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The President,Congress,Senate passed a tax cut.In Mitchell county I received my reevaluation taxes this year and noticed it is up from previous year.Now I have to pay more taxes.The Republicans used to say "all the Liberals want to do is raise your taxes"We have five commissioners here of all five of them which are the Liberals?My opinion,we have Republicans that vote Liberal and raise taxes.Now I want to talk about the beer,wine,liquor and all these taxes in Mitchell county when it was voted in and told the people about fine restaurants coming-has anyone seen any fine restaurants,etc brought in-only thing I saw was McDonald's remodeled-Bogangles left-just exactly what have these five commissioners done over the years?Just what exactly what do they get paid by the taxpayers monthly?The only thing I have seen they have done is raised our taxes.

No Candidate Competition

Ok, after seeing some of the posts yesterday on Facebook, I would like to ask a general question. It is neither democrat or republican oriented in nature, so I don't think it should offend either parties. What is the point of campaigning and spending thousands of dollars for an elected position, if you are running unopposed? If you have no one to run against you, that pretty much means that you are a sure winner of the election, doesn't it? growing up in a competitive community, there was always the winners and there was always the losers. either one on one or team against team, it was a competition, in a sense. if you have no competition, how does an elected official claim to win an election? I must be missing something when it comes to understanding politics.  Just a thought!!!

County Daycare

Why is it that when I have been at the courthouse, there are sometimes children in the public offices, behind the counters? are our tax dollars now  funding daycare services for the county  employees kids? I have to pay for my kids afterschool daycare, why are we paying it for our county employees?

An Open Letter to Yancey County Churches

It is a shame the Yancey Senior Center does not get more support from the county and the churches in the county.A lot of churches send money to other countries, when senior citizens in yancey county are going without food. All these young people who are o drugs and who will not work get food stamps and Medicaid with no trouble. Put these young people to work and help the senior citizens. All churches lets see many of are willing to help the seniors in the county, remember every one will be seniors one day and believe me it is not the golden years you hear so much about. 

For over 40 years, the Yancey County Committee on Aging and the Yancey County Senior Center has been your silent partner ministering to one of our County’s most vulnerable populations, our senior adults.  Our mission statement indicates that the primary focus of our ministry will be the over 60 years of age population of our County.  We fulfill this ministry each and every day by accomplishing the following:
  1. Meals on wheels ( delivered to 75 individual each day)
  2. Providing a face to face contact through our meals on wheels program with many individuals who might not see another individual at all during the day.  This provides both social interactions for these seniors as well as a wellness check on them.
  3. Providing nutritious meals to over 78 individuals at our new facility located at 503 Medical Campus Drive, Burnsville.      
  4. Providing educational classes by qualified professionals on subjects that aid and assist our seniors.
  5. Providing exercise classes that strengthen the physical well being of our seniors.
  6. Provide supplemental food items acquired from Manna Food Bank in order to supplement our senior’s food budget and aid them in having a balanced diet.
  7. Painting and various crafts classes.
  8. Weekly Bible study and devotionals.
  9. By providing no cost transportation for seniors who desire to attend the meal at the Senior Center
Unfortunately, decreased funding over the last five (5) years has resulted in our Senior Center being unable to continue the current pace of operations without some additional sources of income.  The increased cost of raw food, electricity and other basic supplies have only increased the demands on our limited budget.   Currently we are searching for grants that we may qualify for and are attempting to raise funding in different ways.   We have and continue to search for ways to cut our expenses as much as we can without cutting our service to our seniors.
We would like to ask your church to consider providing a continuing contribution to our senior center by a monthly amount in your church budget.  If only 40 churches would donate $50.00 per month that would allow us to continue our ministry to our seniors.  If your church cannot do that, perhaps you would consider a love offering for us several times a year.
If you have any questions please call Vivian Hollifield at 682-6011 or if you desire arrangements could be made for a speaker to come and share with your congregation about our senior center, our ministry our needs and how your church could help us.

