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How incredible is this snowflake picture by Natasha Smith? You can contact her via Facebook.
Such pretty colors..and looks so peaceful too. Sunset over our mountains by Calvin Campbell.
Calvin Campbell captured this photo of the beautiful mountains after Thursday's snowfall.

Wednesday Morning

Here's one of the reasons I always carry my cell phone when walking the dog.
Beautiful sunset reminding us of the glory of by Calvin Campbell.
These beautiful sunsets never get old to me....Nick Hensley got this one driving home recently.
Here's a good reason for always having your camera handy..and looking up! That's how Natasha Smith captured this outstanding photo. Click to see another. You can contact Natasha on Facebook.
Give a little equal time to a beautiful female cardinal too. Photo by Natasha.
Is there anything more beautiful than a red cardinal in the snow? It's too hard to choose between so we are sharing several of Natasha's "snow bird" pics.
Natasha's daughter Brinkli Cheyenne is obviously learning a lot from mom as she took this great photo.
You must know Natasha Smith isn't going to let the snow go by without capturing beautiful photos of birds. Natasha can be contacted via Facebook if you would like prints.
This photo of the Burnsville Town Square with the First Baptist Church in the background taken by Gordon Higgins is one of the best we've seen from the recent snow.  Tranquility.
This weather makes it the perfect time to do like Amy Brown and Taz..snuggle up and take a nap!
Natasha Smith took this beautiful photo of a cardinal. Contact Natasha via Facebook. 

Sunset from Mt Mitchell

Veronica Gilley sent us this beautiful picture of the sunset from Mt. Mitchell.
So many good ones that it was hard to decide which to feature so we're putting them all on. Photo by Calvin Campbell.
Just incredible. Photo by Calvin Campbell.
Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) captured several of these.
So many outstanding sunsets almost every evening recently. 

Waiting for Santa

Cute little kitties waiting for Santa...
Can't resist posting this photo taken at Grandfather Mtn Sunday by Alexis Rowe of the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation. Love it!

Clear Creek Fire - Photo by Adam Hopson

Incredible bird photos by Natasha Smith. Don't know how she does it.  Click to see a couple more. Contact Natasha via Facebook.
Amy Brown took this photo of the Harvest Moon on Sunday 11/13/16.
Roll out early ad here's what you will see...or at least Calvin Campbell did on Election Day. Beautiful sunrise over the Black Mountains. 

Halloween Sunset

Calvin Campbell took this beautiful sunset photo on Halloween evening. 

Fall Photos (More)

Dan Barron took these beautiful fall photos while roaming the area last week. 

You are probably seeing a lot of these little guys around gathering nuts for the approaching winter season. If you would like a print you can contact Natasha via Facebook. 

Lenticular Clouds (More)

Doug Sudduth took these incredible photos the morning of October 13th when the weather was in transition. This view is looking south toward Mt. Mitchell and the Black Mountain range from  the Ledger community, Mitchell County. Bailey's Peak is visible in the foreground.

Getting There

Mother Nature is working on the fall colors. We are slowly "getting there". Calvin Campbell took this phoot Sunday from his front porch.
Here's a neat effect that Natasha Smith did on her butterfly photo. You can contact Natasha through Facebook. 
This photo was taken in summer when there were still fawns with spots. Just now getting it on here but just love those little spotted guys. Photo by Calvin Campbell.
It's hard to capture a photo of these little guys holding still but Natasha Smith did it! Click to see another hummingbird photo by Natasha. If you would like to buy a print contact Natasha on Facebook.
Here's another outstanding photo by Natasha Smith. If you would like to order copies or hire Natasha for events etc go to her Facebook page.
Spider Lillies in bloom!

Butterfly 4

This photo gives us a good look at this guy's little body and look at all the pattern in the wings. Perfect colors for fall. Amazing the many colors and patterns God put into our surroundings. Remember contact Natasha Smith on Facebook , she's the photographer!

Butterfly 3

Butterfly number 3 is another the blue on this little guy.  So pretty. Another great photo by Natasha Smith.

Butterfly 2

This is a Monarch butterfly. Rare to see..much less photograph. all of this series is a photo by Natasha Smith. 

Butterfly 1

Could not decide which of these beautiful butterfly pictures was the best so I decided to put them all on..we'll call it "A Study in Butterflies". Photos are by amazing photographer Natasha Smith. (you can contact her on Facebook for prints or photography services). Enjoy!

