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Convenience Centers

I totally agree with the complaints regarding the convenience center, especially the one on the east side of town. I have witnessed many times, the elderly struggling with trash and the workers sitting inside shooting the breeze.I also remember when my daughter was 8 months pregnant dealing with large pieces of cardboard from the crib and nursery furniture with NO assistance to get it inside the building to be recycled. I have for years referred to it as the Inconvenience Center. 

I also have a gripe about the local trash drop. If you need to tell a hunting story or just in general shooting the bull, would you please do it elsewhere instead of the convenience center where it is so busy, and your trash is already deposited. Get in and move out of the way.

I just don't understand how the men at the convince center can sit and watch the elderly trying to throw their garbage away and the men in the center not help is that not what you get paid to do this is all the time going on at the micaville convince center the elderly on their cane trying to carry trash and the men be sitting inside in the air conditioner or heat or on the phone just looks to me like they would care enough to help what if that was their parents or grandparents wouldn't they like someone to help them

County Salaries in NC

below is  link to the entire state of NC counties 2015 salaries.
please post so anyone citizen can see who makes what in every county of NC.

A Pastoral Prayer in Response to Paris

Jeremy Troxler - Spruce Pine United Methodist Church
Our Father in Heaven,
Your prophet Jeremiah looked upon the once-beautiful city of Jerusalem,
devastated by violence and ravaged by bloodshed,
and wished that his eyes were fountains of tears,
so that he could weep continually from grief over the suffering of so many.
Lord, our hearts are overflowing fountains of tears today
as we ponder the violent deaths of your children
in cities like Beirut, in Paris, throughout your world.
With you, we mourn lives ended too soon;
we lament sacred stories stopped mid-sentence;
we grieve for families ripped apart;
we hurt with those whose bodies are maimed and whose memories are haunted;
we shake our heads and rage at the stupidity, the madness, the insanity of such violence.
We feel again the fragility of life,
the shock of death,
the violation of sin,
the wicked potential of the human heart,
our helplessness in protecting ourselves from pain
and our impotence at rooting out evil.
To you we turn. To you we pray.
We seek consolation and hope for those who have had a beloved one torn from their lives.
We ask for healing balm for injuries to body and mind.
We pray for guidance for civic servants and for church, mosque, community, and world leaders.
We cry out for your justice to be served.
We beg for your peace which passes all human understanding or even imagining.
We look to you to restore, to redeem, to make whole.
Lord, your Son taught us to pray,
“Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”
So we, your Son’s people, pray today:
Save us, save all your children from temptation.
Protect us from the temptation to succumb to panicked fear,
to hunker down or to circle the wagons
instead of bravely lifting our heads and opening our arms.
Keep us from the temptation to condemn the many for the actions of a few.
Save us from the temptation to think that lives in Paris
are of more value than lives in Beirut or Kenya or Syria.
Restrain us from the nearly irresistible temptation to fall into the trap laid by the evil one,
to further spread the contagious virus of violence and hatred by responding blindly in kind,
the temptation to become wicked ourselves
by seeking wild vengeance or indiscriminate retribution instead of wise justice.
Save all your children from the hideous temptation to believe that killing could ever be holy.
Let us not be led into temptation, Lord, but deliver us, rescue us from evil:
deliver all your children from evil.
Deliver our world from the evil of any fraudulent form of ideology or religion
that condones or celebrates murder,
be it Christian or Muslim or Secular.
Deliver us from the evil of terrorism.
Deliver us from the evil of ISIS.
Deliver us from the evil of violence.
Deliver us from the evil of fear.
Deliver us from the less obvious forms of evil in our world
that so skillfully masquerade as good.
Deliver us above all from the evil that lurks within ourselves.
Strong Deliverer, Righteous Conqueror of temptation,
in our helplessness, in our pain, we turn to you -
for mercy, consolation, compassion, and healing,
for justice, peace, wisdom and courage,
for rescue and deliverance:
for thine, not ours, is the kingdom;
for thine, not ours, is the power;
for thine, not ours, is the glory;
not just once, not just now, but forever and ever. Amen.

Yancey Commissioners Meeting

I happened to attend the BOCC regular commissioners meeting, and was intreguied by one of the public comments a gentleman made. apparently he is concerned about where the funding of the animal control officer that we do or do not have. I think he should also be asking about some other questionable made up job positions in the county.

