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Security at Mtn Village Apts

There is a serious security problem at mountain village apartments. The residents are being burglarized whey are not home and someone is stalking the halls at night. No one knows how this thief or thieves are getting in to residents home but it needs to stop and our police dept has been called numerous times and have been no help at all they come take a report and leave saying call if you have any more trouble. there needs to be security cameras installed. why can the sheriff not work with management to stop this. they are not taking this serious enough.does someone have to be hurt before they take it seriously.people should not have to live in fear. listen up Sheriff Dept take this seriously

Snauzzer Look

About 2 months ago I stopped at the Dollar store in Bakersville. A matted nasty, friendly about 20 lb dog was hanging out. I asked the cleark, she said he was there when she came in. So I've cleaned him up. He's been fixed house trained, gets along w other sm dogs, hardly ever barks. Awsome dog, I don't know how old he is. I've checked FB and WKYK lost dog. I left my number w her. He sits and looks out the door as if he's waiting on you. If he's yours give me a call.828-367-0584. His new name is Sir Muck Muck 


Now Maroon 5 has added itself to the list of concert cancellations in NC because of HB2. Not to mention the hiprocracy of companies like PayPal. I have an idea..someone compile a list of all these bands and companies so we can boycott them and their music.  Bands and companies should do their jobs and quit trying to tell me how to live my life. 

Money for Road Delay

Ok bible thumper just because I drink a alcohol beverage with my meal does that mean that I am not respectable,of course not. The bible does say judge not lest ye be judge.

I think giving some of the money for the road delay back to Yancey county is a great idea from Mr. Hise. However, once again the only thing on his mind is TOURISM. I am here to tell him and all the others who think this is what keeps this county going...IT IS NOT!!! What about all the businesses along the construction route that have lost money because it's virtually impossible to get to them. And then to add insult to injury there are signs saying the "downtown shops" are open during construction! WAKE UP! Downtown is dead and getting "deader" except for all the alcohol joints where no self-respecting person will be going.

Country Music Show

I was wondering if the Grand Ole Opry Tribute Show that is to be at Mountain Heritage May 21 will have all the old stars of the Hee Haw show, or if it will just be the stars of the last Dylan Wilson and Friends Show that was at the Town Center. I love Dylan, John Stallings and the others, but I missed the other stars: Gordon and the quartet, Lee as the announcer, beautiful Sadie and her daddy, Sam and his band, and so many of the others whose names I can't call. I loved them all!! And I missed them at the last show. Let's see and hear them all. Any chance??

Trash (again)

No sooner have the orange garbage bags been picked up, there is trash to replace it. I truly cannot comprehend the thought process that comes with throwing garbage out your car window. Is it laziness, selfishness, ignorance or all of the above? Can you truly not wait till you get home or to a gas station to dispose of it properly? Yancey county is God's country. Truly amazing in its diverse flora and fauna. Out of respect for him ,we should be doing all we can to keep it clean and healthy for generations to come. It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down. I have lived here for over 14 years and am proud to call Yancey county home. Let's keep it clean.

HB2 Controversy

In response to "HB2 Controversy " I would like to say that was very well said! Why can't people just do as they have been doing?? Without stirring up other problems!!! BUT I commend our governor for standing up for the rights of us normal people!!

Once again with HB2 everything has been twisted and blown out of proportion. HB2 was not against  LGBT or anyone else. It was passed because Charlotte passed a law saying that men could go into women's restrooms and dressing areas. Any rational person knows this is not something anyone would want. But the LGBT community decided to make a big deal about transgender and their "rights". What about everybody else's "rights"? What about the right to not be called a racist or a hater just because you stand up for your values? Actually the gay people I know don't feel the need to make an issue out of everything and they get along just fine. There is no policing HB2. If you are transgender just go into a stall like you always have.

Double Island Road Closure

 It was posted that on May 3, that a portion of Double Island Road would be closed, but then due to weather it was said on Facebook that it wasn't going to be. So does anyone know if it's closed today or when it's going to be? 