Garden Spider?

Yeah, it's a little creepy..but it's also amazing and beautiful. Photo by Lynn Worth.
Just stopping by for a visit...
This incredible picture of a Dragonfly was captured by Natasha Smith. Natasha also does the photos of Mitchell ballgames on the Mitchell County Sports pages. What great pictures and what great talent! To see the dragonfly up close and personal click on the one above. 
Braylee with one of her sunflowers that she grew all by herself! Before we cut this one, it was about 9 foot tall! Submitted by Ashley Robinson. We welcome your photos! Send to or or use button on this page. 

Three Kitties

How cute is this? Three little white kitties exploring a rail. Photo by Mildred Renfro. 

American Deer

I like the way Calvin captured the corner of the flag when taking the picture of this buck. A "good ole American deer". Photo by Calvin Campbell.
Taz taking it by Amy Brown. Send us your photos! Send to or

Rainbow in the Clouds

Sunshine and rain came together to make an unusual scene caught August 10th by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man).
Amazing sunsets every evening lately. Calvin Campbell caught this one on July 21st. 

Rainbow After Storm

Rainbow taken by Vivian Stevens after Storm on Upper Browns Creek 7/11/16

Rainbow Over Mountains

Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) caught this rainbow over the mountains on July 5th.

Sunrise from the Parkway (more)

Gayle Warren sent us 3 photos she took of sunrise from the Blue Ridge Parkway on July 7th. They were all outstanding. One is above, click on headline to see them all.


Hummingbird at Night

You never know what it going on outside after dark. Here's what Jodie Rhymer of Bakersville found at her house....

Beautiful Flowers

Summertime means beautiful flowers. This one captured by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man, go by and buy a bag of delicious peanuts, near Flick Video)

Sunset on Double Island

Sunset on Double Island June 24th. Submitted by Marsha' Gardner

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions....

What's a girl to do on a hot summer day when there are so many flavors to choose from and they all look good....
Love this time of year with all the pretty flowers. Photo by Calvin Campbell.
Amy Brown recently captured this beautiful sunset. Gorgeous. 
Love this time of year with the beautiful rhododendron blooms. This photo was taken by Becky Brannigan.
Can you find the bee in this beautiful white azalea?

Flower Bed

Annette Bigelow sent us this photo of her flower bed.
Love this time of year when the azaleas are blooming!

Bumble Bee

Beautiful photo sent to us of a bumble bee on a peach flower.

High Winds

High winds Saturday night led to power outages and some broken trees. This photo of where a big tree fell and destroyed a picnic table was taken by Shannon Robinson Honeycutt.
Another sure sign of spring..a beautiful red bud tree. Photo by Calvin Campbell.
Daffodils always mean spring!. The first official day is Sunday, March 20th. Forecast is for snow/wintery mix for Saturday morning...
Yep, he's spoiled..but when you're as good a dog as Gus is you deserve a blanket.
Beautiful view of the mountains taken from Comfort Place in Burnsville.
Here's my favorite way to see was beautiful Saturday morning February 27th against the bright blue sky. 
If the phone is busy, you will know why....

Snow Capped Mountains

Larry Gortnery took this beautiful picture this week in Mitchell County.
Photo taken at Flat Top in Yancey County on January 27th.
Calvin Campbell captured this sunset January 27th. If you see him around town tell him how pretty you think it is.
The view outside of our offices on Sawmill Hollow on Tuesday , January 26. Photo by Hope Robinson.
Here's a couple more Panther fans! Dozer (English Bulldog) and Stitch (Boston Terrier) are ready for the big game!
Robbie's Cam impression.

Polar Bear in Spruce Pine?

Some people may have thought a polar bear somehow ended up in Spruce Pine with all the snow......looks a lot like it anyway, doesn't it?
Katie Spencer Copley enjoying watching all those birds in the snow.
Cardinals were some of the many birds out looking for food in the heavy snow. Photo by Calvin Campbell.

Some of the Smallest Panther Fans

Ready for Super Bowl 50, triplets Gideon, Cassidy and Kenton looking great in their Panther gear! Dad and mom are Wesley and Ashley Broome. Send us your Panther fan pictures!
A beautiful morning on Coxes Creek.

