Students Receive Early Childhood Certification

For high school students who will work with young children on a weekly basis health and safety training is imperative. What would you do in an emergency situation? If you are a student enrolled in the Early Childhood I and II-Honors course at Mitchell High School you would use what you learned in your American Heart Association BLS class. 

Early Childhood Education students are studying the fact that careers in this area must complete certain health and safety training requirements in order to directly care for and oversee children. In addition, to be prepared to enter a preschool or K-2 classroom setting during the internship portion of this course students had the opportunity to complete training in First Aid, CPR and AED use. Training was provided by Jamie Potter an American Heart Association Instructor. During the training held in Early Childhood Education at Mitchell, Mr. Potter trained students to promptly recognize several life-threatening emergencies, give high-quality chest compression's, deliver appropriate ventilation's and provide early use of an AED. The students were able to practice life-saving CPR on an adult and infant mannequin. When asked about the certification Mrs. Lynn Walker said "I think it's important that my students are prepared for their internships by having the same training as the teachers in the child care classrooms. This helps them have a realistic outlook on the world of work." These certifications are required in NC for all teacher and assistants working in child care establishments and highly recommended for anyone working with children. Congratulations to Mrs. Walkers Early Childhood I and Ii students who are now CPR/AED certified by the American Heart Association.

Congratulations to these students for an important certification that will help them in the future. Their certification is good for 2 years. Students certified are: Erika Garland, Anna Hoilman, Karina Munoz-Leco, Orla Pendley, Megan Dellinger, Caitlin Duncan, Emma Duncan, Kerri Honeycutt, Sarah Laughren, Carein Miller, and Katelyn Wilson.

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