 It matters little to me whether men or women or both use the same restroom as long as they are clean about it, there's only one commode and the door locks!

2016 Presidential Race

I will definitely not vote for someone who is a racist, bigot, misognyist or xenophobic. Donald Trump is all of these. This election is about the rights of the people and the future of our lives. Donald Trump will put our Social Security and Medicare in danger like the Republicans have been trying to do for decades. These are programs that our elderly depend on to live. Anyone that is against these programs need to have their head checked because they are evil and cruel. As a matter of fact, anyone that is voting for Donald Trump needs their head checked. He is the worst candidate that has ever come out for President. Why people are supporting him, I have no clue. I don't even think they have a clue. Donald Trump has flip-flopped on every issue that he has been confronted with. He is one of the biggest crooks that this country has ever seen. If you want someone like this to be your leader, go ahead and vote for this monster. Yes, I believe the country has been better over 8 years. If it wasn't for the Republicans in the Congress and Senate, it would be much better. Our President can't even get a bill passed that would help the people because of the Republicans. I also think we should elect all Democrats and get rid of all the Republicans that are bringing this country down and setting us back 100 years or more. I think the voters should research the differences in the two parties before they take sides. I don't believe that people are educated enough in politics to assume what they are voting for is right. This is definitely the case with Donald Trump. People don't understand that he has never been in politics and he has no clue of what to do or how to run a country. Running a country is far different than running a business. If you want someone who knows how to run a country to be a President then vote for someone who has experience. Not some goon who is telling everyone what they want to hear in order to get their votes. It's like going to a doctor. We would want to go to someone who has experience in their profession and is in good standing in their profession. We don't want to put our lives in someone's hands that doesn't have any experience. Hillary Clinton is not going to prison nor has she did anything to go to prison for. An email investigation doesn't justify going to prison. It's just wishful thinking by the Republicans. Anyone with any common sense at all should know this. Instead they watch Fox News and the right wing web sites that distort the truth. People need to get an education before they open their mouths and it makes them look dumber than they are when they speak. Donald Trump claims to be against the establishment. How can someone who claims to be a billionaire not be a part of the establishment? The Republican establishment is the ones that are making him and the rest of the wealthy wealthier. His tax proposal will make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Like Mitt Romney said about him, Donald Trump's promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. People are dumb enough to fall for his promises though. I for one of many is educated and wise enough to not fall for it. He has scammed and conned people out of money his whole life. Beg and plead with each and everyone who reads this to please do some research on this guy before you vote for him. You might change your mind about him if you did. Hillary Clinton isn't perfect nor is anyone else but she is better than Donald Trump and she has many years of experience and has helped many people in poor communities and many unfortunate people. Donald Trump has never helped anyone but himself. He will not help you or anyone of us. He is an embarrassment to the country and the whole world. He is also a danger to our society, our country and our world. Our country would be in great danger with him as President. He says everything is negotiable. Our lives are not negotiable. If you want to keep yourself, your friends and family out of danger, don't vote to elect Donald Trump. I have kept up with politics for many years and am very knowledgeable on the subject. I assure you that he isn't someone that you, I or anyone else would want to be President. I would rather things be the same as they have been over the past 8 years than to have someone who will put our lives in danger. I have done extensive research on Donald Trump and I think you all should too. He is not a good person at all. He is completely evil. He is vulgar, he has had affairs on his wives, he is not fit to be President.

