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Pastor Jake Fender, Cody Tipton, Eddie Ballard, James and Doris Miller, for a pastor at Union Hill, and Jim Riddle. (posted 8/22)
Eddie Ballard, unspoken request for a family, 2 special prayer requests,  Pearl Buchanan, unspoken prayer request, the Lloyd Laws family, a young man who has congestive heart failure, and Roger Carroll. (posted 8/21)
Eddie Ballard, unspoken prayer request, and Borings Chapel Church. (posted 8/18) 
Eddie Ballard, and an unspoken prayer request. (posted 8/17)
Doris and James Miller, a church in need of a pastor, Jim Riddle, everyone that is sick today, Steve Murphy, Tyler McFarland, special object, and Eddie Ballard. 
 Martha Pitman, David Whitson and his family, and Eddie Ballard. (posted 7/4)
David Whitson and his family, Eddie Ballard, Shelby Parker, Eddie Johnson and Steve Murphy. (posted 5/17)
Eddie Ballard, Richard Robinson, Quentin Austin, several lost people and some unspoken prayer requests, Rosie Clark, Gene Stump, and Thurlene Ledford. (posted 2/22)
Betty Sue and Kenneth Wilson, Alan, James and Doris Miller, preacher Tommy and Pansy Hensley, James Riddle, Fay Robinson, and Richard Robinson. (posted 2/21)