, they claim that religious liberty is their platform. Where's compassion for people? The majority of the party consists of people with racist, bigot, white nationalist and xenophobic tendencies. There's no compassion for people with those tendencies. Trump wants to ban a whole religion from entering the country and his fellow supporters support him on it. I don't believe in the Muslim religion or methodology, whatever you want to call it but they do have a right to worship the way they want. It is unconstitutional and un-American to ban these people from coming to our country. Our country is made up of many religions for which they have the right to do so. Trump also wants to ban Hispanics from coming to our country and to deport many of them. I do support deporting the criminals but many of the Hispanic immigrants come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families. Mexico has a lot of very poor communities. If I lived in Mexico, I would want to come to the United States where I could make a better life for myself and my family. There are many of them who make a great contribution to society. They work hard and many of them don't bother anyone. The Republicans, a lot being white nationalists, don't see things they way they really are. There are good and bad in every race and culture. You can't discriminate against a people as a whole based on such. How's the Republicans ever helped the poor? Every program that helps the poor, the Republicans oppose it. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps, these are all programs that the Democrats implemented and support. The Republicans oppose these programs and think that people can make it on their own. Millions of people in the United States couldn't make it without these programs. Many of the elderly people couldn't survive without Medicare, Social Security and many of them use Medicaid and food stamps. Young families who are struggling to make ends meet use Medicaid and sometimes food stamps. There are many people who are disabled who aren't able to work a job also use these programs. As we sit here, the Republicans in Congress are trying to destroy these programs. Dismantling Medicare was on top of their agenda for this Congressional session. The Republicans are also trying to privatize Social Security. In this manner, they invest the money and put it at risk and will face severe cuts. People who draw Social Security don't make enough as it is without facing cuts in what they do make. How has the Republicans ever helped the sick? They want to repeal Obamacare and replace it with no telling what. This could cause millions of people to lose their insurance. There are many people with pre-existing conditions who would not be able to obtain insurance if they don't put the pre-existing condition clause in what they repeal it with. The Republican agenda is to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Tax cuts on the wealthy would create an increase of tax on the middle class. If you've ever heard someone say that the Republican party is only for the rich, the person telling you that is correct. Unless you're a millionaire or billionaire, the Republican party isn't for you. I have heard a lot of people say that the only reason they vote Republican because of abortion and gay marriage. I have heard them call Democrats baby killers and all kinds of names regarding that. The fact is, I have never known anyone who supports abortion at all. We support the mother's right to choose in respect to the mother's health. 28 out of 100,000 births each year result in the mother dying because of some kind of condition. We respect the mother's right to choose on these grounds. The mother has a right to life too. It is a devastating decision either each way but the mother should have that right to choose. The government shouldn't have the right to tell that mother that she has to die in order to have the child. It should be up to the mother either which way she chooses. That's the way we believe. We're not baby killers. About 1200 women in the United States die each year because of complications of child birth. I also believe that women shouldn't have abortions without the reason of her health. However, if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, that would be the same as the government telling these mothers that they have to die in order to have the child. It shouldn't be that way. The mothers should be able to choose. The other subject I mentioned is gay marriage. Although, I don't believe in the gay lifestyle, I believe that the LGBT community should have rights as anyone does. We are all sinners, some are forgiven and some are not. The Bible doesn't mention any one sin greater than the other except the unforgivable sin of sinning against the Holy Spirit. I believe in the saying of hate the sin but love the sinner. I believe that's the way that everyone should be and I also believe that's the way the Lord intended it to be. One of the Commandments that Jesus told us to do is to love thy neighbor as thyself. I believe that this applies to us loving everyone. Jesus also showed compassion for the woman at the well who had 5 husbands. My point is, we are all sinners and shouldn't judge other's sins for we have our own and our sins may be different than another person's but they are still sins and we shouldn't be hypocritical. My point in the last comment I wrote was not being judgmental or being hypocritical. However, I was stating a very dangerous concern in society that is taking a toll on many people. Many people tend to believe lies and conspiracy theories before they believe the truth. Our society is divided based on these lies and conspiracy theories that people believe. This causes people to vote for our leaders based on these alternate facts (lies), misstatements, false statements and conspiracy theories. There were a lot of fake news being spread around during the election and I believe that this effected outcome of the election. A lot of people believe in issues that have been passed down over decades and centuries. In this day and time, we have better research and a lot of people are more educated. We now have better reasoning and solutions to problems due to research. Many people, however, don't want to accept change. They vote Republican because their family in the past voted Republican even though the Republican policy doesn't help them out. I have seen many poor and middle class people that keep voting Republican regardless of the fact that Republicans only help the wealthy. Back to the original post that someone wrote. Our nation was founded upon immigration from other countries. Unless you're a Native American, you're a descendant of immigrants. It is complete hypocrisy to think otherwise. Trump's adviser, Kellyanne Conway, keeps spewing out false statements. The latest was that Obama did a similar ban on immigrants from Iraq (which he really didn't). She stated a fake news story that never happened for the ban that never took place. She cited a Bowling Green massacre that never took place. This is only one of the misstatements that the Trump administration has put out. People need to quit believing them and maybe they will stop. There are many people that would believe them if they said the sky is green. This is the same way that the NRA works with the Republican senators and congress about gun control. The NRA gives them large donations to vote against any form of gun control. They make statements such as guns don't kill people, people kill people. The fact is, people with guns kill people. Guns are used as a tool to kill people. I have also heard statements such as if gun control was put in place that the only people that would have them would be criminals. That's also a false statement. It just passed congress to overturn Obama's bill that would prevent the mentally ill from purchasing a gun. Now people with mental impairments will be able to purchase guns as soon as it passes Senate, for which it will and when Trump signs it, for which he will. The Republicans think that everyone should own a gun. Last June, the Democrats in Congress wanted to put a bill into law which would prevent people on terrorist watch lists and no-fly lists from purchasing a gun. The Republicans wouldn't even vote on it. It seems they have no common sense at all. These kinds of people do not need to own guns. They are a danger to society. In 2015, 35,000 people in the United States were killed by gun violence. Is this not enough deaths for Republicans to vote to enforce gun control? Anyone can go to most gun shows and order guns online without any kind of background check. It doesn't need to be this way. Gun violence will only get worse under Republican administrations because they want everyone to have guns regardless of their background or their mental condition. I have heard many Republicans say that the Democrats want to take away guns. That's not true. Republicans have also distorted the facts on this issue. The Democrats want to take away guns from people who do not need the right to have them. Felons, the mentally ill, terrorists and violent people do not need to own guns. Also the automatic and semi-automatic rifles (assault rifles) need to be banned. No one needs this kind of weapon. Maybe the military or law enforcement are the only ones who need these kind of weapons. Anyone can snap at any given time. Anyone might say that it wouldn't happen to them but they're wrong. Everyone has a temper and if they have a gun and lose their temper, their chances are high of using it on someone. There have been people that you wouldn't think of doing such things that have shot and killed people. There have been preachers, lawyers, doctors, etc. that have used guns to kill people. There are no certain face or style of a murderer. The automatic and semi-automatic rifles are made to slaughter several people during a very short amount of time. Some can fire several rounds at one time without releasing the trigger. There are many people that are obsessed with guns and stockpile them. Such weapons are not needed for hunting. They have no need whatsoever for these kinds of weapons. There is another issue that just passed in North Dakota Congress. They made it legal for drivers to run over and possibly kill protesters with their vehicles. The protesters are using their first amendment rights there to protest something they don't believe in. Our democracy is fading away fast with this new administration. It seems like we are under more of a dictatorship than democracy. I believe Howard Stern was right about Trump. He said Trump just wanted to be liked and cheered on. He has his minions and loyal supporters doing it regardless of the evil that he puts out there. People need to really think before they vote. You never know what you will get. We don't know what our once great nation is going to come to now.

