Health Department's 5 R's of Rabies Prevention

The Mitchell County Health Department encourages everyone to practice "Responsible Pet Ownership" by following the 5 R's of rabies prevention. (1) Rabies Vaccination...have your dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies and keep their vaccination up to date. (2) Remove food from your items left outside will attract wild or stray animals that may have rabies. (3) Restrict your pets to your property...this will lesson the likelihood that your pets have contact with sick animals. (4) Receive prompt care from your medical provider if you are bitten by an animal. (5) Report animal bites and unusual animal behavior...such as refusal to eat or drink water, staggering walk, sick wasted look or extremely aggressive or passive behavior.  For more information call your local health department. In Yancey County call 682-6118.  In Mitchell County call 688-2371.  (update: The new North Carolina rabies law allows an owner 5 days to get their pet vaccinated after an encounter with a rabid animal.)

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