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k9 officer - why does it matter?

TheFBI has added animal abuse to its list of Class A felonies, alongside homicide and arson. If you need a security clearance for the military or your job, you will be investigated for animal abuse. Why? Animal abuse is ofte the first sign of serious emotional and mental disturbance among adolescent and adult killers. In an assessment of 1433 children ages 6-12 who had been physically abused and exposed to domestic violence, 60% of those children had abused animals. The nationwide average for animal abuse is 5%. Violence beggats violence. In another study of families under investigation for child abuse, researchers found that pet abuse occurred in 88% of the families under supervision for physical abuse of their children. High school killers such as Kip Kinkel, Luke Woodham, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold tortured, killed and mutilated animals befor going on their killing sprees. When counselors at several federal penitentiaries evaluated inmates for aggression, 70% of the most violent prisoners had serious and repeated animal abuse in their histories as compared to 6% of non aggressive prisoners in the same facilities. Studies have shown a link between serial killers and animal abuse. Serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert DeSalvo, David Berkowitz, ted buddy, Lee Boyd Malcolm, Denis Radner, Carroll Edward Cole and multiple others all abused animals. It wasn't just a dog that was killed. It was a defenseless dog inside a fence and it was a cop's dog. Was this a revenge killing or is the killer building up to shoot a cop that is sitting in his car alone somewhere? Do you know this person, but don't want to be a " snitch"? Remember that most violence and murders are committed against " friends and family" of the killer. What happens when he gets mad at you, or your child, or his wife, or one of his buddies over something? Remember that violence left unchecked always escalates. This is not an " isolated incident". If you know this person or have any idea who they are and you do nothing, you are an accomplice to all their future violent crimes. What will it take for you to grow a conscience and perhaps save a life?

Boy Scouts

 I just want to encourage our community to help build our boy scout troop back up! We have only very few members. I'm sure a lot of people read the paper week before last about it. I signed my son up and am so excited to be a part of a dying art. The scouts get to learn new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, reinforce ethical standards, and also learn leadership skills. Adventure is waiting for the young men of this community. Once a week from 6:30-8:00, across from the reconciliation house (the corner of Academy st. and Avery st.) Get back to the basics and back to nature. If you know anyone who is interested they have to be at least 11 years old.If you know any young man wanting to join, please just show up to one of the meetings! It doesn't cost much (if money is an excuse not to join). Help teach them life long lessons!! Spread the word around!!

Burnsville Speeders

No one had to die because there wasn't a light at Ingles if only someone had used some common sense and made that a right turn only. The light at Pensacola road is already there and it would have made much more sense. I can never figure out what our public officials have done with logic and common sense. Our county manager once told me "I think I have common sense" and my reply was "if you do it certainly doesn't show!" It's the same everywhere these days. If you have a degree and it looks good on paper it must be right! Never mind the practicality of actually getting it to work safely, or at all, in the REAL world. God gave us a brain but they never seem to be used anymore! 

Why is the speed limit through Burnsville on the new four lane not being enforced??? People constantly speeding and I have never seen anyone pulled over. What are the police doing??? I guess someone has to get killed (again-i.e. new, not yet functional, stoplight by Ingles) before anything is done. What a mess with all the U-turns and speeders etc. 

Burnsville Main Street

I'm sorry but there will be no beautiful Burnsville until something is done about the empty grown up buildings such as the old Texaco and bank on the bypass, not to mention the orginal Joe Young Ford building at the bottom of the hill on East Main. Can someone tell me why something can't be done about these and others that don't meet the new town ordinances?

I agree 100% main street is in terrible condition many side roads in Burnsville are in much better shape, some attention was given to the east side but none to west side WHY? It is a shame that the road is in such disrepair as well as the side walks the money that has been spent in attempts to patch them up over the past few years as well as the recent sloping ends with metal plates is only another waste of taxpayer money can't anyone see the crumbling edges, cracks. Then it was proposed that a sidewalk be extended all the way down to east side to light to join new one on four lane. and then to attract attention to the crumbling sidewalks is the grass and weeds growing all along it. 

 I can see why they had the bypass done in Burnsville. No one wants to ride on that rough... Main Street!!! What's the deal? That is supposed to be beautiful downtown Burnsville!!!

