Watch Out for the Crews

Country Cablevision now has crews installing high speed internet lines in the Bakersville area on White Oak Road and downtown in Mitchell County.  In Yancey County, crews are working on Jacks Creek, Highway 80, Mountain Trail; 19E East, and Mica Springs. Please drive carefully and watch out for these line crews along the roadsides.

Yancey Animal Shelter will open Thursday

The floor renovation project is running 2 to 3 days behind schedule. This has been a very difficult environment being there are so many corners and kennels to work through. Much of the floor grinding has had to be competed by hand which has taken tremendous time and effort. We realize this has been difficult for folks who have found stay animals and indeed tough on the animals needing sheltering. However we are just simply not in a position to reopen Monday as we had planned. The decision to keep the shelter closed until noon on Thursday, September 25, 2014  has been made. This will allow ample time for the epoxy to cure and for our cages to be rebuilt and reassembled without rushing and possibly damaging the new flooring surface. We have made a sizable investment in our floors. We must now make prudent decisions on using it.  (Tim Tipton, Yancey Humane Society)