Tax Reform

A little more information on tax reform / wealthy ... The top earners / wealthy already pay 43% payroll , middle class pay 25% poor pays 13% or none .. why is it that I hear so many ranting and raving about the wealthy should pay more in taxes !?! Just because have more money does not mean it is fair that they keep you up or pay your way ! It's earned ,so it's theirs , you can not rob Peter to pay Paul ! 

https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/09/27/orrin-hatch-huge-win-middle-class-editorials-debates/106059264/https://www.cbsnews.com/news/most-back-tax-cut-for-middle-class-tax-increase-on-wealthy-and-corporations/ To the person writing about tax reform ,need to get you're facts straight . Also use a little common sense here . Who do you think puts more back into the economy ? Employment ? Invest ? Charities ? Who do you think helps build small businesses financially ? That's right ,the big corporations !!the wealthy !! By the way , Obama had nothing to do with this past years job gain report as it was president trump that done away with Obama's regulations stranglehold the first month in office , therefore companies were able to hire more people . Many companies are coming back to the states now due to GOP tax reform ! People's paychecks have a little more money as well ! One has to be blind ,deaf or dumb as a box of rocks not to see Obama devastation to our country . I'm thank God he is out !! Keep watching the news by the way , he is in TROUBLE !

Tax cuts for the wealthy, is the republican way of giving welfare to the rich. The corporations in the United States have more money on their balance sheets than ever before, employment at near full employment (thanks Obama) why do they think corporations need 14% tax cut? That is a permanent tax cut and you and I get a few pennies on the dollar for two years! Who do you think is going to pick up the tab on that missing tax money? Little hint, Mitchell county lost industrial jobs companies left, along with the tax revenue. Where can you see our local government putting in plans to draw new industry into the area? So what happens, You and I are left to fit the bill, through outrageous property taxes or cut services that we need . WAKE UP! And when it starts to Trickle down, call me

Prevent Pneumonia

Do you believe everything manufacturers list in ingredients?I-by my research it contains toxins-Did I say what it contained-NO-you need to do more research-do a Bing or Google search on the dangers of these vaccines.If the doctor or Big Pharma tells you to go jump off a bridge and you will be fine-are you going to do it?Can you absolutely guarantee that this shot prevents pneumonia and it won't kill me or these vaccines prevent the Flu,ETC?My opinion is,the risk of vaccines is greater than the benefit.

We have researched both pneumonia vaccines. Vaccine manufacturers are required by law to list all ingredients. These vaccines DO NOT contain either mercury or thimerosal. 

In response to the pneumonia shots-I don't go and get shots just because someone says to or a reduced price.Do research on what these shots and vaccines contain.Of course your doctor recommends them-my opinion is-he is in with big pharma and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.Do research before you get these shots and vaccinations. 


Get your pneumonia shots! There are 2 important shots to prevent many of the most deadly strains of pneumonia. One is Pneumovax and the other is Prevnar 13. Medicare pays the full cost. Pharmacies like Walmart give these shots at reduced prices. Many health insurance co's pay for them. Preventive medicine is the best! Ask your Dr.


Explain how president trump and conservatives are destroying democracy !?!

Why does WKYK print people's opinions and bashing Liberals but when I write in facts against Conservatives, they don't print it. This is a Democracy and it's people like employees at WKYK who are extremely biased, Donald tRump, his supporters and many members of the Republican Congress that are trying to ruin our democracy. Congratulations, you all are about to succeed. 

Editor's Note: Opinions must meet above listed guidelines to be posted. 

Wind Turbines

 Why is there not a wind farm on the top of our stripped mtns? They are the perfect place for making cheaper electricity. Duke would never allow that to happen would they?

Web of Deception?

oh what a wonderful web of deception our local government can weave. I have been to my share of commissioners meetings and have seen how the wheels of government are greased, and it is amazing how money can be shuffled around and played with. when a hammer that costs $10 dollars is billed for $200, a toilet seat that costs $35 is billed for $500 etc..... what do you think goes with the remainder of monies that are not used for what they were granted for?  if you cant put 2+2 together and see how our money is being used, then you are as guilty as the ones taking advantage of usor better yet come to the monthly meetings and ask them yourself

Inside City Limits

Seriously ?!? You couldn't believe your eyes because there were a horse in town !? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this IS a country southern town . you may see cows , goats , sheep or any other farm animal ! I love our farms and their animals ! 

