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Trash yet again

I've seen the comments about trash on 19 W and Bald Mountain Road before and wanted to comment but declined but I am tired of hearing it. I live on Bald Mountain road. I travel 19 W every day. Yes, there is some trash but no more than any other road in this county. If it really disgusts you that bad, move or better yet go back to where you came from. 

Now that the snow has melted , it is truly disgusting and disheartening to see how much trash has accumulated on the roads. Especially along 19 W and Bald Mountain Rd. I don't understand how people can , without a second thought ,just dump their garbage out the window. Especially when the trash facility is right down the road! Don't people have pride in where they live? We live in a truly special part of the state. We should do better to take care it.

Lottery Funds

If the lottery would add an additional tax on multiple lottery winners.For example NC lottery news release 08/09/2013.They could have so much extra hand sanitizer and tissue they could give the kids extra to bring home.

 If Yancey county is getting on average 500,000 dollars a year from the lottery , why am I having to buy over $ 100 worth of hand sanitizer , kleenex ect.ect. to send to the school every year . Where is that money going ???


Snow Scraping on Blue Rock

I live down 19W and I have to say DOT did a great job. Thank you to each and every one at DOT.

In response to the letter about road conditions on Blue Rock during the storm over this past week-end I want to say I live close to the middle of blue rock and I have never seen the roads scraped and given this much attention.The DOT did a great job and have my heart felt thanks for a job well done

I also live on Blue Rock,I don't know where the writer of the other comment lives over here,but the section we live on was very well taken care of.My husband and I discussed the fact that they came thru here numerous times each day.So to all the State DOT workers you all did a fine job and especially on this road [Blue Rock].Thank you all so much!All your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Please call your local DOT office and let them know! When there is a major snow storm, they stay on the main roads first, then the secondary roads next! Cut them some slack, they're doing a great job! Let's see you scrape the roads and if you can do a better job! It all works out in the end! Just have some patience's!

I would like to know why the DOT left out Blue Rock Road when they were out scraping the roads this past weekend. I don't believe they ever scraped the road once. I realize the main highways are more important to have cleared, but when they are done, seems to me they could hit the side roads, at least the ones that have a good population living on them.


Can anyone please tell me how far from the road the DOT ( or contractors) are supposed to mow. I have called 3 times and no one can tell me the answer and they say " Oh we will have someone call you back" . Well, they haven't . They mowed past my fence line which is the proper length from the yellow line, and into my garden space. Of course nothing is growing right now , but there will be , along with bee hives set up. It has never been an issue before. I think this crew went way too far. ( Bee Log area) Anyone have any idea about the proper footage? Thanks

Missing Window In Building on Town Square.

We all know that Burnsville is a cute little town. While most merchants around the square take pride in keeping their buildings clean and neat all aren't following the same standards. I am not a very detail oriented person so if I notice this then one should know that this is definitely an issue. It seems that one building owner has left a window missing in the top story of his or her building for quite some time now. This is the same building that houses the Crazy Daisy. This is a eye sore to the town and should be fixed. In my opinion if you can afford to own a property facing town square then you should also be able to afford to maintain it. 

What's Next?

Well President Obama is at it again using his executive order to make some issue law,bypassing congress or what ever may be in the way.On 1/5/16 he jumped out for all to hear him tell everyone he was going to see that tougher background checks,claiming people could buy guns at gun shows and on the internet without any background checks he stated anyone could just buy a gun on the internet This is the furthest from the truth like many more claims by Obama, Bloomberg, Hillary and many others. If anyone who reads this OPINION and thinks you can just order you a gun over the internet or just go to a gun show and buy a gun without first having a back ground check run on you I CHALLENGE YOU TO GO TRY. Obama wants to take away law abiding American  Citizens Right To Bear Arms while he is still in office so he can have his name go down in history as the President that Changed the Constitution that our forefathers came in agreement that" WE AS AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS' So we might protect ourselves from those who wish to harm us and control us.Seems Obama and Hillary always making reference to austrailia and other countries who have banned guns again i challenge you to do your own research and see how their taking peoples guns is REALLY WORKING OUT. Don't just listen to most Media Outlets,or the gun haters. Think about it fellow Americans if a sitting President just bypasses congress and signs executive orders because a group of people with agendas and millions of dollars to ensure they get what they want. What might be the next thing that's taken away from the American people by the signing of an Executive Order. WE AS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST STAND UP FOR ALL OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS NOW BEFORE THEY ARE GONE.

