Phone Scam with Yancey Sheriff's Department Number

Several Yancey Count residents have reported getting phone calls from a number that matched that of the sheriff's office, and the caller wanted to verify credit card information. The Calls started on Wednesday.
On cell phones, the caller ID showed up 682-2124, the number of the sheriff's office. On land lines, the word's Yancey County Sheriff's Office were displayed.
Callers reported that a prerecorded message would play. It said their credit card had been used and information was compromised. The recording asked card holders to repeat their card information for verification.
Sheriff Gary Banks said no one from his office will ever ask for such information. He says the only time a prerecorded message is used is to quickly notify residents about immediate threats or warnings in the area.
If you receive a call, do not confirm any information, including credit card information, address or name. Hang up and notifying the Sheriff's office.

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