Stop Fracking in NC, Property Rights Threatened

Hydraulic fracturing involves injecting a witch’s brew of water laced with a range of toxic chemicals, including known carcinogens, and sand, which is injected down a well, under high pressure, to fracture rock. This process generates contaminated wastewater that is often pumped underground in order to get rid of it. Geologist and the journal Geophysical Research Letters have linked earthquakes in Ohio, Texas and Oklahoma to fracking. New research from the National Academy of Science leaves little doubt that drinking water near fracking sites are contaminated with toxic chemicals. Please do your own research about the dangers. The only ones saying this is safe are scientist working for gas companies. State representatives are willing to risk North Carolina's water, its land and the health of its people, by allowing hydraulic fracking for gas. All for just a 12 day national supply of gas ( the U.S. Geological Survey estimate of natural gas in N.C) . The job projections are laughable because no one knows. Those like you are saying thousands of jobs yet the the DENR report projected drilling activities in the 59,000-acre Sanford sub-basin would sustain an annual average of 387 jobs over seven years, peaking with 858 jobs in year six. Commerce chiefs noted the drilling jobs are temporary, and the demand will dry up once the maximum number of wells has been drilled. Most jobs are highly skilled and will likely be given to people from out of state. One very important fact that many people are not aware of is " Compulsory/Forced pooling". This a process whereby the Oil & Gas industry takes the property rights of citizens that refuse to sign a lease, by force of law. If your neighbors who own land leases that land to the industry and you refuse to lease your land to them, the industry takes over your property against your will. the present law in N.C. SB820, part 5, section 4a, paragraph b & b1 on page 18, states that a driller who does not have surface rights to a property can give the property owner a 30 day notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, after which time the driller can send crews to the property to survey, cut timber, put in roads, pipelines , storage tanks even locate a well on your property all against your will. To add insult to injury, paragraph b1 makes YOU responsible for the workers safety while they are on your land. The Legislature is not addressing property rights during the short session because they are afraid that they will be voted out of office if citizens realize that they are giving the Oil & Gas industry the property rights of the citizens of N.C. Compulsory/Forced Pooling is unnecessary, unwanted and un-American !! So for 12 days of gas, under 400 jobs the GOP lead state house is willing to destroy our water, risk our land and throw land owners rights out the door. Makes you wonder who the Koch Brothers got to doesn't I hear many of you complain about the rights that our national government are taking away. I say you better be just as concerned about you state GOP reps. TELL THEN NO FRACKING IN NC.

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