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David Welsh, Vicky Byrd, Floyd Ayers, and Desiree Brown (doctors say unless a miracle takes place it could be 5 weeks before she comes out of her coma, pray for a miracle) (posted 3/27)
Rosemary Riddle and her family (posted 3/26)
 A family in turmoil, Dean Murphy, Desiree Brown, Donna Hughes, and Frieda Whitson. (posted 3/25)
Lost loved ones, unspoken request, and Timmy Fox. (posted 3/24)
Dean Miller, Desiree Brown: she’s improving little by little, pray that she’s accepted to the Shepherd’s Center in Atlanta tomorrow. (posted 3/23)
Special prayer request sent by email, printed as sent. "Please pray that my mum is healed miraculously from cancer which has occurred in her colon and abdomen.  Please also pray that the blockage in her colon is reversed so that she does not require surgery". (posted 3/11)
Matt Callahan (posted 12/17)
Unspoken request, Matt Callahan, and the Ethel Ledford family. (posted 12/15)
Dean Miller, many unspoken prayer requests, and someone has a great need of prayer. (posted 11/13)