A comment to everyone. It is important in deciding about an issue to listen to more than one "news" channel and read more than one side of the issues. Read several things from both sides to better understand and form an opinion. There's a whole lot of "twisting" being done in "reporting" these days.

To whom ever wrote the last article about white people,calling them racist and other things. You call yourself a christian,I think not you are outright judging people. Remember what the bible says " judge not lest ye be judge" . How about going to church this sunday and ask forgiveness and help.

The last comment that was written on this topic stated that Keith Ellison was uninformed. I beg to differ on that. There are millions of people in the United States that are uninformed, misinformed and uneducated and they're called Republicans and Trump supporters. They're white nationalists, racists, bigots, neo-nazis, among other hate groups. They don't understand that the United States is founded upon immigrants. All our ancestors were immigrants unless you are a full blooded Native American. There are more people in the world other than Americans. There are many immigrants from other countries that have made a positive impact on our country. These people come to America to make a better life for themselves and their families. The Trump administration and supporters are giving our country a bad reputation all around the world. I am a Christian but I also believe in other peoples right to worship as they wish.

I also saw the Face the Nation segment with Representative Keith Ellison (D) Minnesota talking about the Presidents ban on Muslims from seven countries. Representative Ellison failed to mention that the ban is temporary until an effective process for vetting refugees from these countries can be developed. He failed also to mention that Muslim countries which are not hotbeds of terrorist activities do not fall under this ban. I would suggest that Representative Ellison is quite uninformed or is intentionally using his office to add to the confusion and unrest gripping our country today. As for the Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists, I seriously doubt that they will ever be affected by any type of ban unless they attempt to force the world to adhere to their beliefs and customs by lopping off heads and shooting and bombing people of other religious faiths.

Representative Keith Ellison (D) from Minnesota on President Trumps ban on Muslims from 7 countries:  "This is definitely a religious ban.  If he can do this, who will be next? Mormons? Seventh-day Adventists?" Comments?  Discussion?


Why???can we not have a notice when town water SP has a water boil ?? Not everyone has time to go on computer or listen to wtoe?? Dont you know what a robo call is??

Town Center Brewery

Since the town council seems intent on polluting our county with alcohol perhaps it is time for those in the county who oppose it to boycott the town center until such time as they reverse their decision to lease to the brewery.

What Bible are these people reading exactly? Alcoholic beverages appear in the Bible, both in usage and in poetic expression. The Bible considers it a blessing from God that brings merriment. Alcohol was also used for medicinal purposes in biblical times, and it appears in that context in several passages as an oral anesthetic, a topical cleanser and soother, and a digestive aid. Most of these negative posts must be from ignorant, sheltered people that don't want to see Burnsville grow. Get to get a life!

We have nothing for our grand kids unless they have a certain last name,we had chance for lowes and a wallmart in town but no certain people kept that from happening. IIts clear unless you have a certain last name or born with a silver spoon in your mouth your nothing in this town.As far as the brewery it's a local person but here goes the bible thumpers again.Yancey county has been wet for many years(home made hooch) so what's the problem.,wine was mentioned many times in the bible.

The BURNSVILLE TOWN CENTER leased to a brewery....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! The mayor and town council members that voted for this should be "RAN OUTTA TOWN ON A RAIL".

Well just one more move to prove that Burnsville is on a fast trip to hell in a hand basket. The town center would have been a great place for local private use but now it will be just another tool for the devil! Thank you Shannon Peterson and Ruth Banks for still having a sense of morality in this world that is headed for a judgement that will be so sad. What is our county going to have for our children and grandchildren to be proud of? A brewery?? I think not!! God help us.