Grandfather Mtn Sunrise

Ahead of heavy snow forecast to arrive tonight, Thursday morning's reddish sunrise above Grandfather Mountain advised sailors to take warning. Photo by Jim Morton, Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation
Sunrise from Spruce Pine Thursday morning.
Finally can count on January.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Wow. Calvin Campbell captured this on his Sunday morning walk, January 10th.  

Snowy Mountain

Calvin Campbell is always ready with camera in hand to take advantage of beautiful lighting and a pretty scene. He took this one on Monday afternoon.

Winter Sky

Calvin Campbell looked out the window last week and this is what he saw...beautiful.

Cold Weather Arrives

Not used to the cold weather this little kitty takes refuge under the covers.


Love our state bird. Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) took this photo late last year and shared it with us.

After Christmas

Christmas --a new toy, a big dinner and it's time for a nap....


Outstanding cloud formation caught by Calvin Campbell earlier this year. 
Sunset captured by David Wheeler.

Aw the Magic of Christmas!

Claudia Ray sent us this photo of her kitty cat, Nala checking out the Christmas tree!
Calvin Campbell took this outstanding sunset.

Beautiful Sunrise

Sunrise from the top of Horton Hill on November 13th

First Snow of the Season

Did you see the first snow of the season? Calvin Campbell did and took this photo of snow on the mountains.

End of Fall

One final fall photo by Calvin Campbell. A strange fall season with the rains and brown out but we ended up having a beautiful fall after all.

Sun and Clouds

Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) took this photo of the sun and mountains over the mountains. 

What Do You See?

Amy Brown took this outstanding photo.  It reminded her of a hippopotamus.

A Little More Fall

There are still a few pretty fall leaves around as in this photo by Kim Burleson.

Fall in the Mountains

Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) took these photos on 10/19 of area fall leaves. Stop and tell him (he's selling peanuts beside the Mexican restaurant) you saw them! Click to see more beautiful photos!


Panorama Shot of Trees

This doesn't do this photo justice. Doug Sudduth shot this as a 6 panel panorama of fall colors on Wing Road.Click to see a better view.

Welcome to Burnsville

Ha construction zone ends and another begins! That's how Burnsville looks these days...but just remember when all is done we are going to have some beautiful new roads! Also watch out for workmen, other drivers and those orange barrels!

Fall Morning

Fall morning from Becky's front porch.
We received this photo, taken in early October of "jelly fish" clouds.

Fall From Mt. Mitchell

Xan Robinson took these beautiful photos from Mt. Mitchell over the weekend. (more)


Rainy Fall Day

The rain didn't stop Calvin Campbell from capturing some of the fall color. 

Fall Color

Not too good a color this year so this photo was sent to us of last year's fall color...taken from Chestnut Hills in Burnsville.

Big Cat

For those who doubt there are still some large cats in our mountain area, take note of this sighting near Red Hill.

Strange Sky

Strange looking sky over Burnsville on the evening of September 27th. Photo by Calvin Campbell.

Who Needs an Umbrella?

Dean Ollis took this photo of a hummingbird in the rain.

Smokey the Bear

Smokey, one of Grandfather Mountain's resident bears, takes in the autumn sights, sounds and weather from the mountain's bear habitat. Fall color continues to spread throughout Grandfather Mountain. While the mountain's more prominent peaks feature the (mountain) lion's share of vibrant foliage, other locations, including the animal habitats, are also showing colorful signs of the times. Photo by Frank Ruggiero | Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation

It Is All About the Babies

Annette sent us this photo she took recently of a doe and her fawns. Also click to see another photo she took of baby turkeys.

Praying Mantis

This beautiful photo of a praying mantis was sent to us by Christina Shelton.
Look at that face. We've named her Lucy. Too many photos like this and I'll become a vegetarian. Looks like this mama is expecting.
Beautiful summer day in Burnsville.
Hard to get a photo without these little fellas running away. This one was captured by Calvin Campbell.
Beautiful little deer captured by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man--parked near Flick Video, go by and see him)

Moon Shot

This photo of the moon was taken by Christina Shelton

Evening View

This was the beautiful evening view from Comfort Place in Burnsville on August 31st.

Double Rainbow

This unusual photo was sent to us of the double rainbow over Spruce Pine August 13th.


