Speeding Thru Town

As I read on the news page that Chief Buchanan reported that his department had thus far issued 216 citations and that speeding had decreased, I thought First of all I guess it matters where you live in Burnsville, as well as who you are Because I certainly Don't see no difference on the road where I reside on in town limits. Second I thought some people who have lived here all their lives along with past generations every since Yancey County And Burnsville became a County and Town some have pleaded with the Police Department to do something about the speeding, littering as well as destruction of property by spinning through a section of ones property With little results from police departments Third I read on news page that a couple of people had commented that the speeding problems were decreasing, amazing then I recalled how that some people and business owners come to town meeting complaining about the speeding problem as well as drivers not letting pedestrians cross, along with signs leading to public parking WOW did the mayor put things in motion quickly assigned an officer to walk the beat, It is my opinion that if this had been a group people that was Born Here as well as their descendants and paid taxes had brought these same problems before the board we would got the answer we will do our best but because of who these people are who have moved in and taking over they got the ball rolling quick. As for pedestrians crossing what are all the crosswalks for? The visitors think they can just step out in the road anywhere and expect drivers to stop on a dime they must think they are special. The citations that has been issued according to the chief I wonder were they town tickets if so there is no Database to keep up with citations, these tickets put no points on liscense or Insurance only a fine what does this teach anyone? Town police can also issue State Tickets" But Rarely do" that will put points on your license and Insurance that's money for the ticket, money for points on Insurance and something on one's driving record that would allow any law officer to see what they have been written up for in the past. In my opinion this would have more impact. I also wonder if it depends on who your parents are or relatives,  or whether you are a democrat or republican determines whether some have to pay town tickets or might  they hear I will take care of it Remember they have no database so only a select few know-" I don't know this goes on" however favoritism has shown it's head in our County and Town before. This is my  opinion  also anyone reading this has the right to agree or disagree.

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