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Donna Hughes (posted 3/6)
Kathy Hensley and the boys, Ryan Ray, Thelma Williams, Anna Waldroup, Buddy and Eugene Stump, the O.B. Fox family, the Blankenship family, Donna Hughes, and William English. (posted 3/5)
O.B. Fox, Donna Hughes, and all the people who are feeling lonely. (posted 3/4)
Lisa McKinney, Phillip Jones, Beulah Beam, our nation, and Farrell Hedrick. (posted 3/3)
The Dorothy McCurry family, and Kaitlyn Carroll (posted 3/2)
Dennis Tipton. (posted 3/1)
Matt Callahan (posted 12/17)
Unspoken request, Matt Callahan, and the Ethel Ledford family. (posted 12/15)
Dean Miller, many unspoken prayer requests, and someone has a great need of prayer. (posted 11/13)