Look who came to visit the other day.
Busy weekend for the bears...this visitor was at the Brannigan house at Overlook Drive Spruce Pine.
This bear was seen Sunday between Heritage Lumber and Subway in Burnsville. Can't help but wonder how he found a time when there wasn't any traffic...


Another great photo by Calvin Campbell!
Calvin Campbell took this great photo of a bumblebee. 
Doe enjoying some delicious apples. Photo by Calvin Campbell.

Wildcat Lake Lillies

We received this photo of the water lillies at Wildcat Lake. Send us your photos! Send using the button on right below or email to or 

Hungry Squirrel

Squirrels are all over the place this time of year. Regina Harris caught this hungry squirrel hanging on to his corn on the cob!
Calla Lillies, photo by Becky Brannigan. Beautiful.
Double rainbow over South Toe this morning. Photo by Jessica Roland.
The picture can't capture the beauty of the moment. Photo by Mary Wiseman.
This beautiful sunset was taken June 13th. Photo by David Wheeler.

Funnel Cloud?

May 28th Calvin Campbell looked out the window to see what appeared to be a funnel cloud over the mountain. Fortunately it wasn't!
BeaUruguay peonies in Loggers Ridge


Look at this amazing spider web...or is it a fish? Photo by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man--stop and get some peanuts, they're good!)
Check out this great photo of a chipmunk in a flame azalea bush. Great photo by Cassie Tipton. 
This is what we are seeing all through our mountains this time of year--beautiful rhododendron.
Find the cat....its Charlie and the May apples. We welcome your photos! Send to holly@ or or use the send pics below.
This outstanding sunrise happened one day last week. Incredible.

Cool Cat

Check out this Cool Cat...we enjoy photos of cool dogs, chickens, fish..whatever you've got! Send them to or or use the send pics button below on the right. That's "Sugar" sporting the shades. 
Here's a neat picture taken April 29th on Rebel's Creek by Liz Tinney.
Squirrels rule! Photo by Dean Ollis.
You know it is spring time in the mountains when the azaleas bloom.
This photo was taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway on April 26th.
Wow. Amy Brown got this beautiful sunset photo this week. 
How cute are these three? Adorable. These triplets were born to Wes and Ashley Broome on March 3rd. Left to right: Kenton, Cassidy and Gideon. Bruce on WTOE is the proud grandpapa!
Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) caught part of a beautiful sunset Friday evening, April 17th.
The dogwoods are beautiful this year!
Taz taking it easy. Photo by Amy Brown
Daffodils are always a welcome sign of warmer weather.
Turkeys showing off Wednesday morning.

What Kind of Bird?

Does anybody know what kind of bird this little red headed fella is? Photo by Calvin Campbell. Answer: Rena Buckley tells us that these are house finches, the red one is male, the other female. Louanna Delf says they are purple finches. Time to get out the bird book!

More Sunrise

That sunrise was beautiful everywhere Wednesday morning. This photo was taken from the Walmart parking lot in Spruce Pine.

Another Shot of That Outstanding Sunset

Beautiful sunset captured March 16th by Randy Ollis.

Sunrise over the Blacks

Calvin Campbell got this early morning picture on March 17th.

Beautiful Sunrise

We've been showing you the beautiful sunset from March 16th now let's look at this beautiful sunrise at Mitchell County DSS by Jodie Rhymer on the morning of  the 18th. To see those beautiful photos and more go to our Archives.

Sunset March 16th

Same evening as the previous two just a little earlier beforel it settled into the orange. Beautiful.

Beautiful Sunset

Here's another...

Gorgeous Sunset Mach 16th

Several people grabbed cameras and sent us photos of Monday night's beautiful sunset.

Sunrise Over Apple Mountain

Some pictures just give you a "Wow" moment. This is one of them. This was taken Monday morning.

Full Moon Rising

Calvin Campbell captured this eerie moon picture on March 5th.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Calvin Campbell took this beautiful photo the morning of March 4th. Oh what a beautiful morning and day that was (72 degrees that afternoon)!

Snow in Marion

Dean Ollis took this beautiful unusual photo of the snow in Marion last week. 


Dean Ollis took this great photo of a cardinal in the snow last week.

More Snow!

Somebody sent us this great looking snowman. Click to see more great snow photos.

Close Up

Now a couple of close up shots to give you an idea of the amount. (click for more)

February 26 Snow

Snow, snow and more snow. Click to see more photos.