Chaining Dogs

I know people have expressed their opinions on here before about the subject of chaining dogs, here is mine. Before all the hunters jump my case, remember this is just an opinion. At least you feed and sometimes let your dogs off the chain to exercise it and train it to hunt. I am talking about the dogs that are tied up 24/7 . The dogs that are languishing from lack of human attention. The dogs whose only interaction with anyone is to occasionally get fed. The dogs, whose basic instinct is roam, sniff , hunt, and socialize can't. Now, we can't just let dogs roam around the county (although that happens a lot too), but with the responsibility of owning a dog, also comes the responsibility of it's well being. To include feeding, vetting and WALKS and EXERCISE. Dogs need to explore the world as dogs, not left to live a life of misery being chained up day after day after day after month after year. There are NO laws in this county say that chaining 24/7 is wrong , I wish that would change. Our shelter is wonderful at helping folks out with options. They have programs in place for people who truly want their dogs to live a better life, but might be low on funds. Also they will help place a dog or cat if the owners have no other recourse. I know there is a different mindset than mine. I am not trying to change people's world, just make the world better for chained dogs. The laws need to change, so do peoples minds. P.S I have no affiliation with the shelter. Abortions, starving children, the economy, way its always been done, etc..... separate topics. 

Trick or Treating On The Square

A quick note of appreciation for all who participated in Trick or Treat on the Square in Burnsville this Halloween. This event for local children was a huge success with one of the largest crowds ever. It is at times like this that I am most proud of my town. Thanks to the Burnsville Police Department for their help in coordinating this event. At a time when the headlines scream bad news it is heartwarming to see this community take the time to insure a safe and happy Halloween for the kids. A HUGE Thank You to all the parents who brought their children downtown to trick or treat (and a good many of them who went the extra mile and donned their own costume). The costumes were wonderful and the smiles on the faces of all involved made our day. If you missed this celebration downtown make your plans to attend next year. THANKS Burnsville for being a small town that still remembers that the children of our community are our top priority. 
​Ginger Johnson Director Yancey County / Burnsville Chamber of Commerce 

Drill at Mtn Heritage

Next time Yancey Co decides to have a "Drill" how about notifying the surrounding counties that back you up on crime, fires, ems, and even the general public. Law enforcement aren't the only people with scanners. Even people on the road that day must have panicked when they saw all the emergency vehicles up there. Yes, I know, parents knew about it but what about the rest of us??? Hearing "shots fired at Mt. Heritage" and "officer down" on a scanner was enough to give some folks serious anxiety if not a heart attack. The tri-counties had practice emergency operations a couple years ago and the there was plenty of notification to the public about what was going to happen and when. A brief notice on wkyk only two days before wasn't much notice not to mention NOT EVERYONE HAS A COMPUTER! or listens to AM radio. And just maybe communications could have said "this is a drill" every so often???? Thank you very much.

Road Safety During Construction

By now we all know that the roads are being worked on. Everyone ought to be able to figure out that they need to plan a few more minutes to allow for any delays. I ask everyone to please be careful. I see people getting aggravated apparently from waiting and when they get to go they start gunning the motor etc. Plan extra time and drive slow through the construction area. A friend of mine was almost hit head on the other day be a reckless driver. Think about it you may cost someone their life. You will definitely ruin yours either through guilt, your own death or prison for death of another. In the big picture a traffic delay is no big deal, killing or hurting someone is.

Watch Out When Making Donation

The Hospice Fund of America, now reinvented as the Hospice Support Fund is soliciting once again in our area. This “fund” is not affiliated with a hospice and less than 6% of their donations are used to support programs.  Please be aware that this “fund” is not what it may seem to be - in fact, the name change is the result of a legal settlement in March of 2014.  Here's an excerpt from their website disclosure; see the last paragraph below . . . . .it's very telling.
Contributions made to The Hospice Support Fund (HSF) a program of The New Hope Foundation, Inc., are used for fundraising expenses, administrative costs, public education and program services. The services of a paid professional fundraiser are used to professionally assist HSF in the solicitation of funds. In the last fiscal year The Hospice Support Fund raised a total of $1,521,951. Its expense distribution was 69.39% on fundraising, 10.22% on administration, 5.93% on program services, and 14.46% on public education in conjunction with fundraising appeals. The cost of this solicitation is charged partly to fundraising and partly to public education. Fundraising costs include costs incurred in establishing a donor base. Public education costs include costs incurred in disseminating information contained in solicitations. The Hospice Support Fund is an independent organization and is not affiliated with any local hospice or with any local hospitals in the nation except The New Hope Foundation. (http://www.hospicesupportfund.org/disclosure.php.