Mitchell Elected Offices and Property Taxes

 I can't help but notice all these grants this county keeps getting and all the money that is being donated to certain places and I look around town and wonder what is all that money being spent on??* Nothing is new and nothing is improved but crappy little nursery's and corners of the street?... So you mean to tell me that the money granted to this town is just to spruce up the town so that it looks like it has something fun to do instead of actually having something fun to do? That makes sense to umm no one??? Where is this money going seriously?* Apparently it's not going to the schools or the EMS or anything the town needs because that's what they say the raise in our property taxes was for ...to pay for the 3rd ambulance and for each kid to have a computer ...hmm so remind me what's happening to all this grant money? So what are grants for a town meant for if it's not to supply the town with the necessities that a town must have?* But instead you raise taxes to make the community to pay for something that we should already have had the money to pay for since we've gotten all these grants right?* Meanwhile the rest of the people who are actually keeping this town running have to now pay an extra couple hundred a year that they probably can't exactly afford at the moment themselves because they are already merely just getting by as it is and doing what they can to get ahead again or even caught back up ...So instead of using the grant money to pay for something that probably will not be used by or benefit in someway about half the property owners in this county you decide they should be the ones to pay the price?* I just would like to know what is the purpose of this grant money and all the other money this town is getting for nothing?* Why is it not being used for the purposes it should be getting used for rather than putting it on the people to pay?* I believe if you want to tell us that we have to pay for something we didn't ask for or something we don't really need then we should be able to have a part in deciding what this town chooses to do with the grant money and other moneys that are donated, gave or whatever! As for the student and computer issue : Most kids these days have their own laptops already. Instead of buying laptops for every kid, why not just go through and see which kid doesn't and provide them with one? If it's a student nessessity these days then why not imply a program similar to the lunch program; those who can't afford one can come request assistance to get one rather than wasting county money on a child to have 2 laptops, a personal and school issued one.. That's more unfair in my opinion than providing just those in need rather than all of them ..Not every parent can afford even one laptop while others can..The kid who only has 1 computer and got it only with assistance would just be someone the kid that has 2 computers could ridicule about being too poor to afford a computer.. I want to know we are being smart with money and not just blowing it on things that are really just unbeneficial to a majority of this county... Let's spend wisely please.. 

Battle of the Monopolies

Interesting to see two big monopolies fighting it out to see who gets more money.  It's almost funny if it wasn't so infuriating. Mission crying "poor"  when in fact they have bought up all the hospitals and almost all the doctor practices in this area. As they also continue to go up on their prices while cutting services to the poor areas such as cutting labor and delivery at all the outlying hospitals. Yet we all pay higher insurance rates to mostly Blue Cross, since they have a monopoly on the health insurance in NC, because they already pay higher prices to Mission than they do to other hospitals in other parts of the state. I have no sympathy for either one of these greedy monopolies as they reap millions with their top officers receiving huge salaries and benefits. 

Cell Service in Shoal Creek Area

Why is there no cell phone signals in the Shoal Creek area, most every place you go there are some sort of signals. There are elderly people that live in that area that have to have a land line just to call an ambulance, fire dept. or any place else they need to call. I think it would be a great addition, especially for the elderly. I hope something can and will be done about this problem.

Trash and Dead Wildlife

All along Toe River rd, near and across from Green Mt. Post Office there is too much trash around. Any business owners nearby should be willing to pick up this trash as it is on their property! It looks like a dump! Also, folks speed faster than 55mph they throw trash out their windows and run over the small wildlife too. It's a crying shame that folks who feel they gotta get from point A to point B in the least amount of time possible, forget they are not saving any real time by speeding and running things over!

Parkway Playhouse Doing Great Job

I have attended the first two productions at the Parkway Playhouse this year and both have been outstanding. The actors and actresses in each of the plays have just done a superb job. Very impressed. The theatre also is very comfortable now. Enjoyable experience that I would highly recommend. 

AMY Library Free Activities

There is a Play and Learn group for ages birth-5 at 10AM. Yancey Library on Wednesdays, Spruce Pine Library on Tuesdays, Bakersville Library on Thursdays. No registration required, just show up. Pre-school storytime begins again in August. Our Childrens Librarian is very accommodating, she leaves participation up to the discretion of the parents. During the summer programs are geared more to school age children,next weeks program is a movie.

 I just read all the exciting events planned at the local libraries for this summer and was so excited to bring my daughter, then I noticed the ages is for Kindergarten graduates - 12 years old.....what do the younger kids have to do? My 3 year old is capable of sitting still and quietly to be read to or watch a movie or do yoga....I do it with her every day. She would love to go to these activities and do something a little out of the norm with new people. Are parents of younger children like mine not allowed to bring our kids to participate? Is there something for them? I remember coming to the local library as a child and it was all ages, moms had there babies in their laps with their other children sitting in the floor beside them, it was fun. Really hoping to hear there is something for my child too.

