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Weekly Bike Night

Yet again, Wednesday night is Bike Night. Why is this allowed to happen every week? This unwanted music is in the middle of town, which disrupts more then just one person. It's nice to see that alcohol takes precedence over Burnsville's citizens.

Memorial Day

Its a shame that our Yancey County School System decided to have school on Memorial Day.....Why? Who is in charge of making these decisions?

Left Turn on Micaville Loop

 To anyone who uses Micaville loop in the mornings why don't you use the Burnsville side to go toward Burnsville,When you go to the Spruce Pine end to make a left turn you cause a traffic jam every morning,after 3 or 4 of you get hurt there by pulling out in front of a car you'll get where I'm coming from.Its simple if your going toward Burnsville use the Burnsville side and if your going to Spruce Pine use the Spruce Pine side!I hope and pray that when the 4 lane is complete a no left turn is put in place on the Spruce Pine side.

Reorganize Burnsville American Legion

If anyone is interested in reorganizing the Burnsville American Legion Post 122 please contact Tom Surber at  twsurber@yahoo.com or call at 284-4642.

Noise in Burnsville Town Limits

Why are permits issued excessive noise up until 10pm during the week? Do they not understand most people have families and children that are trying to sleep before 10 pm? It seems like we are living in the middle of a bar, not a nice family friendly neighborhood.

Shooting at Shelter

 i volunteer at the shelter sometimes. This lunatic needs to be locked up. Shooting at the shelter while people are in the parking lot should be an attempted murder charge. What if he fired and hit someone in the head and killed them, or caused serious bodily injury? not to mention the scaring of the shelter animals! i will be up there on Saturday to volunteer, hope this guy is behind bars!! 


Do we really need a President that "tweets"?

Construction Notes

I know we need to all be patient about the road but really there is no excuse for the condition the road has been left in at Rocky Springs Heights. That bump is terrible. Come'on guys go straighten out that mess!

For what it is worth...they are working at night, at least they did at midnight last Friday night when I was coming through, and had to stop and wait while they had the road blocked.
It doesn't help much when you are stuck in all the traffic but take a moment and say a prayer for all the road crew that have to stand in the hot sun all day. It's not an easy job. 
how much more destruction of the road from jacks creek to Micaville are we going to have to endure?
the holes have holes and the sections that they have cut up and repaved are sinking lower and lower.
I have noticed that they have the median grassed and ready to divide, but divide what is the question.
the bypass looks like an obstacle course or an agility course, its ridiculous to say the least.


Noise Ordinance

 In response to the comment of having a noise ordinance, we understand that there is a noise ordinance in Yancey County and Burnsville, but the "powers" that be choose not to enforce it.

Why don't yancey county have a noise ordinance? Anyone else feel we could use one?

Living at Fairground

 living at fairground st apt used to be good place to live now we have noisy people loud music cars parked everywhere blocking you in can't get out for work cars with out of state tags living here people staying all night thought the cops watched this place

Trashy 19W and Bald Mountain

 i don't understand how after the garbage was just cleaned up on 19 W , people are right back at trashing it again. It's disgusting! And Bald Mountain is starting to look like a ghetto. Please have some respect and keep YOUR garbage in YOUR vehicle! There is no good reason for you to dump it out on the roads, except laziness and selfishness. AND by the way it is ILLEGAL!

Out of State Tags

 whats up with all of the tenn tags living in fairground st apartments and all the people taking all of the parking spaces when you leave no pace tp park

Tax Van

I saw an odd thing the other day. It was a van that had Yancey county tax office on the side, with a Missouri license plate on it. What's up with that? Just wondering. Do we need people from out of state to come do the tax offices job?

Alcohol Sales in Burnsville

It is amazing to me that Burnsville with all its beer and alcohol tax money cannot pave their main passway. What a joke. We still do not have our new swimming pool we were promised. The clock on the courthouse still does not work. No, there are no streets of gold. It must have been a scam. I continue to see young men go into Ingles and purchase beer and wine and sell it to even younger men in the parking lot. The sheriff has been told. So much for putting the bootleggers out of business. Are we better off or worse off. I think it is time for the whole county to vote on the alcohol issue. What do you think?

Trees removed at the Parkway Playhouse

All of the subjects that you've mentioned are great, don't get me wrong it's just that the trees were cut down to save the "future" of these history landmarks for our county and it's been blew into a huge issue. The trees are gone, their not coming back and there's nothing that I nor you can do to change that. Focus on more important things and enjoy the beautiful view from the Parkway Playhouse now. None of this was possible until the trees came down. I myself think the county has done a great job and proud to say so. Thank you!

