Shoes That Look Good and Are Good for You at Main Street Shoes

You will be amazed how many shoes there are  at Main Street Shoes. You step into the store thinking it is just a small shop but are pleasantly surprised by all the different styles of shoes. You will find that you don't necessarily have to go to the big city to find a nice pair of shoes. Located on West Main Street in Burnsville,  Denise Collier opened Main Street Shoes in the fall of 2016. Her goal is to provide the people of this area  shoes that not only look good but are also good for you--and your feet.

Denise 's family has lived in this area for over 30 years. Denise graduated from Mountain Heritage High School, went on to college and a career as a dental hygienist. When the office she was working in was sold, she decided she didn't want to work or relocate to another community. She thought about how she could stay in Yancey County and as a Dental Hygienist she liked knowing that what she did contributed to a person's good health. That's when she realized that good shoes are also very important to a person's good health.   A shoe store would be a great asset for the community and a good way for her to stay close to home while helping people in the community to feel good. 

When she found the shop on West Main, it had not be open in a while so the first thing she did was remodel. True to her belief of helping the community and shopping local, she purchased everything she could for the remodel locally. Denise said all the other  businesses in the community have welcomed her and have been very supportive of her new venture.  To get local people to shop her store, Denise knew that she had to offer a variety of different shoes and boots and needed to keep them in an affordable price range.  Generally shoes are in the $30 to $70 range with some Dansko boots ranging as high as $185. "I really appreciate all the people who shop my store before going out of town,"  said Denise, "You'll find I have quality shoes that offer comfort and support, so they are good for your feet and the prices are just as good as you will find in the big cities".


As a small independent business Denise understands the importance of helping other independent businesses and carries that philosophy into what shoe companies she supports.  She buys from shoe companies such as V-italia, which is a small family operated company using soft European leather with hand stitching. The Ryka Company, owned and operated by women, making only womens' shoes for 25 years.  Independently owned Bernie Mev and  Dansko which is 100% employee owned are two more. Other companies such as Revere, she chooses because  they have orthotic friendly shoes including ones that allow people to insert  their own custom orthotics. It is important to have shoes that are good for your feet  like the original earth shoes and shoes and socks that help bunions and plantar fasciitis. She carries the original memory foam shoes because they have better support than newer ones.  "I like to find shoes that are good for medical professionals and others who are on their feet all day, " said Denise. Also Main Street Shoes has Sockwell socks  which offers a moderate compression sock that nurses love.   "I've found that a lot of people have various problems with their feet and I love being able to help them find a solution, " said Denise.

Along with a wide variety of women's shoes, everything from dress  to work to casual to tennis shoes, sandals and boots Denise carries Men's "Dude" shoes and plans on adding children's shoes in the future. Also in the store is a selection of men's hats and caps and ladies' scarves and local handmade jewelry for accessorizing. 

There's a sign in the store that says "A new pair of shoes can change your life".  Whether they bring relief to your feet or they put a spring in your step, new shoes can leave you feeling good and that's what Denise wants. 

Main Street Shoes is located  at 120 West Main Street, across from the Yancey Theatre  in Burnsville and is open Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 am to 5 pm. Go to their Facebook page or call (828) 284-6036 for  Main Street Shoes.


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