Most rivers in our area have large patches of frozen areas. This photo was taken by David Gortney in Mitchell County.
David Gortney took this photo of the snow at Loafer's Glory.
One of many icicles currently hanging around our area. This photo was taken by Jordan Warren on February 19th. To get the full effect click on the picture.
Tuesday morning ice and snow makes for a pretty picture.
Calvin Campbell took this photo of the Blacks Thursday, February 12th. Look close and you'll see a little snow on the mountain top. 
Sunrise over Apple Mountain.
Mountains from Whitson's point of view
Stop by and tell The Peanut Man, Calvin Campbell that he did an outstanding job on this photo of the incredible sunset Wednesday evening December 17th.

Bus Lights

There are  lot of  beautiful Christmas lights around the area this year. Here's an unusual one that we were sent that is located a few miles beyond Clearmont Elementary School, right on Jack's Creek. 

Decorating the Tree

Isabel and Olivia decorate their Christmas tree.

Wednesday Morning Snow

A light snow fell on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) took this photo of the snow capped mountains. 
Someone sent us this photo they took of the train a few weeks ago on Whitson Branch Road.

Heavenly Sunset

Calvin Campbell captured this photo of the rays of the sunset pointing toward heaven. Beautiful.

Evening Sky

Stepped out of work Wednesday evening November 26th to this beautiful scene.
Here's another great photo by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man). Not sure if that is a yawn or a yowl..
Calm before the storm. This was taken just prior to the little snow storm November 1st.
Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) captured these fall photos. To see more click on photo. 


Snack Time

Amy Brown caught this little fella having a snack.
Here's our view at the radio station yesterday morning as the sunlight hit one tree left with a little color. Photo taken by the WKYK Morning Man!

Autumn Sunlight

Jordan Warren sent us this photo he took October 23 showing the autumn sunlight on the trees. Beautiful. Click to see full photo.

Fall by the North Toe

Doug Sudduth shared these great fall photos he took this week by the North Toe River near the Wing community. (click for more photos)

Who needs bouncy balls when you've got leaves! Good friends and a pile of leaves is all you need.
Bambi just dropped by Calvin Campbell's place looking for some lunch.
Patchwork quilt of fall colors by Calvin Campbell.
Fall decorations with some extra "pumpkins" .

Pumpkin Time!

Time to go out and get those pumpkins!
Calvin Campbell took this photo of fog on the changing Black Mtns. 
Fall is over but just had to share this spectacular photo we received. This double rainbow was spotted Thursday evening, October 9th in the Ingalls community.
Becky's Flowers gets into the spirit of the season with this decorated Case Knife truck near their shop on Hwy 226 South in Spruce Pine. 
Calvin Campbell captured this beautiful photo of the beginning of fall. You can see it in the shadows "fall is in the air".


A rainy summer has meant lots of mushrooms in the South Toe area of the county. This is a strange looking one that we saw the other day. Click on the headline to see what this same mushroom looked like a few days later. 
The Peanut Man, Calvin Campbell took this photo recently of the clouds (looks like snow) over the mountains. Stop by outside of Flick Video in Burnsville and tell Calvin your saw it (and get a bag of peanuts while you're there!)

Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar

It's not Halloween it's a Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar by Chaleigh Loftis.

Cardinal Flight

Baby cardinal captured in flight by Clavin Campbell, the Peanut Man. 
Fog hanging in the mountains. Photo by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man)
Beautiful flowers.
A dove and an Eastern Towhee enjoying a day in the sun. Photo by Calvin Campbell.
Beautiful Mitchell County. Land that we love. Photo by Larry Gortney
Yancey County looking toward Mt Mitchell. Photo by Becky Whitson.
Look who showed by Calvin Campbll (the Peanut Man)
View of Mt. Mitchell from front porch. Photo by Becky Whitson
Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) captured this sunset in mid August.
I've never seen an Aloe plant in bloom but Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) did!  Pretty.
Sunset in Burnsville August 15th. Beautiful. Notice the construction barrels look like lanterns. Click to see another beautiful view of this sunset. (more) Photos by Calvin Campbell.


Where we would like to be right from one of our "viewers" in Guam. (click pic to see better)
Beautiful Mitchell County. Photo by David Gortney
A walk in the Woods. Photo by Becky Brannigan
Flower Closeup. Photo by Allie.

