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Alden Cannon, Beth McCoy, Kathy, Sammy and Harley Hensley, Jessica Holbert, Kim Duncan, Marylyn Oakley and family, Donna Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fox, Leona Whitson, Royce Whitson, Alice Crain, Harold Chandler, and Nellie Chandler. (posted 10/20)
Alden Cannon, Beth McCoy, a couple of unspoken prayer requests, Eddie Ballard, and James Riddle. (posted 10/19)
Kim Duncan, unspoken request, Alden Cannon, Beth McCoy, an unspoken prayer request, Amy Murphy, an unspoken request, Eddie Ballard, an unspoken prayer request, Kyle Boone, and for our country and churches. (posted 10/17) 
Eddie Ballard, Wilma Garland, all the ones that are sick, everyone that’s ever suffered from a bad mammogram, unspoken prayer request, and Roger Carroll, (posted 10/14)