Improved School Road

Yes! The road looks great. Thanks DOT for a fast and professional job. 

Thanks to the DOT for the awesome and much needed improvements around Burnsville elementary school. The project looks great and will help with traffic flow and the widening was much needed. THANKS! Great job and done quickly

Education Plan

Gov.McCrory had this for our states educational staff and schoolshttp://myfox8.com/2016/04/05/mccrory-announces-plans-for-2017-education-budget-proposal/ But , Roy Cooper was voted in to replace ..oh well not on my vote ..... 

Yancey Commissioners Urge Hospital to Reconsider Labor & Delivery


Speed Limit

 I totally agree with you, and also my friends and family,so we are with you on that!! My uncle Jessie and aunt Ester said they are about dizzy having to make so many u-turns and still have trouble finding their way around. one minute the right lane is closed then the left lane is closed. You better watch out cause all these "Tourist" will be running all over us! The least we could get for putting up with this traffic and road work would be some new place to eat!!!

Last time I checked, the speed limit through town on the 4 lane is still 35 MPH. I do 40 and people are passing me like I'm sitting still, or riding my tail trying to push me over like we are on I26. You folks are gonna get someone killed. Where are all the law enforcement officers? You could catch a speeder every 30 seconds if you were out there watching. This 4 lane does a whole lot of good with a town full of people who don't know how to drive it. Biggest waste of money I have ever seen in all my life. It has ruined the scenery thus far and continues to be a headache for everyone. I can't believe there are people here that actually think this is good for Burnsville. What a joke. 

Education Allowance in County Budget

 Once again the parents and children of our education system are thrown under the bus. $150.00 per classroom!! Get real!! As always the parents will get a ridiculous list from their child's teacher and the ones who can or will then supply their child and the ones who just don't care!! It happens every year and everyone who knows anything about our school system knows it. The parents who supply the listed items for their child are more than likely the ones who care enough to pay their county taxes too so they get shafted 2 times while the rest slide right on by. Oh well, that's seems to be the norm these days everywhere...a few of us carry the majority who don't care enough to try at all. THIS WAGON GETS HARDER AND HARDER TO PULL!! 

Town Brewery

As I sat and read about people in this county talk about starting up a beer brewery for a job. My question is ( WHY BEER BREWING) what are we to gain. With all the other things we have to choose from. I was ok and even voted or our county to be a wet county. People who drink are going to get it so why not keep the tax money and put bootleg out of Business. I ask! why we lost good paying job that we already had here? We had OMC a good paying job with good benefits. When the went out why did we tear down that BIG factory and not find a new business to replace them. what a total shame to see that building destroyed and Avondale. What a shame to waste such a good building where we could have had another company to buy it and bring us jobs. I see on TV A Plastics Company that has a new contract with Wal-Mart. Why not Plastics?I have experience in that field and so do others in this county. SO WHY IS IT ALL ABOUT BEER?? Will it put our farmers back in Business growing ingredients for the brewery?They have been put out of business for some time now. I would like to know what we have to gain from it , How many people will be employed? how much money will they be paid pre hour? will they have good benefits? such as paid health care or even affordable? paid life ins,?Paid vacations? paid sick time? retirment plan? for a Brewery Factory to be worth having a Business in our Blue Ridge Mountains to me it would have to be a job you just can't turn down. Even though I love it here if I had to leave from here to have a better future for my young that is what I would do. Go somewhere with a better job where people still put God first. I am starting to think people here have forgotten GOD. They think if they show up in church on Sundays everything is going to be alright between them and GOD. If people who say they are a Christain and are hiding behind the church doors and are going to agree to have our small piece of this earth the BIBLE BELT of our country,then shame on you. if you have the power to keep our county out of destruction and turn your back on GOD. I pray you get on your knees and ask GOD what this town needs and I am for sure it wont be a BREWERY. I Pray you make the right decision when this comes to a vote. I'm SURE And Have Faith GOD Has Other Plans For Our Home and for our people. there is to many other choices for us . Trust In GOD and you will never have to fear. He has always taken care of me. When I didnt know where the money was for the bills here HE come and made a way. He has never failed to keep me in what I need and give me enough to have some of what I wanted. Trust in him and ask for what we need and he will provide. My Prayers are with each and everone who has a say in this town and what we need to make a future for our youth, May GOD Be With You 

Jobs in Yancey County

 In reference to this post: I would also like to know how some county employees are allotted so much vacation time. 