I recall several months back about the town not allowing chickens and roosters, but what are the rules about equine within city limits? I couldn't believe what my eyes saw this Sunday afternoon January 14 2018

Say It Ain't So Dolly

 Its way past time people that get offense at every thing ( liberals ) pull up your adult panties and learn HISTORY !! 


And now Dolly Parton has announced she will no longer call her horse show the Dixie Stampede, it will be Dolly Parton's Stampede. So now the word "Dixie" is offensive to liberals?I hate to see Dolly fold to this far out thinking that says everything southern is racist. I bet she will also drop the "north/south" part of the show because heaven forbid if the south were to win! I am born and raised in the south but hear this liberals "I'm not racist". I have grown up in a mixed culture and have friends who have interracial marriages. We are all people and that is how we look at it. Stop trying to blame people who were not alive during slavery for all of its wrongs. We didn't do it. But equating a word like Dixie, which is just a word meaning the South with slavery is just ignorant. (what in the world will the "Dixie Chicks" do? knowing them they will stampede to change their name too). As for all those who feel the need to march against slavery, racism, whatever you want to call it, how about you march against slavery and child trafficking that is happening today, in real time in large numbers in our state and around the world. If you are serious about "slavery" then that should be your concern, not the word "Dixie".


 To who made the opinion about the community and the grant money. I am so glad to see that someone else wonders the same thing about all the grant money our towns have been receiving ...and still yet they hold fundraisers for the very things that I have been under the impression that was what they were intended to be for What's happening with all the hundreds of thousands of dollars now? Something just isn't adding up and if they are going to announce to the news about these grants they are being awarded then they may wanna start doing some work.. Those who are actually paying attention seem to be noticing that the money they are so proud to be receiving "for the town" is not doing much at all to improve the town ...still seems the same to me! 

Yancey County and Burnsville are great places to live and visit, but why are they awarded for doing great things when there are obvious misuse of federal and/or state grants for the improvement of the county? There are projects that have been completed where the original blueprints were changed during construction that saved at least 1/4 of the budget. Where was the money spent? Why weren't property owners compensated by the county for not living up to their end of a contract? If someone has some insight on how they can get away with not spending grant money they way they originally intended, please let me know.

Bad Landlord

Let's talk about your duties as a landlord especially when your tenants are on HUD. You allow children to go over a week without water, don't return calls and never come to look at the problem? And because your a business man in this small town you think it's okay. Well I am a concerned neighbor and tax payer sir. Don't flaunt yourself as a good man or Christian when you display this behavior. It is uncalled for your tenants floors are flooded and you haven't even returned her calls or came by. It's easy call someone to come fix it. Think about it a family with children, no showers, no running water at all, no ability to wash, cook or clean properly? Now tell me why the HUD office hasn't done anything about this yet? Oh yea small town politics. Peoples health are at risk it's time to wake up Spruce Pine.

A Highway Patrolman or a Highway Nazi

 A Highway Patrolman or a Highway Nazi? On January 5, 2018, a highway patrolman by the name of S.K. Scharf pulled me over in the parking lot of Pine Hill Auto Parts in Newdale. As I got out of my truck at my business, he shouted on the loudspeaker, “Get back into the vehicle now! Get back into the vehicle now!”. Then he arrogantly tried to interrogate me. My wife, who is a witness, thought he was going to possibly shoot me. Now backing up to the beginning, I was driving along with several cars behind me when I saw a marked highway patrol car sitting on the side of the highway facing Burnsville, on the Spruce Pine side of the river bridge. By the time I drove out of sight, I saw in my rear view mirror that the patrol car still had not pulled out. By the time I pulled into the parking lot at Pine Hill, the patrolman was right on me. I had been driving the speed limit so by my estimation, for this patrolman to have closed the distance so fast, he would have had to have been going at an extremely high rate of speed of over 80 mph while passing several cars in a construction zone. (You know even if I was a criminal, it was not like I was going to get far in my big old ton and a half box truck.) And he did all of this to only accuse me of not wearing a seatbelt! This patrolman endangered and could have killed several people with his reckless behavior and should be fired. He is not cut from the same cloth that our fine local sheriff and sheriff deputies are. Instead, this patrolman would have fit in well with Hitler’s Nazi Gestapo.