If you desire to make a donation to your local hospice please contact Yancey Hospice at 828.682.9675, by mail or visit our facility at 856 Georges Fork Road, Burnsville, NC 28714.

Ronnie Gregory
Executive Director/Yancey Hospice

Gun Control

Insurance for defending yourself against  someone who has the intention of inflicting injury or death to law abiding people who"s only intention is protecting their self and their family. That Prays they will never have to use their weapon is just the opposite of Brilliant.  If God forbid I ever face  a situation  I have to use my gun to protect myself or family" I WOULD RATHER BE JUDGED BY TWELVE THAN CARRIED BY SIX"  ( Sometimes people must agree to disagree)

Hey Gun Control since you brought up the automobile in comparison, good point. We should require insurance for all gun owners, just like the cars, so in case you shoot someone, you are financially responsible. Brilliant!!

Thanks for the input, everyone has their own opinions. Sadly some people choose to believe every survey that some groups do. Personally  I am not one of them. Reason being many times the things they say turn out to be the very opposite in a short time, their are many examples if some peoples memories were better. Also way to many people believe any and everything the Government officials say as well as everything that's reported by the many media  outlets. As far as the statement that no one should be able to own any particular gun tell that to the criminals, not the American people. That's like telling people that no one should be able to go out and purchase any automobile with an engine that's capable of producing five,six,seven hundred horsepower that can reach 200 m.p.h. Or telling people that they don't need to purchase any alcohol that is 190 prof. I could go on and on with examples but I assume most people get the idea. If one chose to i'm sure one could do some research and could see the many rights that have been taken away from The American People As Well As The One's Government/ Lawmakers are working to take away.' NO I AM NOT ANTI-GOVERNMENT' But I didn't Fall off a Turnip truck last night. Today they wan't to ban what they brand assault rifles today then the question is whats next they won't stop until they ban all Guns. " Even though a gun of any model or caliber will injure or kill it takes SOMEONE TO PULL THE TRIGGER! ALSO AUTOMOBILES THAT WILL REACH 200 M.P.H. SOMEONE MUST PRESS THE ACCELERATOR FOR IT TO REACH THAT SPEED! OH YEAH THAT BOTTLE OF 190 PROF ALCOHOL WILL NEVER CAUSE ANYONE TO BECOME INTOXICATED UNTIL SOMEONE PICKS IT UP AND CONSUMES IT!  SOME may call opinions like this more of the same maybe so but what would they call the studies and constant media reports that say we need gun control. It's not the guns are the companies that make them It is individuals who make the decision to Pick UP A Gun And use it. If anyone is against owning a gun or a certain type of gun that's fine with me, But don't try to tell me what I can own. It Is My second amendment right.

Same old comments over and over. NO ONE IS TRYING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS if you are a law abiding citizen. No one needs an AK47 unless you are in the military. Go read this article from Harvard. I think these people know their data http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/hicrc/firearms-research/gun-threats-and-self-defense-gun-use-2/ then come back and tell me all about it.