If you want to stay going down the same path we have been on for 8 years, go ahead and vote for the criminal Hillary Clinton. You better vote before they put her in prison. And also anyone that thinks it's ok for either sex to use the same restroom needs their heads checked. They must not have kids or be married. Predators can't wait to get the chance to pray on children with ease. A bunch of politicians stupidity in creating a law for no reason. If you're a man use the men's restroom if you're a woman use a woman's restroom. Simple!https://youtu.be/wFDVfwTWajI

This has been one of the most screwed up Presidential races I have ever saw before in my life. We have a front runner on the Republican side that we don't know what he is for or against. He changes his mind on issues daily. I don't believe he even knows what he is for or against. But still there are people surrounding him thinking that he is the greatest thing ever lived. I'm sure a lot of the Christian people think that they have to vote for him because he is a Republican. I am one Christian that will not vote for him. I welcome people of different races and culture to my country. We are all human beings and that's all that matters. Fox News has people scared to death of people of different race and culture. This candidate wants to deport and ban these people from our country. This isn't the values that our people are supposed to have. I thought we were beyond racism and bigotry. A lot of Republicans believe that if someone isn't like them that they are a lower rate citizen. God made us all the same. Everyone is human with feelings and dreams for the future. If I was in a different country, I would also want to come to the United States where I could prosper and fulfill my dreams. Every isn't like ours where people have opportunities to flourish. Also, I never vote for a Republican because I want to be able to draw my social security when I reach that age. That is something that the Republicans have tried to do away with for years The bathroom issue that our governor passed a couple of weeks ago, I think he needs to do more research on transgender people. I do not believe that he knew what he was doing. A lot of men and women were born with the opposite body part. The governor is forcing them to use the wrong restroom. This is discrimination against these people. I have heard preachers praising the governor over this. Discrimination is nothing to praise. Jesus taught love not discrimination. Of course the Republican platform is based on discrimination against others. I believe everyone should research Trump and McCrory really good before you go vote in November. You will find things about Trump that you probably didn't know. I have done extensive research on him and I wouldn't even consider voting for him even if I were a Republican. Research, think about what you're voting for.

Jacks Creek Speedway

Jacks Creek Rd has become a dangerous road to travel. Cars and trucks are constantly speeding up and down the road with no regard for other drivers, much less pedestrians. Some of these trucks sound like something you would hear at Monster Jam which leads me to believe there is no requirement that anybody has a muffler anymore. If you do attempt to drive a reasonable speed (45 mph is plenty fast enough for this road) you get somebody following you so closely you can read their lips in your rear view mirror. Deer and other animals are in the road almost daily and if these drivers round a blind curve and have to swerve or slam on the brakes...well, you can imagine. Not to mention the smaller side roads which are used for drag racing or just seeing how fast these morons can get their cars before they run out of straight road, or the folks that seem to enjoy doing burnouts in front of people's homes at all hours of the night. If the Highway Patrol reads this, I hope they will spend some time on Jacks Creek, for the sake of the people that don't want to be run off the road or passed in a blind curve. Thanks :)

Mitchell County Transportation Van

Have no idea who was driving the Transportation van on 4/27/16 at 5:00am from Snow Creek Rd to Wind Rd and on towards Spruce Pine, I was shocked at the care that the driver took on these roads, not to fast, not to slow, no quick jerks, I would be very happy to know if my family/friends was riding the van with this driver, the ID# on the van was 106 MV. 

Road Between Schools

What's the deal with the road that runs between Burnsville Elementary and East Yancey Middle? They paved down part of it and stopped. I assume that is all they are contracted for. What about the rest of the road? The bridge is in bad shape and lots of  heavy buses and other traffic run over it all day. The road is in terrible shape. Are they going to wait for a near tradgdy like happened at the Bald Creek bridge? 

New Road Cracked

Has anyone noticed the crack in the new pavement in front of Fred's and goes all the way to birnsville Chevrolet? If this new section is already splitting imagine what it will be in a year. Seems the base underneath the pavement is not compacted enough and not solid enough. This could mean water gets in the cracks and continues to break up I hope problems like this are addressed before the final layer of asphalt, if not then lock your hubs in we are in for another bumpy ride

Drive Safe in Burnsville

I understand how annoying the road work is in town, and that it's been going on for what seems forever. But please, try to drive safely despite all the cones, uneven lanes and construction going on. I was driving through town with my 2 year old daughter this past weekend and had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting someone who pulled right out in front of me, so they could avoid waiting. And I saw this happen several more times to other times to others. We have to be careful and think of others, not just ourselves. Don't let the aggravation of the road work push you to make poor choices while driving. It could result in wrecks, injuries, even death. Drive the way you would want someone to drive around your family and children.