Why is it that every time someone cares about something whether it is animal abuse or saving a tree someone has to talk about how doesn't matter because someone else is hungry etc. Are we not capable of caring about more than one issue? Yes I care about people needing food, heat, medications and about abortion too but I also care and would like to be able to express it about animal abuse and the environment. As far as the trees at the Playhouse I don't know if they were dangerous or not but I just wish people would let people say how they feel about issues without always being ridiculed for caring about others things besides starvation.

Here we go again, worrying about a tree!!! The tress are beautiful, that's no lie, but when they become so big and a danger to the people around them on a daily basis, it needs to be addressed. Also, there is more room to park for people to use the Mtn. Heritage Ctr. and the Parkway Playhouse too. This is far more important then worrying about trees being cut down. We have people in the county whom are hungry, need heat and help with their meds. And there's more worry on a tree then actually helping out someone. Focus your life in these causes and let's see how that goes. If you want to see trees, might I add you can cruise the Parkway when they are in bloom!!

The cars and the buildings are all insured and repairable; the trees are lost forever. How did this destruction happen without some input from the public? Burnsville needs a tree ordinance and public officials with an ethic of historic preservation. I often read comments on this venue how "outsiders" are changing the town, but it seems that the locals don't want to protect it.

The huge trees at the Parkway Playhouse and the Mtn. Heritage Center needed to come down. There's no parking hardly, safety is the biggest issue. Tree limbs have fell down in the past and landed on cars there. Someone could have gotten hurt as well. The trees have damaged the building by stopping up the gutters and were over the building to. Yes, they were beautiful trees, but, the buildings are more important because lots of money has went into the buildings to make them look great! Lots of time and love have went into both of these county landmarks and I'm glad their down so that many people in the future can enjoy the buildings and stay safe. Thank you!

It's heartbreaking to see the magnificent healthy oak trees at the Playhouse and the Heritage Center removed. That area will never look the same in our lifetime. This is a huge loss to the community of Burnsville. The shame is on all of us for not protecting our heritage and our town.


Heck people this day and age you can't tell if someone is talking about their children or their dogs. DO YOU LET THOSE DOGS LICK YOU IN THE FACE AFTER THEY LICK EACH OTHER'S BUTTHOLE. OR EAT POOP. THEY ARE DOGS PEOPLE. And if you ride around with them in your vehicle and YOU LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS YOU SAY YOU DO THEN PUT A SEAT BELT ON THEM, AFTER ALL YOU DO TREAT THEM LIKE FAMILY. RIGHT. Now while we are at it. Everyone let's not forget about the horses, donkey and goats and sheep and cows and all the other animals that have been outside for what since the beginning of time. Let's go ahead and bring them on in to the house. And how many people are homeless in Asheville, North Carolina, United States. Or how many children are going hungry right this second on yourstreet have you ever thought about that.


I think Westover is a Town of Burnsville Street. The Town is responsible for maintaining it. I am sure they have a hard time repaving all of the roads. If everyone wanted that then their taxes would have to go up. Have you priced paving a driveway lately? It is outrageous!

I've noticed that the road that seems to be forgotten is one of the most used intersections in Burnsville, Westover, right beside the Verizon store. This road is constantly torn up, the intersection is the only one that's not been touched in over six months. I hate driving across that gap. I take pity on the people who live up there and have to drive it all the time. And since it snowed I believe its the worst road in town. Do they not scrape all of the roads? I was interested in how bad it was all the way up- that entire neighborhood has been neglected. What has melted off shows a patched pavement with holes all in it. It's a solid sheet of ice. Who is left to take care of this road? The parking lots in town are better than these roads. It's pathetic. I'm sorry to those who live on Westover and surrounding streets. You are not forgotten.

Better Parking

need better fairgrounnd apt live in d -section 2 parking spaces for each have people with four cars parking in everyones parking spots also have cars with tenn plates that have lived here a year

Wonderful Christmas Play

Higgins FWB church on Cane River put on a wonderful Christmas playon Sunday night. It is wonderful to see a church with so many children, teenagers and young adults who give of their time to practice and perform these plays every year. Thanks to the adult who guide them through it and teach them the true meaning of CHRISTmas all through the year. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Merry Christmas.