Too Much Salt

I also would like to thank D.O.T workers for the fine job they do. They need to be able to use what ever means they have to keep the roads safe.Elected officials have no business telling the D.O.T. what to use on roads.They are trying to appeal to a few who worship a car and not the safety of the people.

You can't put salt on a gravel road. You can only use a motorgrader to clear it. I haven't seen any salt put down when no bad weather was in the forecast & they have pretreated a few times before it was predicted to hit but not for no reason at all. Yes, there has been a lot of salt on the roads but I think the DOT has done a wonderful job. I have to go to work regardless of the weather & I can't say I haven't gotten caught in it a few times but I always pass two or three trucks trying their best to get a handle on it. Just thank God that it has stopped snowing for a few days & also thank him for the rain. It has washed the salt off. And while I'm at it, why don't you try praying for the state workers when the weather is bad. I'm sure they would appreciate it.
Why so much salt on hwy 19E. Salt is put on dry roads time and time again,even though no snow or sleet is forcast. I'm sure a lot of the gravel roads could use it .we have 3 more months of possible bad weather, save some for then.

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