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Deyton January Super Students

Deyton Elementary School recently recognized Super Students for the month of January.  These students were chosen by staff members for outstanding effort in the classroom, kindness to others, and good behavior. Front Row:  Maria Velazquez, Skylar Lowery, Ian Burleson, Phoenix Presnell, Gabriel Watson, Abby Richardson, Addison McEntire, Daniel Biddix. Back Row:  Kiarra Shofield, Kassie Robinson, Ashley Barajas, Reagan Sparks, Lacy Taylor, Emree Hoilman, Tim Hollifield, Damien Riddle, Malachi McMahan. (clck headline for enlarged pic)

Bowman Middle Academic Scholarship & Citizenship for Dec/Jan (Details)


Bowman Reading Excellence

The following students have achieved reading excellence for the first semester-most have officially read 2000-3000 pages or more and they can only include the books they have finished in that number.  First 9 weeks: Jacob Bryant, Dallas Robinson, Colton Brown, Kirstine VanBrederode, Nathaniel Robinson, Gabe Rathbone, Jess Ledford, Miles Harriss, McKayla Wiseman. Second 9 weeks: Colby Painter, Tyler Brooks, Megan Yelton, Morgan Greene, Hudson Renfro, Gabi Hippi, Zeb McKinney, Elijah Vanmortle, Grace Conner.

Local Winners at Art Museum

Congratulations to Mackenzie Douglas! The Asheville Art Museum has announced the recipients of the Western North Carolina Regional Scholastic Art Awards. Harris Middle School student Mackenzie Douglas received an honorable mention award for her art work which will be on (more)

WorkKeys Reward Luncheon

In November all seniors at Mitchell High School took the state mandated ACT WorkKeys assessment.  The WorkKeys assessment helps students determine the skill levels required for various jobs.  Successful completion of ACT WorkKeys assessments can lead to earning the (more)

Bowman Middle School Academic Excellence 2nd Nine Weeks (Details)


Deyton Elementary Receives $15,000 Grant

Deyton Elementary School has been awarded a $15,000 Play Construction Grant from Dr. Pepper, Snapple and the National Non-Profit Kaboom.  This grant money will be used to purchase and install a new piece of playground equipment for Deyton Elementary School.  Principal Jennifer Gregory said about the grant, "We are very excited about making improvements to our playground.  We want our students and the community to have a fun and safe place to play."  "We appreciate the work of our PTO in helping us to receive this funding and look forward to working with the entire community on this project."  

Mitchell Seniors Honored

On Thursday, January 22, the Rotary Club of Spruce Pine honored Mitchell High
School Seniors of the Month. Mitchell High School Counselor, Grant Sparks, introduced four outstanding seniors: Jenny Zheng, Whitney Ledford, Duncan Nielander, and Breanna (Bre) Jackson. Jenny Zheng spoke of her leadership roles on Student Council, Future Business Leaders of America, and Young Patriots (more)

ETSU President Visits Mitchell High

Mitchell High School was honored to have ETSU President Dr. Brian Nolan and his staff visited the school on Wednesday, January 21st. 

Rotary Recognizes Mitchell Seniors

On November 20, at the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Spruce Pine, Grant Sparks, counselor of Mitchell High School presented three outstanding seniors: Samantha Ledford, Marissa Trull, and Devon Hoyle. Samantha Ledford began her presentation with a quotation that merits repetition: “Failures are a part of life. If you don’t fail, you never learn. If you never learn, you (more)

Mitchell County Schools Heart of Service Award

The Mitchell County Schools leadership team announced the initiation of the Heart Service Award at the January 12th regular scheduled Board of Education meeting. The objective of this recognition is to highlight support staff and volunteers who demonstrate hard work, a great (more)

Update on Mitchell County Schools

Happy New Year and I hope everyone has a healthy, safe and great 2015!  As we conclude semester number one with the Mitchell County Schools I am pleased to report we are having a fantastic school year.  With the end of the first semester completes the first grading cycle, end of course testing at the high school went smoothly prior to break, report cards have been released and we are (more)

Mitchell County Ranked as One of Top Ten Best School Districts in NC

Best Public School Districts ranks 8,738 school districts based on dozens of key statistics and 4.6 million opinions from 280,000 students and parents.  A high ranking indicates that the district contains great schools with exceptional teachers, sufficient resources, and a diverse set of high-achieving students who rate their experiences very highly.  Congratulations to the Mitchell County Schools who rank number #9 out of  100 districts in NC through this study.  more

Bee Day at Gouge Elementary

The Mitchell County Farm Bureau has purchased American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, Book of the Year; “The Beeman” by Laurie Krebs and related activities for K-2 grades. These books and activities will be donated to Mitchell County local libraries in Spruce Pine and Bakersville and the libraries at the elementary schools. "The Beeman" by Laurie Krebs is an excellent way to introduce students to honeybees and pollinators. The book describes how beekeepers care for their bees, the different kinds of bees (drone, queen, worker) as well as shows the reader how bees help us pollinate. Finally, the story covers how bees make honey for us to enjoy!
To introduce the book and the related activities the Farm Bureau Women’s group hosted a Bee Day at Gouge Elementary school. Members of the Women’s group read the “The Beeman” to the entire 2nd grade and provided several activity stations to walk students through concepts related to beekeeping. The activity stations used vocabulary, math, poetry, science, and honey tasting to introduce agricultural topics to young learners. A local Beekeeper, Rick Harty was also present with an observation hive, a bee hive, tools and equipment used by beekeepers, to answer questions about bees. The students ended the day with a better knowledge of bees and lots of goodies to take home.

Learning Links Grants

Congratulations to  teachers at Deyton Elementary were notified yesterday that they had received Learning Links grants. Kristie Autrey: $500 for  Reading A-Z/Raz Kids program fro 3rd grade students. Rhonda Franklin:  $800 for 4th grade students to go to the Biltmore House in the spring. Amy Thomas:  $638 for the purchase of books and an Apple TV for a project where students will make book trailers (like a movie trailer) about their books for other kids to watch and decide if it is book that interests them.

ServSafe Certification

Foods II Enterprise students recently completed the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Program. This is a nationally recognized program that focuses on the numerous components of Food Safety within a Food Service environment. Once certified these students will be able to apply their skills and knowledge of Food Safety in the rapidly expanding Food Service industry. This certification (more)

Mitchell HOSA Leadership Conference

Eight Mitchell High School HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) members from attended the Fall 2014 HOSA Leadership Conference at Mars Hill on Monday, October 13. While they were there they learned everything they needed to know to prepare them for the (more)