Anthony Robinson 

Dear Mr Gun Violence

Mr Gun violance, first of all you have nothing to do!!! Ive had guns since I was 10 yrs old, There has not been one single gun got up and shot or fired it self at any thing or any one,Plus with out America not having gun rights you would probably be in a camp working for Hitler,or one of the other ignorant leaders from a foriegn country so sit down with your Bible read it and thank god every day for Military, Police and Law abbiding citizens OR YOU COULD JUST MOVE,LIKE North Korea, Iran,Iraq THERES A FEW PLACES FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Everything There is a Season...Even Leggings

I agree with the writer about the leggings. Leggings are meant to be worn underneath LONG tops. You might as well be wearing pantyhose as the leggings. The hind end needs to be covered. In my opinion even younger people in leggings need to be covered. 

How can you quote the bible and yet publicly criticize and JUDGE a person you do not know? It constantly amazes me the people who claim to be Christian and then act in a completely contradictory manner. It is absolutely fine for you to have your opinion. That is your right. But to publish your judgement on a public forum and quote the bible in the same article is completely hypocritical! I am not a Christian, but I have read the teachings of Christ and believe very much in his message of kindness and love. In fact I am a pagan and do not even believe in god. However, I think I act much more like a Christian than a person who preaches bible quotes and violates the teachings of Christ in one paragraph. 

I read what folks said about them leggins had to ask my doughter what they was. she said they was them reel tite stocking britches that look nasty. I saw some in town don't like um afraid some will ware to church. what are they tryin to show

 I think you should not judge any one till you have walked a mile in their shoes


A few days before Christmas, I saw a really scary sight! I was sitting in the car in a local grocery store parking lot while my husband went in to get a few things. An older woman pranced in front of our car wearing a short red top, white leggings that looked more like tights and tall boots. At first glance, I thought she may be going to a Halloween costume party, but then I remembered that it was the Christmas season. She was too old to be one of Santa's Elves. After a closer look, I realized what she was trying to do......she was trying to be "in style", wearing leggings! But, she was at least 40 years too late. The Bible tells us that "For everything there is a season", and this goes for leggings, too. Some people will say I'm just being picky and should mind my own business, or that maybe this was all she had to wear. Nope, afraid not. This dear woman had an expensive hair cut, nice makeup, jewelry and handbag, and had gotten out of an expensive car. By the way she was walking, you could tell that she honestly thought she looked "cool". Sadly, she looked ridiculous. What I'm trying to say, in a kindly way, is that it's more flattering to dress in a way that's appropriate for our age. There are leggings in navy, black or blue jean colors that look nice on older women, especially if they are worn with a longer top or shirt. My Grandpa was a farmer, not a fashion expert, but he always said, "You can't stuff 50 pounds of potatoes in a 10 pound sack!" So, ladies, take a second or third look in the mirror before wearing your granddaughter's clothes. Thanks!

Ingles Parking Lot

 The Ingles parking lot is entirely too small for the volume of business it has. Ingles and Sav-Mor are both owned by Ingles. It only makes sense for these two business to swap locations. I think this is a safety issue and well as convenience. If you agree with me, contact Ingles main office, (828)669-2941, and express your concerns. I just did. 


Tax Reform

With the corporate tax going from 35% to 21%.Will the pharmaceutical companies be reducing the price of medicine?

Fairground Apartments

To the person who wrote about fairground apt I agree lived here a good while it has gone down hill no places to park trash everywhere people who don't work nothing wrong with them noisy neighbors loud motorcycles going fast through the neighborhood magement don't seem to care 

 Live in fairground apt a while starting to go down hill no parking trash everywhere people that don't work nothing wrong with them drugs selling drugs Tenn tags living here over 6 months noisy here people driving fast on motorcycles bad place to live now 


Why???can we not have a notice when town water SP has a water boil ?? Not everyone has time to go on computer or listen to wtoe?? Dont you know what a robo call is??