Contact Congress

I would like to encourage everyone to contact Congressman Meadows @ 202-225-6401and tell them how opposed you are to such A large cable tax increase...

Letting School Out Early

now if you are still wondering why school was dismissed early on Monday take a look at the photos on the WKYK homepage. Does not look much like flurries does it?_______________

​dismissing school early the first day back for flurries really

Attention Altec Workers

Altec workers, when leaving work and turning left at the red-light, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! The light is green, not a green arrow. 

Mitchell County Recycling

What should Mitchell County residents do with their trash since Yancey County has closed the recycling centers for the holidays? 


 I would like to know who is responsible for the hatchet job in Bee Log. It looks like a war zone from the site called mowing. My maple tree , which is not close enough to the road was cut. It is not near any power lines and far enough from the road. I think the crews got a little over zealous. I know there are more important things to worry about, but my neighbors and I take pride in keeping our road clean. Now it looks like a tornado came through. Not happy!

Merry Christmas

I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. With all the problems there are in the world today there is still so much to be thankful for. Think about the many blessings in your personal life plus the blessing of living in our wonderful area and in the greatest, most generous country in the world. 

New Speed Limit?

Has anyone else noticed that the speed limit is dropping from 55 mph to 45 mph on the west side of town? When you leave city limits, west, the historic speed limit changed from city limit 35 mph to 55 mph past the gas station. Now with the new road construction, I noticed that the NEW speed limit signs are 45 mph? 

Road Hunters

Deer season is once again over.I live on Big Brush Creek Green Mountain and am myself a deer hunter.All season if you hunt where you can see the road the road hunters are continually riding the roads and shooting them of the road banks and lots are shot and left by the road to rot.I know of several this year.If you are not going to eat it why are you riding around and shooting them It is also illegal and unethical and i hope everyone of you are caught.It is also dangerous and gives all deer hunters a bad name.Shame on you. 

County Salaries in NC

below is  link to the entire state of NC counties 2015 salaries.
please post so anyone citizen can see who makes what in every county of NC.

In God We Trust

THANK YOU COMMISSIONERS FOR YOUR VOTE!! I pray our whole nation will wake up and remember that our trust in GOD is what brought us to the status of #1 in the world. Our loss of that trust and faith is what will continue to bring us down. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Old Glory

How long before someone or some group decides that they are offended by the United States of America Flag. How long before some politician issues the order to lower Old Glory from her place above our great nation? Our nation was founded on the motto of "In God We Trust" and not on the political agendas of millionaires. We need to wake up and take a look around, our freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate!

Banning Confederate Flag

As I have watched and listened to media reports concerning taking down The Confederate Flag in South Carolina It brings me great concern that just because some think it only symbolizes racism when it in reality is a part of American History, as well as civil war monuments. If the confederate flag has to come down because some believe it only represents racism and it offends them, then the rainbow flag representing the homosexuals for example should not be allowed either as well as many others because of what they represent that offends some. Many people according to reports by media outlets. Also as reported by media lawmakers want to stop the confederate flag from being on license plates if this happens then all other depictions of any symbol representing anything should not be allowed how silly but serious the thought of this is, for example that picture of a bear offends me because years ago a bear attacked a member of my family, silly right? I am not a racist but I believe there are some racist people, but the government or no group or individual has the right to label me as a racist because I believe the confederate flag to be a part of the History Of The United States of America. Whats Next? Stop recognizing Gettysburg and other historical battle fields as well as the valiant generals and soldiers who lead fought and the thousands who gave their life on both sides. This Is My Opinion on this Issue. I also believe that it should be of great interest to the people that this is only the beginning of the FREEDOMS we have today being taken away IT'S TIME TO TAKE A STAND!

Parking at Fairground

when is the parking issue in fairground st d section going to get better 2 parking spaces for each family have family's parking and taking up 4 and 5 spaces cars are going to be towed the cops need to address this when you leave no place to park

Cats on McKinney Gap

To those of you who stopped to offer assistance or words of encouragement, I finally got the last of the kitties on McKinney Gap (till next time). It's amazing, the people i did talk to have all found dumped animals up there. It is such a problem. Wish there was more money in the budget for animal control.

Yancey County

chickens, roosters, road construction, taxes, bars, parkway play house, illegally parked vehicle's, etc.....  I  have something to say. Who cares? the same families that run Yancey county will always run Yancey county. we will never have any more than what we already have here, which is a BIG FAT NOTHING.