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Betty Sue Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, James Riddle, and continue to pray for Milo Lyons. (posted 5/5)
Milo Lyons, Carl Butler, Clifton McCurry, Natasha Hullett, Melanie Shell, Betty Sue and Kenneth Wilson, James Riddle, Union Hill FWB Church, and the Honeycutt family. (posted 5/3)
Natasha Hullet, Clifton McCurry, Melanie Shell, Carl Butler, Betty Sue & Kenneth Wilson, and James Riddle and his church. (posted 5/2)
Much needed prayer, Betty Sue Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, and James Riddle. (posted 4/29)
Prayer request for some people who are sick, Marvin Silvers, Geneva Honeycutt, and Kay Proctor. (posted 4/21)
Unspoken prayer request, and Geneva Honeycutt. (posted 4/20)
Carolyn Honeycutt. (posted 4/18)
Unspoken prayer, Gladys Buck, Richard Robinson, unspoken prayer request, and Linda Deyton. (posted 4/13)