(To submit a prayer request email dennis@wkyk.com)
Clyde Tipton. (posted 10/23)
Kay Proctor. (posted 10/21)
Gene Miller, and the family of Gladys English. (posted 10/20)
Gene Miller. (posted 10/19)
Gladys English, Kathy Sue Hensley, Sammy and Harley Hensley, Yvonne and Pam Bells and family, DJ Norton, Anna Waldroups and family, Nick Giardina, Ryan Ray, and anyone who has constant pain. (posted 10/16)
Unspoken object of prayer, Vanita Ayers, some very special unspoken requests, Phillip Jones, Ray McKinney, J.J. Jones, the Lawrence Jones family, and revival at Sullins Branch. (posted 8/26)
Eddie Ballard, and 2 special unspoken prayer requests. (posted 8/13)
Rosemary Riddle, Martha Rathburn, and unspoken requests for 2 people, on that has cancer and one had back surgery. (posted 6/23)