Mt Mitchell

We were sent this photo from on top of our world..Mt Mitchell. (click for better view)
Summertime and gardens full of beans..these are Red Hill half runners.
This great photo was taken by the granddaughter of Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man who sends us so many good photos) at a recent trip to Douglas Falls. 
Our beautiful mountains. Photo by Calvin Campbell.
Spider lilies in bloom...
Calvin's been at it again..capturing this great shot of a butterfly in a flower. If you see him selling peanuts near Flick Video stop and tell him you saw this. While there buy a bag (they're great)!


Taz enjoying playing outside in the summertime.
Cabbage Patch Mountain in the South Toe community of Yancey County. Photo by David Grindstaff.
Would you have guessed this kitty belongs to a preacher? Look closely...
Notice this lily's unusual curled petals...
Lillies of all colors are blooming.......
Lillies are beautiful this time of year. Photo by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) .
Rainbow in Poplar. Beautiful.
Glenna McMahan took this photo of baby owls outside their home in Newdale!

Morning View doesn't get much better than this for a morning view. This is what Keith McCurry (Done Rite Lawncare) saw Thursday morning.
Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) got this great photo.

Peeking thru the Bushes

Love this photo of Sydney and Ezra McCurry hiding in the wild azalea bushes. Adorable and beautiful too. We love sharing your photos! Send them to or use the button on the right. 


Spring! Photo by Chaleigh Loftis, age 15, Thru The Lens Photography.

Full Rainbow

Wow..this full rainbow was seen in Bakersville Saturday around 8 pm.
Beautiful Bradford pear trees are in bloom all over the area.

Snow, Snow Go Away (more)

I know everyone wants the snow to go away but here's a few..hopefully end of the season snow pictures from Saturday night. (photos by Calvin Campbell)

More Snow Pictures (more)

More snow....

Spring Snow! (more)

It's spring but we woke up to a winter wonderland.
Opal takes advantage the spring weather Friday with a roll in the grass. 
Wow. Calvin Campbell took this photo of the clouds March 10th.
Here's another great photo of a dog enjoying the snow...this one was February 15th and his name is Johnny this picture.
Gotta love this picture taken this morning of a bluebird on an ice covered bush.

Cabin in Snow

Log home on Gouges Creek in Spruce Pine. Fingers crossed that this will be the last snow picture of the winter season!

Snow Dog

Not sure when this was exactly..but its a great looking dog and he reportedly loves the snow!
Amy Brown took this beautiful photo on March 4th.


Amy Brown took this beautiful picture February 25th.
Bella loves her new home!

Clouds Move In

Clouds moved in Friday afternoon, covering the mountain tops.

Fun in the Snow

Snow Gentleman and Beach Babe.
Lawson Higgins with Clifford the Big Red Dog he and his mother made on Thursday. More snow pictures.
Cruisin' their semi in the snow

Snow Wednesday Night (more pics)

Snow Wednesday night at 11 pm in Burnsville.
Dawson Dayton and his new snow buddy.
Bundle up snow's coming!
Sandi Biller sent us this photo of sunset at St Pete Beach, Florida....anybody wish they were there?

Brilliant Sunset

Amy Brown took this photo of the sunset February 7th.

Hiking in the Snow

Lourdes enjoying a hike in the snow.
Treetops in Avery County Thursday morning. Photo by David Wiseman.
Another great photo by Amy Brown. This one was taken on February 1st. 
Amy Brown got this beautiful photo on January 31st.

Standing Wave Cloud

Doug Sudduth took this outstanding photo of a standing wave cloud long after sunset looking toward Mt Mitchell. 
Winter on South Toe River. Photo taken on 1/26/14.
Connie Bruce sent us this photo of her driveway during the snow.

Snow Covered

We were sent this photo of a driveway covered in snow.

Icy Roads

Amy Brown took this photo of the icy roads.

Lenticular Clouds

Doug Sudduth took this photo of beautiful lenticular clouds against dark blue skies over Mt Mitchell and Bailey's Mountain on January 22nd. 

Snow Day

Donna and David Sink enjoying a day in the snow.

Snow on the Mountain

Looking toward Cattail Peak from my living room window. (Photo by Holly Hall.)

A Little Snow on the Mountains

It was a white Christmas at the higher altitudes, as Calvin Campbell took this photo Christmas Eve.


