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Daughton McFalls, unspoken prayer, Tucker Jones, and Roosevelt Briggs. (posted 4/23)
A very special unspoken request, Debbie Kisten, Garland Wheeler, Desiree Brown: daughter of Dwayne Brown of the Simple Faith Quartet (she is having tests today and tomorrow to see how far out of a coma she is. If her numbers aren’t up she may be sent home from the center in Atlanta. Pray that she will come out of the coma before the first of the month.) (posted 4/20)
Wayne Garland and his family, and Garland Wheeler. (posted 4/19)
Stella Rice, Kathy, Sammy, and Harley Hensley, Buddy Stump, Bonnie Burleson, Winda Lea Hensley, Dorothy Honeycutt, Eugene & Geraldine Stump, and William English. (posted 4/10)
Matt Callahan (posted 12/17)
Unspoken request, Matt Callahan, and the Ethel Ledford family. (posted 12/15)
Dean Miller, many unspoken prayer requests, and someone has a great need of prayer. (posted 11/13)