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Cody McKinney, Betty Sue and Kenneth Wilson and Allen Wilson. (posted 2/4)
Thelma Ayers, Richard Robinson, Joan Black, and Betty Sue and Kenneth Wilson. (posted 2/3)
Betty Jean Wilson, Kenneth Wilson and Allen Wilson, James Riddle, and an unspoken prayer request (posted 2/2)
Phillip Jones, Eddie Ballard, and Clifton McCurry. (posted 2/1)
Charlie Wilson. (posted 1/31)
A lady that’s going in for cancer tests today and for surgery tomorrow, and Ken O’Shields family. (posted 12/21)
Yvonne Thomas*, Benny Phillips, and Sara Gurley. (posted 11/24)
The Martha Rathburn family, Arhur Lee Huskins, Lisa Street, and Ann Street. (posted 9/8)