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Heck people this day and age you can't tell if someone is talking about their children or their dogs. DO YOU LET THOSE DOGS LICK YOU IN THE FACE AFTER THEY LICK EACH OTHER'S BUTTHOLE. OR EAT POOP. THEY ARE DOGS PEOPLE. And if you ride around with them in your vehicle and YOU LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS YOU SAY YOU DO THEN PUT A SEAT BELT ON THEM, AFTER ALL YOU DO TREAT THEM LIKE FAMILY. RIGHT. Now while we are at it. Everyone let's not forget about the horses, donkey and goats and sheep and cows and all the other animals that have been outside for what since the beginning of time. Let's go ahead and bring them on in to the house. And how many people are homeless in Asheville, North Carolina, United States. Or how many children are going hungry right this second on yourstreet have you ever thought about that.

Red Lights Throughout the County

Why don't they set the re lights to flash caution lights during the light night and very early morning hours when the traffic volume is low. . Seems to be that would be easy and solve a lot of issues.

Does anyone know who to contact about the red lights being on timers instead of on a counting system ? I work night shift and every night I get stopped and held for no reason. Never a car waiting or one even in sight through the whole light cycle. This is crazy especially when the road is in a bad condition. Last night, for instance, I get to the lights both at Bolens Creek intersection and at Glen Raven/Green Mountain. It changes for no reason with the roads a bsll of ice. Im going 10 mph, hit my brakes and I slide all the way through the light. This is crazy ! Why not put them on a counting system like others do and keep the bypass and 19E open to flow unless cars are needing out of the side roads. Also this angers drivers and make them do stupid things. In the past 2 weeks I have been passed on double yellow lines, in curves and red lights, once while a tractor trailer was coming in the opposite direction. I obey the speed limit due to I can not afford a ticket and have too much to live for. This would also help emergency personnel also, both volunteer and paid. I have witnessed several times volunteers with the fire departments and Rescue Squad sit and wait, with emergency lights and red lights flashing, for the lights to cycle through to get to a call. Anyone with information who to contact about this would be greatly appreciated.


I've noticed that the road that seems to be forgotten is one of the most used intersections in Burnsville, Westover, right beside the Verizon store. This road is constantly torn up, the intersection is the only one that's not been touched in over six months. I hate driving across that gap. I take pity on the people who live up there and have to drive it all the time. And since it snowed I believe its the worst road in town. Do they not scrape all of the roads? I was interested in how bad it was all the way up- that entire neighborhood has been neglected. What has melted off shows a patched pavement with holes all in it. It's a solid sheet of ice. Who is left to take care of this road? The parking lots in town are better than these roads. It's pathetic. I'm sorry to those who live on Westover and surrounding streets. You are not forgotten.

Garden Deli Tree

It is such a shame to see the landmark willow tree at the Garden Deli in the picture on the homepage. While it certainly did damage falling, it could have been a whole lot worse. Thank God nobody was hurt.

Cold Weather

Extreme cold coming to our area. Please make sure your elderly and hospice people are taken care of. Also please make sure your pets and livestock are safe . Dogs and cats can suffer very quickly in frigid temps.

Better Parking

need better fairgrounnd apt live in d -section 2 parking spaces for each have people with four cars parking in everyones parking spots also have cars with tenn plates that have lived here a year

Out On A Chain

I am not referring to ALL dogs on chains. I know that most hunting dogs are well taking care of. However, there are plenty of dogs out here that aren't . At least hunting dogs get exercise. Some dogs are doomed to live day in and day out on a chain. Why not build an kennel? Why have a dog in the first place? At least you built a nice house for yours as opposed to a cold plastic blue barrel.
To the person who made the "Chain" comment, sometimes it's necessary to chain a dog for their safety. We have a hunting dog that has to be chained up because if he's not, guess what, he's gone and will not come back home. He does have a nice yard, a insulated dog house which is hand built and more love and food then you could ever imagine. So if this offends you then I'm sorry. I'd rather keep my dog home and loved then running off and getting killed or injured and never to be found.

Hey, hey i see you there. I see the lights on in the house . I see the smoke rising from the chimney. I hear the laughter of my humans' voices. It looks awfully cozy and warm in there. Sure wish you would let me in . I would prove to you what a good dog i am. Yes, Yes... i do have fur, but when it's so cold it is hard to stay warm. Thank you for the house you provided for me. it gives me a little protection from the wind and cold. Could you please make sure and check my water in the morning? it always freezes overnight and i must have fresh water and food to survive. I wish i could say i was content on the end of this chain. I am grateful you feed me and mumble hello when doing so. I wish i was more than a lawn ornament to you. I can be a great protector of the family IF i am in the house. On the end of a chain , there is not a lot i can do. Did you know that as a dog my very nature is about sniffing and exploring? you know how you like to get on Facebook... well , me snifffing in the woods, going on walks , socializing with my humans, eating the occasional deer poop is my facebook? Again. thank you for the little attention you do give me. Your humble lawn ornament.... your chained dog.