I would like to know why all the county jobs have a lot of family members working at them. for instance the convince centers in Burnsville have several family members working at them I put in a application and found out it was threw away. I also talked to someone that put in application at 911 office and there application got threw away and they are family members that work there together. Patience park campground has several family members that work there together my only question is why are a lot of the county jobs never posted on the county web site and it seems that unless you are a family relative that is the only way you can get a job it is not equal employment opportunity. 

Response to Hickory Springs Speed Bumps

In response to South Toe If it wasn;t for the ones who don!t have lisence and druggies you would not need speed bumps.

I have tried and tried to get the state to put speed bumps by south toe elementary school we have seen people go so fast up and down that road they run off in people's yards and can't stop for school traffic because of the speed they are going if a child ever runs out in that road the speeder could not get stopped all parents and people in the community need to get together and let their voices be heard about something being done about the speeding on that road before something tragic happens


Response to Hickory Springs speed bumps. I travel that road twice a week and I agree. But if there could be anyway to remove the speed bumps I would. And apply them to the South Toe Elementary School Road. If your ever around this school at any time day or night, school hours you would be surprised at the people that squeal tireslay black marks and fly up and down the road. I bet if you had a child going to this school you would be happy to have those speed bumps on this road. Shame on the county for not even putting a speed limit or speed bumps on this road.

Do Unto Others

I was in a local restaurant Saturday evening when a bus load of about 25 young people came in all dressed up. Someone said it was a church group. Seemed like a nice group so I was quite disappointed when after they left it was discovered they only left a quarter for a tip. It seemed to me the waitress had done a good job, I know she continued to check back with our table even though she had that large crowd to attend to. So I am really unsure whether the young people's parents had not raised them to appreciate the hard work of others or if they missed that Bible passage on compassion and kindness but either way it was extremely rude. The waitress was aggravated and I would say hurt to be treated that way. The money, or lack of, wasn't really the problem but the people at my table noticed, as did another table of people there and we all tipped extra to help make up for it. I hope next time these young people are in church they will open their ears when they hear "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  

Appropriate Use of Volunteer Fire Dept. Equipment

I am a local volunteer fire department member. It is common for people to ask their local stations to fill their pool and usually they offer a donation to the department in exchange. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. The department the first post is probably referring to went by the proper protocol when asked to fill that pool. The home is actually only a few feet out of the district & heaven forbid if it did catch fire that particular district would respond also. The members who filled the pool asked permission from the chief first and he saw no problem with it. They checked the trucks out of service as they are suppose to & again they were just out of the district and close enough to be on hand if an emergency had come up. It may be a total different department but I just wanted to shed a little light on the subject.

I think that is pretty bad but not as bad as departments taking on members that are outside of their districts just to have a full roster to meet the states requirements. A few departments have members outside of the county filling up their roster. This is a waste of money (in my opinion) to pay someone's pension, buy gear etc. when they never respond to calls or participate in department events. I do not agree with a local department driving department vehicles (including engines, tankers and pumper/tanker apparatus) almost 10 miles one way, which is miles outside their district, everyday to get dinner. This is a waste of gas. When you have to pay your members to respond to calls, meetings etc. the sign on the building that says "volunteer" needs to be removed. If this is going on you should look at the administration and people in charge. Dont get me wrong we have some amazing volunteers in this county that go out of their way to help others, leaving their families, some times their jobs, changing their schedules, being late for planned activities all at a moments notice. Most have no ideal what a true volunteer gives up unless you are a part of their family. It only takes a few to abuse this job and destroy the departments reputation. 

I recently witnessed members of a local Volunteer Fire Dept. filling up a pool for someone who does not live in the fire district. I am just curious if this is adequate use of taxpayers' money. Is this a common occurrence among fire departments? I find this very concerning, especially when the individual does not even live in the Fire District.

Grass Medians

When is the Town of Burnsville going to do anything about the tall grass across from Subway on the four lane? Leaving the Glen Raven parking lot, when entering Main Street, it is impossible to see a vehicle turning off from the new four lane. Do we have to have a serious accident before anything is done?