Cane River Park

Why the heck are people parking in the grass at the park and nothing being done about it? Normally in the afternoons and evenings it's so bad that the walking trail is blocked. It's a DAILY THING. There's signs up that says park in designated areas only. It's getting ridiculous. Also twice in the last month someone has pulled out directly in front of me from the park. People need to remember that other people live on that road and to quit being careless. 

Thank You Yancey Hospice Volunteers

I want to shine a light on the more than 430,000 trained volunteers that gave more than 19 million hours of service last year. Who is this army of volunteers serving?  It would be hospices across the U.S. – more specifically, patients and families nearing the end of life.Right here in our community, 25 trained volunteers who are working with Yancey Hospice are giving selflessly to help people live as fully as possible, even at the end of life. Our community is a more compassionate place because of their service. April 10 – 16 is National Volunteer Week and every single volunteer deserves our appreciation and grateful acknowledgement.   Even when you're dying, there can be a lot of living to do. Hospice volunteers make more special moments possible for the patients and families they serve every day. I encourage others to learn more about hospice by contacting Yancey Hospice located at 856 George’s Fork Rd, Burnsville - 828-682-9675.

Angie Higgins                                                                                                     Director of Volunteer Programs 

Define discrimination?

The LGBT community feels discriminated against over gender preference when peeing, however if we are not allowed to discriminate then when will a pedophile scream bigotry and hate because they love a 14yr old. It's the state laws in place that put a barrier on love with AGE (18). In many other countries an old man can marry a child. So if the LGBT win their agenda of sex, how soon will a pedophile win theirs on age? If 2 same sex couples can marry in NC then we need to abolish the law that I can't marry my sister, a child, an animal, and a third person. So while the LGBT feel they have a legit argument, they can't see the forest for the trees. They are opening up a whole can of issues and this will never end for America. 


Someone was asking about the new building on Newdale Church Road. The building is the new Pine Hill Automotive, they will be relocating from the one in Micaville to there. 

What is being built on newdale church Rd? And also I noticed the land where the old avondale building was has been graded. Are there plans for that site? Just wondering. Thanks


Mitchell County Gay Straight Alliance statement on House Bill 2

House Bill 2 (HB2) was passed by both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly and signed into law by the governor in just over 12 hours on March 23rd. This law eliminates the possibility of discrimination protections for LGBT people across North Carolina.
Sponsors of House Bill 2 said it was in response to overreach by the Charlotte City Council, which passed an ordinance that added protections for LGBT people to the city's non-discrimination policy. Charlotte's law included a provision that allowed transgender people to use restroom and other facilities according to their gender identity.
Supporters of HB2 claimed that this provision would allow men to enter women's restrooms and locker rooms. This claim reveals a lack of understanding of what it means to be transgender. Transgender women are women and transgender men are men. (We know this terminology is new for some people; here's a good introduction from GLAAD: http://www.glaad.org/transgender/transfaq.)
HB2 says that people must use the restroom that corresponds to their "biological sex," as indicated on their birth certificate. Supporters say that transgender people can get their birth certificate changed if they want. Procedures for changing birth certificates vary by state. In North Carolina, sex reassignment surgery is required. This is an expensive and difficult procedure that not all transgender people want or can afford. Birth certificate sex changes are easier in some states and not permissible at all in others.
In addition, HB2 has created a statewide non-discrimination policy that limits protected classes to race, religion, color, national origin, age, biological sex and handicap. Cities, towns and counties are no longer permitted to create non-discrimination policies that go beyond these protections. This means that protections for LGBT people are no longer allowed at the local level in North Carolina. Supporters say they don't want to discriminate against anyone, but by not including sexual orientation and gender identity in the protected classes, they have done just that.
There is much that is not yet known for sure about HB2 because it was introduced and passed so quickly. There appear to be some possible conflicts between HB2 and federal law, including the rights of transgender students. The ACLU, ACLU of North Carolina, Equality North Carolina and Lambda Legal have filed a lawsuit challenging HB2. You can read about it and see the lawsuit here:http://www.buzzfeed.com/dominicholden/nc-anti-lgbt-law-lawsuit
We want to end with one clear message: if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in or near Mitchell County, you are not alone. If you need information or assistance related to HB2, please reach out to us. We support you and we will fight until this discriminatory law is overturned, just like North Carolina's Amendment One - the last voter-approved, anti-LGBT marriage amendment in the US - was.
Allison Bovée and Amy Waller
Co-founders, Mitchell County Gay Straight Alliance

