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Yvonne Thomas*, Benny Phillips, and Sara Gurley. (posted 11/24)
Yvonne Thomas, Sammy and Harley Hensley, Kathy Sue Hensley, Jessica Stump and her dad Buddy, Nellie Chandler, Marilyn Oakley and family, Eugene Stump, Kathleen Ponder, Judy Edwards, Betty Sue Wilson, and James Riddle. (posted 11/20)
Yvonne Thomas, Daniel Brewer, Jr. and all the other troops that are in Syria fighting, Indian Creek Church, Lee Andrews, and Sara Fox Gurley. (posted 11/19)
Yvonne Thomas, Patsy Gouge, Lee Andrews of McDowell County, Ray Letterman’s family, Sara Clark and Randy Clark and their unborn son. (posted 11/18)
The Martha Rathburn family, Arhur Lee Huskins, Lisa Street, and Ann Street. (posted 9/8)