What is the deal with the grass medians not being mowed in a timely fashion? Burnsville is a "tourist town, tourist town". It's all you hear. Well, if you want tourist to visit, at least let the new scenic four lane medians be cut and manicured. This is ridiculous. And, if no one can do a better job than the last time, hire a local farmer. Bush-hogs in hay fields don't leave the mess that the last person did when the medians were mowed. Try to cut the excessively tall grass this time at the red light turning onto main street across from Subway. That grass is so tall it's dangerous. The first sentence on the Yancey County Chamber of Commerce website states: "A sightseer’s paradise, Yancey County is filled with indescribable landscapes adorned by magnificent natural wonders." Well, a sightseer most likely will be on our new four lane at some point, so get the medians mowed. To visit the chamber website, go here: http://yanceychamber.com/. To see manicured grass medians, hopefully you can see that in Yancey county soon...

State Programs

 I have just heard that N.C.has programs to pay people to clear their land of trees and pay for fencing of land. With all the hype about global warming everyone screams,it doesn't seem N.C. would pay folks to help global warming by taking out all the trees.Maybe someone could chime in if that is true or not. That was just something I have heard, may or may not be true. If it is true it's a sad way to waste our tax dollars!!

Proposed Budget Threatens Habitat for Humanity Affiliates

Habitat is a wonderful organization serving a worthy cause. However my concern is that as our debt spirals out of control we have to draw lines and make cuts. I know everybody thinks their project is the most important one and wants the cuts made elsewhere. It seems to me that lots of organizations started as small charities and as they grow and get bigger soon enough they have to have paid staff and lots of workers. Then they need more funds and the next thing you know are getting government grants and now what was once a charity organization funded by people interested in the good work is now dependent upon government grants and the government is responsible for keeping it going. Maybe it is time for all these charities to go back to funding themselves then they don't have to worry about the government cutting funding. 

In 2016, Habitat for Humanity (HFH) affiliates across NC received more than $8.7M dollars in HOME funding, most of that via the NC Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) to provide zero-percent second mortgage financing to affiliates.
  This funding contributed directly to the construction of 222 new housing units.
HFH affiliates in NC received another $1.2M in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding that made possible the development of infrastructure on several projects across the state.
Under the budget currently proposed by President Trump, both sources of funding would be zeroed out, and Habitat affiliates in NC alone would be faced, in 2018, with the loss of as much as $10M in federal funding.  This funding is essential to Habitat’s home-building, primarily because every dollar of public funding generates and leverages nearly four dollars in private contributions from individuals, churches, corporations and foundations. 
Both sources of federal funds are critical to Habitat affiliates across the country.  “Their elimination will lead directly to the loss of homeownership opportunities for very low-income North Carolinians” who depend on Habitat and these funds for the few options they have now,” according to Greg Kirkpatrick, president and executive director of HFH of NC.  “The affordable housing crisis in most of NC will grow ever worse, and, without new sources of funding, that continuing affordability crisis will result in a further eroding of the quality of housing stock in the state.  Families already on the margins will be hurt. 
In Mitchell-Yancey counties, Habitat has built 21 homes since 1992 and two more homes are planned in 2017-18.  These funding sources provide Habitat a $35,000 LOAN not GRANT for each home built.  Homeowners make monthly mortgage payments to Habitat and Habitat makes a monthly payment to NCHFA to repay this LOAN.
This loss of federal housing investment in our local Habitat and North Carolina communities will be devastating.  Samuel Gunter, director of policy and advocacy at the NC Housing Coalition adds that he can’t overstate his concern.  “We will see fewer affordable housing units and more folks spending an increasing percentage of their limited incomes on food.  Rent always eats first.  The loss of these programs would have a cascading negative effect on a family’s health, on their ability to build wealth over time, and on their access to opportunity.”
Mitchell-Yancey Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors

Fairground Apartments

To the person who wrote about fairground apt I agree lived here a good while it has gone down hill no places to park trash everywhere people who don't work nothing wrong with them noisy neighbors loud motorcycles going fast through the neighborhood magement don't seem to care 

 Live in fairground apt a while starting to go down hill no parking trash everywhere people that don't work nothing wrong with them drugs selling drugs Tenn tags living here over 6 months noisy here people driving fast on motorcycles bad place to live now 


Why???can we not have a notice when town water SP has a water boil ?? Not everyone has time to go on computer or listen to wtoe?? Dont you know what a robo call is??