A cold frozen morning at Deer Park Lake, January 7th 2014.


David Grindstaff took this photo of some of the ice Monday.

Snow in Red Hill

This photo was taken by Larry Gortney in the Red Hill section of Mitchell County Monday morning.

Cloud Formation

Vivian Stevens sent us ths photo of these unusual and beautiful cloud formations.
Incredible sunset over Weaverville by Gene Hoilman.

It's Over!

Wives are not the only ones glad that deer season is over! Photo from Tim Hylemon. 
Caught this picture of Santa, resting after deliveries. (Woody Cunningham as Santa).
Beautiful photo of Black Mountains taken last week by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man)
Isabel taking ornaments off the tree!
Myles decorating the Christmas tree!

Lenticular Cloud

Doug Sudduth took this unusual cloud formation photo at sunset Monday evening. The cloud stayed over 7 hours in the various forms. To see animation click here.
Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) caught this picture of the sun lighting up the snow capped Black Mountain Range Sunday evening.
Sugar Hunt thinks the Christmas tree is the best hiding place.....

Fishing Day

A day of fishing fun. Jimmy McMahan (PaPaw) and grandson Liam McMahan. We welcome your photos emal or use button below.

Lightning Storm

Sara Young took this photo at 12 a.m. (midnight) on May 11th during a storm. Right when she took this picture, the lightning bolt struck causing the sky to light up as bright as daytime.
Clouds over Burnsville Tuesday morning. 

Pumpkins on South Toe Bridge

The wind was not cooperative on Halloween for the Pumpkin Bridge on Seven Mile Ridge Road, causing some of the candles to go out, but with pumpkins lined the full length of the bridge on both sides this yearly ritual has become an outstanding display of creativity and artwork.  (more)

Wooly Worm

In front of the radio station this morning......please be wrong.

Sun Through Trees


Beautiful rainbow as seen Wednesday morning outside classroom at Harris Middle School.

Double rainbow

Everybody's talking about the fabulous rainbows seen Wednesday morning all over the area. This photo was sent to us by someone on the way to work. 
Mountain range showing the beginning of fall colors.

Fall Color

Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) took this shot of fall color Sunday morning.

Fall Color

Trees on the Burnsville town square starting to show some fall colors.

Hornet's Nest

Check out this hornet's nest on a mowing machine

Black Mountain Range

Black Mountain Range from White Oak. Photo by Steve Hall.
According to Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man), "Spot" brought a friend for some red oak acorns instad of the usual apple breakfast.
Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) took this earlier in the summer. 

Yellow Fringed Orchid

This is a yellow fringed orchid, according to whoever sent this to us. Its probably not still blooming since it has been a while since it was originally sent kind of got lost in the big file of summer pics. Be sure to click on it so you can see just how beautiful this flower really is. 
Amy Brown took this beautiful photo recently.


Someone saw this sign at the Outer Banks,,, it reminded them of home.

Bear Picnic

Caught picnicking in Yancey County.....
Don't know who sent this in..but I love it. 

Signs of the Season

Farm on Jack's Creek.
Beautiful fall flowers

Parkway Open

The Blue Ridge Parkway is now open to Craggy Gardens. This picture taken 8/26 by Jason Penland Photography.
A familiar site this time of year..mama and her little fawn. Photo by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man)
How beautiful is this? David Grindstaff captured this photo just as the butterfly landed on the butterfly bush. 
Fantastic photo by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man). Beautiful.

Sky On Fire

Shannon Street took this photo of the "sky on fire" recently from the Micaville area.
Beautiful lily in pond.

Sister Love

Cotton and Socks showing some sister love.

Strange Visitor

Can anyone tell us who this strange visitor is that we had drop by the radio station recently? Okay, general consensus seems to be that this is a Imperial Moth. Thank you everyone for letting us know.
A lot of people saw this big, beautiful rainbow Friday evening as it came over Burnsville.Calvin Campbell sent us this shot (taken from his Peanut sales location at Flick Video).


A deer...or a giraffe?....stetching it out for some apples. Photo by Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) 

Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfall

Jason Penland sent us this photo of a small waterfall located in Yancey County near the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

More Flooding

Heavy rains Wednesday evening led to flooding in several areas. Pictured above is Lottie's Creek.  (more)

Beautiful Mountains

Calvin Campbell (The Peanut Man) took this photo of the Black Mountain range last week. Beautiful.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Its been raning cats and dogs..and pigs and chickens?

