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Amy Murphy, and 2 unspoken prayer requests. (posted 7/31)
Gladys English, Kathy Sue Hensley and sister Janie, Anna Waldroup, Buddy and Jessica Stump, D.J. Norton, Sybil Carter and family, Jason Cameron, Teresa Stevens, special unspoken prayer request, Barbara Sparks, and Bill Fox. (posted 7/30)
The Byrd family (posted 7/29)
The family of Tonya Buchanan. (posted 7/28)
Ernie Peterson, Ronnie, Shirlynn and family. (posted 7/27)
Eddie Ballard. (posted 7/25)
Rosemary Riddle, Martha Rathburn, and unspoken requests for 2 people, on that has cancer and one had back surgery. (posted 6/23)