Town Center Brewery

as for us needing a Brewery in our country that is the last thing for our grandchildren's future then I pray we will be able to leave this country. you know so many people in this town are all about their self, never thinking about one day you won't matter anymore except what you stand for and what we leave our loved child /grandchild to live in when we had the best days and times to have born and raised. we didn't need a brewery to make a living. My father was a carpenter/ and a block/ stone Maison and we ate what we grew and we knew it was clean and pure good for our health. I have sat and thought of what do we need to leave behind. We that were born and breed in theses Mountains know what a special place to be born and raised close to the heavens. we also know there was a day that nearly everyone in this country was out working unless you were an infant. we didn't have a brewery or a soda industry. only a plant or two, but we always had everthing we needed and some of what wanted, We worked as a family in the garden for our food and grown tobacco to make a little extra money for us big family of 12 children and 14 counting the parents to have a loving Christmas with not many boxes under the tree for us . We would get 1 or 2 new things each year and we were so happy as if we had everthing in the world. And come to find out as I got older that I would love to go back to those days with my grandchildren. We had respect for our parents , we loved each other and happy to be running through the woods , swinging on a grape vine , playing in the creek water . we never stayed indoors unless it was to cold or it was time for supper with the whole familey. not one in their bedroom eating and one in the family room watching watching TV. not at the home of the family that was very blessed. I feel for our young today. No respect , do what they want , talk back to their parents , they rule todays parents. They nare in no way to blame . A child only knowes what they are tought. We need not a brewery instead a town, county that have our young in our best intrest. if we dont get something in this county for our youth then they dont have much of a start and lessions on how to surive in this would today. we need places for them to go hang out with people of their own age and not sitting on our town square dinking beer right there in the face of our law inforcement. All they have in this once a place where you were blessed to be born in sush a small peise of God's creation. WE need Jobs we need new business places for everone no matter the age to go to have fun with friends , something to do rather than drink beer a other sprits and lets the worse DRUGS. People dont seem to understand that bordem will push our youth that is sitting on the squaer of our town are also are more likely are using drug's and then we send them off o rehabe while we the elders are out brewing beer for them to go but and brag about their parents making the one thing thay have to do in the town they live. we may as well go buy it for them and wait for that deradful day when the phone rings and it is your child this time, Leaving town squera drunk and run off the road or even take anoyher life that will cause them to do drugs if they live so looking at the bigger picture I love this place i have lived all my life . Im 52 and I have had a burden for our youth . Yhey deserve to be happy and places to go and not have to drive 80 miles to do something. If i had the money as a lot of people here and our seasional homeowners have I could open a business for all age groups expecily the youth in hopes that I made a diffrence in their life and they wont have to work in a place its almost certian they will becone an addicted to our mountain hom brew beer and any drud they seek. I mean really is your imegition no bigger tand a mug of brew a suckie job cause their is no where to go for work. And you know what ? I love the second handed clothing stores . some of us mountain folk has enough seince not to pay for a pair of jeans just to say i got them at the mall that someone who had money to burn paid 100 bucks for them wore them for a year maby and I went into the consignment store and got for 5.00 to 10.00 bucks. that is useing the brain our creatior gave us . 

But at least we're enjoying the ride


Since the town council seems intent on polluting our county with alcohol perhaps it is time for those in the county who oppose it to boycott the town center until such time as they reverse their decision to lease to the brewery.

What Bible are these people reading exactly? Alcoholic beverages appear in the Bible, both in usage and in poetic expression. The Bible considers it a blessing from God that brings merriment. Alcohol was also used for medicinal purposes in biblical times, and it appears in that context in several passages as an oral anesthetic, a topical cleanser and soother, and a digestive aid. Most of these negative posts must be from ignorant, sheltered people that don't want to see Burnsville grow. Get to get a life!

We have nothing for our grand kids unless they have a certain last name,we had chance for lowes and a wallmart in town but no certain people kept that from happening. IIts clear unless you have a certain last name or born with a silver spoon in your mouth your nothing in this town.As far as the brewery it's a local person but here goes the bible thumpers again.Yancey county has been wet for many years(home made hooch) so what's the problem.,wine was mentioned many times in the bible.

The BURNSVILLE TOWN CENTER leased to a brewery....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! The mayor and town council members that voted for this should be "RAN OUTTA TOWN ON A RAIL".

Well just one more move to prove that Burnsville is on a fast trip to hell in a hand basket. The town center would have been a great place for local private use but now it will be just another tool for the devil! Thank you Shannon Peterson and Ruth Banks for still having a sense of morality in this world that is headed for a judgement that will be so sad. What is our county going to have for our children and grandchildren to be proud of? A brewery?? I think not!! God help us.