NC House Update 4/4/16 (Details)


HB2 What A surprise NOT!!!

Transgenders have been going to the restroom of their choice for years and it has never been an issue. That is because Transgender men LOOK like men and Transgender women LOOK like women. With this law, women and children will be made more vulnerable than ever to sexual predators. Before, if a person that looks like a man entered a women's restroom it would be noticed. Now it will happen all the time. What is going to stop a man from saying he is "really" a transgender female? Whose going to be the bathroom bouncers and check everyone's pants. Plus, imagine the awkward conversations we will have with our children when we have to explain why the "man" in the other stall is really a "woman" that looks like a man. Talk about confusing young children! Geez!
More than 60% of North Carolina voters stood against same sex marriage and were walked over by the supreme court. I am so proud of our state lawmakers who have stood up for what is right. I have sent my letter of support to the governor and will continue to support the people who stand for the laws put in place by the one and only GOD from the beginning of time. He doesn't change with the times and we shouldn't either no matter what. I'm proud to be a "bible thumper" and will be until I stand before the final judge-GOD. Praise the Lord we still have some lawmakers who have both spiritual and common sense!

Well yeah the NC Repubs pushed the HB2 bill through in emergency session, and added a lot to the language that sets this lovely state back to the stone ages. Here is an excerpt from national news. Yes we have made the national news yet again with our backwards ways "But the issue facing Charlotte is much bigger than whether the city will host the 2017 All-Star game, and it implicates far more than which restroom facilities transgender people may use. Based on the outcry thus far, beyond the bathroom provisions, HB2 undermines the ability of local and state authorities to define and protect discrimination in other arenas as well. The law, which was voted on during a one-day special session last Wednesday, changes the way discrimination is defined and requires people to pursue such claims through federal, not state, courts. It also removes the ability of city and county officials to set minimum wage standards for private employers. Further, the law curtails employment rights and protections for gay and transgender people, meaning that people can be fired for their sexual orientation or identity." Way to go NC. All because you think rapist will lurk in every bathroom. When I was a child your parents policed the bathrooms while you used them, because of the creep factor. Always been there. Nothing new, just a chance for the bible thumpers to jump in and protect us, why don't they do something about the Catholic Church, where all the pedophiles really are. Jeesh.

Feeling Unsafe

Lived in fairground apt for a while starting to feel unsafe living here now have a lot of people live here that shouldn't be here in d - section too many cars parked here to much company feel like people are doing and selling drugs here 

Two Yancey Commissioners Support Governors Bill

On Wednesday, March 23, 2016 North Carolina state lawmakers, including Representative Michele Presnell and Senator Ralph Hise, and Governor Pat McCrory passed House Bill 2 which repealed the Charlotte ordinance that would permit men to access women’s restrooms and locker rooms as well.  In order to protect the privacy rights of children, women and business owners it was imperative that the state General Assembly and Governor McCrory take action to strike down such an ordinance. 
With that being said, let it be known to Yancey County citizens that we agree and support the actions taken by state legislatures and Governor McCrory to insure the Charlotte ordinance did not become lawful in our community.  The issue of public safety is one that we have and will continue to always keep top of mind in any and all decisions that we make.

