Bringing the Orchard to Life
Beth Deyton’s first grade students at Clearmont Elementary School enjoyed “Bringing Learning to Life” during a recent study on apples. During this integrated unit of study many books about apples, both fictional and non-fictional, were read. Through this reading the children learned who Johnny Appleseed was and found out that it was his life-long mission to help others discover the wonders of his favorite fruit, apples! Activities that the children participated in during this study included illustrating the life cycle of an apple tree, creating apple puppets and participating in the art form of pantomime by showing the correct way to pick an apple from a tree. Additionally, students wrote stories about apples and worked on the skill of solving word problems that involved apples.

At the conclusion of this study, the children went on a field trip to an apple orchard. During this visit students enjoyed taking a hay ride to see some of the different varieties of apple trees grown at the orchard. They learned about the importance of bees in orchards and even got to see a colony of them. The children also enjoyed picking apples from the trees, drinking apple cider, peeling apples, learning about Monarch butterflies and clogging and square dancing to live music. Some students were even lucky enough to get the chance to play the banjo!
This field trip truly brought learning about apples to life and was a fantastic way to end this unit of study!
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