Random Drug Testing for Teachers

Since most of the working public have to be drug tested at some point in their working career, why aren't teachers held to this same standard? One would think that teachers would be held to a higher standard than most since they often promote the D.A.R.E program and other drug abuse resistance programs. Why can't we be ensured that our children aren't under the influence of some drug abusing teachers?

Stand Up Against Terrorism

Having nothing to do with politics this is just a comment as an American. Today I am ashamed of our President and top officials. How they could make the decision not to go and stand in unity with 40 some other leaders from countries around the world  for freedom and against Islamic terrorism is something I will never understand. I don't know if these people don't understand the threat or just don't care. Is our President so caught up in Beyonce and Jay-Z, like alot of other Americans only paying attention to such things as "Golden Globes" or does he not believe its Islamic terrorisim?  Call it what it is. If Christians start mass murdering people or beheading them or blowing them up then it will be Christian terrorism. Right now it is Islamic terrorism. And we ALL had better wake up. And certainly our leaders need to wake up and STAND up. 


I fully agree that the protesting that we are seeing is way out of line. In my opinion it is being used as an excuse to break the law even more. What has killing innocent officers, breaking store windows, stealing and setting fires have to do with getting justice for anyone? When it comes to law enforcement they are to do exactly what their job title says, ENFORCE THE LAW! If your breaking the law, then color, gender nor age should be taken into consideration, you should get what due punishment you deserve. In their line of work they have to be ready to defend themselves and others, whatever the means, if they feel threatened. They are trained to have good judgment, and to be able to assess situations very quickly. If we take away any of the rights of our officers, then we are just asking to start burying the very ones that are giving their time to protect us. I appreciate so much, everyone of our officers. Our State Troopers, Sheriff Dept, and Town Police all do a great job. If we want our society to do and be better then it is our responsibility as citizens to each do our equal part. Where our country is going wrong is by taking God out of our country. Seems like every week I hear of somewhere else that God is being taken out of, schools, hospitals, work places, and most of all our homes. This country was founded on God and his precious Word. Looking down through history it seems that as He is gradually getting pushed out, our country is gradually getting worse. I have children and if time lasts I honestly fear for them and their future. The Godly training that once was encouraged by our schools and parents is now being oppressed by the government. I say shame on us for letting it happen. If the people that are wasting all this time protesting and causing more trouble would take the same amount of time praying for our country and teaching their children that God is the answer,instead of killing innocent people and committing more crimes, then we could start seeing a positive change. We need to go back to the times of "IN GOD WE TRUST".

Breaking the law has nothing to do with the color of your skin. I don't care what color someone is if they break the law they should be arrested. If you want to protest find an incident that is justifable. Protesting over someone being arrested when they are breaking the law is ridiculous.We should be thankful for our law enforcement.  

Dog That Was Shot

Hate it for the dog , but the owner should have had the dog on his property , about a year ago a neighbors dog came into my yard and started to attack me , on my own property , I jumped into the back of my truck , and this dog was large enough to come after me , I had 3 kids in the front yard what would I have done on my own land

Good people take good care of their animals, but the wicked know only how to be cruel. Proverbs 12:10 Why am I quoting this verse? Because my dog found one of his own today stuck on a branch in the river. A dead beagle. Where is the compassion? Compassion for the animal, the family looking for it, my family who had to deal with it on Christmas Eve, at the very least the townspeople who get their water from this river.....

I feel for the man that was charged for shooting the dog. He was on family property in a tree stand that some one had taken the time to put up on his time off work.Probably sat there for hours ,good time to see a deer. Here comes a dog scareing off every thing.Yes a little upset owners need to keep animals on their property.

Its a shame and disgrace that we live in a time where people would want someone charged with a felony crime for shooting a dog and then stand idly by, with no problem whatsoever, while countless babies are murdered every day under the name of "choice" and nothing is done to stop it. Its pitiful that people think more of an animal than they do a human being these days.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog getting shot. I hope they charge him with a felony. This goes on way to often and nothing is ever done. Maybe if they do actually charge him it may send a message to others to leave people's pets alone!

Wonderful Christmas Play

Higgins FWB church on Cane River put on a wonderful Christmas playon Sunday night. It is wonderful to see a church with so many children, teenagers and young adults who give of their time to practice and perform these plays every year. Thanks to the adult who guide them through it and teach them the true meaning of CHRISTmas all through the year. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Merry Christmas.