County Commissioner Byrl Ballew
County Commissioner Jeff Whitson

Sheriff Thanks Governor, Representatives

I would like to publically go on record and personally thank Governor Pat McCroy, NC Senate, NC House especially Senator Ralph Hise, and Representative Michele Presnell for supporting and signing HB 2 WHICH ENSURES MEN CANNOT USE LADIES’ BATHROOMS AND LOCKER ROOMS.
The Charlotte City Council passed an extremely reckless ordinance that would allow anyone(Including Registered Sex Offenders), any gender at anytime uncontrolled access to any locker room or bathroom. This at the very least creates serious safety concerns primarily for our Women and Children. A similar ordinance in Seattle resulted in a grown man going into a women’s locker room, undressing himself and watching young girls get dressed for swim practice. One of the leaders of efforts for Charlotte’s ordinance is a registered sex offender who was sentenced to ten years in prison for committing a lewd act on a minor under the age of 16.
This bill in no way is meant to harm the LGBT Community  it does not prohibit schools and other facilities from providing reasonable accommodations like single occupancy bathrooms for those who wish to use them. This BILL ALSO ESTABLISHES A UNIFORM STATEWIDE ANTI-DISCRIMINATION POLICY WHICH IS STRONGER THAN FEDERAL LAW.
I have sworn to protect the citizens and visitors of Yancey County and I do not take that oath lightly. It is great to know that we still have people in government that are willing to stand up and do what is right and not give in to the political correctness expected by some in today’s world.
D. Gary Banks
Sheriff of Yancey County

What Happened to God

What happened to a God fearing country. God fearing county. Until we put God first in all our decisions nothing will ever work, no one will ever care, there will be no pride for the county or themselves. No one cares how they dress how they talk, anymore if F isn't the beginning of their sentence they just won't say anything..... Just saying

Animal Cruelty Hotline

North Carolinians now can report animal cruelty to the state attorney general's Animal Welfare Hotline. Under state law, acts of animal cruelty include wounding, injuring, tormenting or killing an animal, depriving an animal of nourishment or causing any of those to occur. Witnesses to animal cruelty can file reports online, over the phone or through written complaints in the mail. The General Assembly created the hotline during the 2015 session and placed it in the Attorney General's Office effective March 1. The office will review animal welfare complaints submitted through the hotline,855-290-6915, and refer them to the appropriate authority.

Clarifying how the NC Education Lottery Funds work

By: Dr. Tony Tipton, Superintendent of Yancey County Schools
A few weeks ago, a press release from the North Carolina Education Lottery was
published both in the Yancey County Common Times Journal and on the WKYK
website. As a result, the Yancey County Schools received questions about lottery
funding. I would like to answer some of these questions and clarify how the funds from
the lottery are used in our county.
The January 27th North Carolina Education Lottery press release stated that last year
Yancey County Schools received $837,921 in lottery funds. It further indicated the funds
were used for teacher positions, teacher assistants, and building needs. Most of
these funds do not come directly to Yancey County but are allocated by the NC
Legislature as part of North Carolina’s total education budget.
Because the press release claimed the awarding of scholarships for students, I called the main office of the NC Education Lottery and requested a list of students from Yancey County who received college scholarships last year; they could not provide a list.  I then asked for a list of teacher assistants that were paid out of the lottery; again they could not. They could not because these lists do not exist.
A formula determines the funds allotted to specified items.  A portion of the money
allotted to Yancey County Schools goes into a pot of money shared with the other 99 counties across North Carolina to be used for prekindergarten, college scholarships, and financial aid for students going to college.  In past years, money funded teacher’s salaries. In 2015 –16, lottery allocations have been reallocated from teacher positions to support staff such as teacher assistants.
The NC Education Lottery website states that over the life of the lottery, which began in
March 2006, Yancey County has received more than $5,840,188. It also states that last
year Yancey County received a total of $837,921. It is important to understand that most of these funds never made it to Yancey County Schools but were set aside in Raleigh to fund public schools across the state, including Yancey County.
Last year Yancey County Schools were allocated $164,918.00. While this is a large sum of money, it is not the $837,921 reported in the press release. The state requires that the funds that actually come to Yancey County Schools be spent on building improvements, remodeling, or new construction.  Over the past 10 years a total of $1,764,002.00 in lottery funds have been sent directly to Yancey County Schools.
Since four of our schools constructed in the 1930’s remain in use, facility issues are anticipated. Consequently, Yancey County Board of Education has reserved  $1,068,272 of lottery money to handle structural issues as needed. 
How have lottery funds sent directly to Yancey County Schools been used?  Some have been used to reroof three schools, Cane River, East Yancey, and Burnsville Elementary. A few years ago, Yancey County Schools received a grant to build two new health centers, one at each of our middle schools. Since the grant did not cover the entire cost, some of the lottery funds assisted in completing the additions. Lottery funds were also used to replace the visitor bleachers at the E.L. Briggs Stadium at Mountain Heritage High School after it was determined the existing bleachers were no longer structurally safe.
I appreciate the opportunity to respond to the NC Lottery press release and to clarify some of the questions raised.

