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Peyton McKinney, J.R. Toler, and the Bill Fox Family. (posted 9/22
Bruce Ledford, Earl Queen, and Lorraine Ledford. (posted 9/19)
A very special unspoken request, Bill Fox, and Kathy Briggs. (posted 9/18)
A very special unspoken prayer request. (posted 9/17)
Gene and Sandy Miller, Wanda Renfro, and Bill Fox. (posted 9/16)
Unspoken object of prayer, Vanita Ayers, some very special unspoken requests, Phillip Jones, Ray McKinney, J.J. Jones, the Lawrence Jones family, and revival at Sullins Branch. (posted 8/26)
Eddie Ballard, and 2 special unspoken prayer requests. (posted 8/13)
Rosemary Riddle, Martha Rathburn, and unspoken requests for 2 people, on that has cancer and one had back surgery. (posted 6/23)