First of all I  would like to extend my deep sorrow to all the families who have lost their loved ones in all the senseless killings that have taken place and in no way do i want my opinion to offend anyone who have lost their loved ones or friends. Today as i express my opinion I can't understand the people in the United States both people in the government and the general public thinking that banning guns will stop these shootings. As I listen to the news,read the papers as well as other sources it is evident that many people in our government as well as some individuals with millions of dollars are doing everything they can to take away the guns from all American people even though the vast majority of Gun owners are people who are law abiding citizens who have never committed a crime they hold jobs, many have families, have good moral character,respected community leaders, and do anything to help their fellow man in their local communities as well as supporting charities, and the last thing on their mind is to use their gun  to hurt or kill any one. Many gun owners own guns for the purpose of  hunting, many own guns to protect their self and their family,some just collect guns.                I am a gun owner and when I am home i have it close by, when I leave my home my gun is always with me and as of now this my legal right this in no way means I have any intention of hurting or killing anyone. we are certainly living in dangerous times there are many people with mental problems, as well as drug addicts who will break into homes or rob you, many prey on women to take them against their will and many other things.            The President has and continues to search every avenue to take away the peoples right to keep and bear arms as well as others on both sides of the political isle. If people would only take the time to research history they would see that Hitler's objective was GUN CONTROL see how that worked out, also other countries have taken peoples guns again research and see how that's working out. I would like to share  some fact's with you the surgeon general has determined that smoking cigarettes causes harm even death however anyone can have a pack laying around and as long as you never touch them they will never hurt or kill you. Another product that has been determined that will hurt as well as kill you and innocent people is Alcohol. I could go on and on with other examples but the fact is one makes the choice to smoke,drink and many other things. It's simple there can be loaded gun laying on a table and no one will ever get hurt or killed with it only when some one picks it up and goes into a school,or office, home or other place arms the gun PLACES THEIR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER AND PULL'S IT. Owning a gun or guns don't make you a killer, terrorist or a bad person. Just this morning it was reported that Hillary Clinton said that if she was elected she would push to make it possible for people to sue gun makers for the action of a individual or group REALLY! Each person should and are responsible for their own actions. If a gun control law passes and the government was able to go to peoples homes and businesses and take innocent law-abiding citizens guns- 1.Then the government would have full control 2. People who intend to do harm to others will still be able to get their guns. IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP AND STAND UP AMERICA.  I am sure many disagree with me but consider this while you are sitting looking at your computer be careful it may fly through the air and split your skull SILLY RIGHT SO IS THE IDEA THAT A GUN WILL JUMP OUT OF NOWHERE AND SHOOT YOU! 

In God We Trust

THANK YOU COMMISSIONERS FOR YOUR VOTE!! I pray our whole nation will wake up and remember that our trust in GOD is what brought us to the status of #1 in the world. Our loss of that trust and faith is what will continue to bring us down. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Old Glory

How long before someone or some group decides that they are offended by the United States of America Flag. How long before some politician issues the order to lower Old Glory from her place above our great nation? Our nation was founded on the motto of "In God We Trust" and not on the political agendas of millionaires. We need to wake up and take a look around, our freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate!

Banning Confederate Flag

As I have watched and listened to media reports concerning taking down The Confederate Flag in South Carolina It brings me great concern that just because some think it only symbolizes racism when it in reality is a part of American History, as well as civil war monuments. If the confederate flag has to come down because some believe it only represents racism and it offends them, then the rainbow flag representing the homosexuals for example should not be allowed either as well as many others because of what they represent that offends some. Many people according to reports by media outlets. Also as reported by media lawmakers want to stop the confederate flag from being on license plates if this happens then all other depictions of any symbol representing anything should not be allowed how silly but serious the thought of this is, for example that picture of a bear offends me because years ago a bear attacked a member of my family, silly right? I am not a racist but I believe there are some racist people, but the government or no group or individual has the right to label me as a racist because I believe the confederate flag to be a part of the History Of The United States of America. Whats Next? Stop recognizing Gettysburg and other historical battle fields as well as the valiant generals and soldiers who lead fought and the thousands who gave their life on both sides. This Is My Opinion on this Issue. I also believe that it should be of great interest to the people that this is only the beginning of the FREEDOMS we have today being taken away IT'S TIME TO TAKE A STAND!

Parking at Fairground

when is the parking issue in fairground st d section going to get better 2 parking spaces for each family have family's parking and taking up 4 and 5 spaces cars are going to be towed the cops need to address this when you leave no place to park

Cats on McKinney Gap

To those of you who stopped to offer assistance or words of encouragement, I finally got the last of the kitties on McKinney Gap (till next time). It's amazing, the people i did talk to have all found dumped animals up there. It is such a problem. Wish there was more money in the budget for animal control.

Yancey County

chickens, roosters, road construction, taxes, bars, parkway play house, illegally parked vehicle's, etc.....  I  have something to say. Who cares? the same families that run Yancey county will always run Yancey county. we will never have any more than what we already have here, which is a BIG FAT NOTHING.