Merry Christmas

I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. With all the problems there are in the world today there is still so much to be thankful for. Think about the many blessings in your personal life plus the blessing of living in our wonderful area and in the greatest, most generous country in the world. 

County Salaries in NC

below is  link to the entire state of NC counties 2015 salaries.
please post so anyone citizen can see who makes what in every county of NC.

In God We Trust

THANK YOU COMMISSIONERS FOR YOUR VOTE!! I pray our whole nation will wake up and remember that our trust in GOD is what brought us to the status of #1 in the world. Our loss of that trust and faith is what will continue to bring us down. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Old Glory

How long before someone or some group decides that they are offended by the United States of America Flag. How long before some politician issues the order to lower Old Glory from her place above our great nation? Our nation was founded on the motto of "In God We Trust" and not on the political agendas of millionaires. We need to wake up and take a look around, our freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate!

Banning Confederate Flag

As I have watched and listened to media reports concerning taking down The Confederate Flag in South Carolina It brings me great concern that just because some think it only symbolizes racism when it in reality is a part of American History, as well as civil war monuments. If the confederate flag has to come down because some believe it only represents racism and it offends them, then the rainbow flag representing the homosexuals for example should not be allowed either as well as many others because of what they represent that offends some. Many people according to reports by media outlets. Also as reported by media lawmakers want to stop the confederate flag from being on license plates if this happens then all other depictions of any symbol representing anything should not be allowed how silly but serious the thought of this is, for example that picture of a bear offends me because years ago a bear attacked a member of my family, silly right? I am not a racist but I believe there are some racist people, but the government or no group or individual has the right to label me as a racist because I believe the confederate flag to be a part of the History Of The United States of America. Whats Next? Stop recognizing Gettysburg and other historical battle fields as well as the valiant generals and soldiers who lead fought and the thousands who gave their life on both sides. This Is My Opinion on this Issue. I also believe that it should be of great interest to the people that this is only the beginning of the FREEDOMS we have today being taken away IT'S TIME TO TAKE A STAND!

Parking at Fairground

when is the parking issue in fairground st d section going to get better 2 parking spaces for each family have family's parking and taking up 4 and 5 spaces cars are going to be towed the cops need to address this when you leave no place to park

Cats on McKinney Gap

To those of you who stopped to offer assistance or words of encouragement, I finally got the last of the kitties on McKinney Gap (till next time). It's amazing, the people i did talk to have all found dumped animals up there. It is such a problem. Wish there was more money in the budget for animal control.

Yancey County

chickens, roosters, road construction, taxes, bars, parkway play house, illegally parked vehicle's, etc.....  I  have something to say. Who cares? the same families that run Yancey county will always run Yancey county. we will never have any more than what we already have here, which is a BIG FAT NOTHING.