Ominous Clouds

Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) took this photo a few days ago of ominous clouds over the Black Mountains.
Amy Brown took this picture of a buzzard...waiting for dinner.
Koi fish loving the warmer weather.
Another beautiful cloud formation picture by Amy Brown.
Rhododendron bush at radio station.

Ready to Bloom

Rhododendron ready to bloom. Photo by Toni Marie Jobin
Amy Brown took this photo of the clouds Sunday.
Never get tired of seeing a beautiful rhododendren at its peak.
Toni Marie Jobin took this photo of the decorations on the Burnsville Town Square Saturday.

Flooding in Yancey County

A couple days of intermittent rain followed by a heavy thunderstorm Sunday afternoon led to heavy flooding in the Jacks Creek (pictured above) and Clearmont areas. Also minor flooding in Burnsville. (more)


Beautiful azaleas at their peak.

Beautiful Day

Charli Hensley took this picture of on a beautiful day in Yancey County last week.

Spring Flowers

Toni Marie Jobin sent us this photo of spring flowers.

Spring Flowers

Pretty spring flowers along the Blue Ridge Parkway. See more.

North Toe River

Doug Sudduth took this photo of the raging North Toe River late Monday afternoon after Sunday's flooding.  

More Flood Pictures From Around the Area

Hwy 80 South cleanup.  (more)

Riverside Park

Riverside Park flooded. (more)


Floodwaters at Altapass Road. (more)

Hwy 197 North

Heavy rains and flooding over the weekend took out this section of Hwy 197 North near Covey Rock Church. (more photos)

Beautiful Blooms

This pictureof phlox was taken near Little Switzerland. Click to see more incredible photos by this photographer.
You know summer is coming when you start seeing hummingbirds at the feeders. Photo by Lisa Miller.

Morning Storm Clouds

Wednesday morning storm clouds rolling in by Lisa Miller. Click on headline to get full effect of this great photo.

Unwelcome Visitor

Can you identify this visitor at the radio station this morning? Some people close to Sawmill Hollow Road may have heard my surprise when I went to open the door and he was sitting (hanging?... or whatever it is spiders do) at the handle. We chased him outside and took this photo.

What a Weekend!

Katie Spencer Coppley after a hard weekend....birds to chase, mice to catch.....

Celo Knob

Keith McCurry took this beautiful photo of Celo Knob.
Mortar & Pestle is the name of this beautiful quilt square that hangs at Bakersville Pharmacy. Click for more Quilt Squares.
Spring Snow on the Black Mountains. Photo by Calvin Campbell.

March Snowman

Sydney Edwards, Jordan Murphy and Ragean Boone loved the March snow and building this snowman.

Shepherd's Branch

Shephard's Branch Tuesday.

Spring Snow!

This bush shows how the snow is piling up in some areas.

Springtime in Mitchell County

Larry Gortney took this photo of springtime in Mitchell County.

Going Out Like a Lion

March came in like a lion and its looking like it will be going out that way too.
Snow weighing down the daffodils Thursday morning.
Thursday morning in Micaville.
Turkeys out for a stroll on Bolens Creek.

Evening Sun

Amy Brown took this beautiful photo Saturday evening.

Deer in Snow

Calvin Campbell took these neat photos during the snow. (more)

Snow on Mountain

Looking toward South Toe.

Snow in Burnsville

Amy Brown sent us this photo of Wednesday's snow in Bunsville.

Clouds over Black Mtns

Doug Sudduth took this from Ledger looking south at the Black Mountain Range and Mt Mitchell on Monday 3/4. (More)

Woody's Ridge

This photo was taken at the top of Woody's Ridge. (click on pic for better view)

Chestnut Mountain Road

After the ice storm on Tuesday on Chestnut Mountain Road. Photo by Susan Spruill.

Signs of Spring?

Amy Brown took this picture Wednesday showing the early signs of spring...

Ice at Swiss Pine Lake

Tree covered in ice at Swiss Pine Lake in Spruce Pine.

Seven Mile Ridge

We received this photo of ice on Seven Mile Ridge today. Beautiful..but scary. 
Larry Gortney took this beautiful photo last week.
Calvin Campbell took this photo just as the sun broke through the clouds last Thursday, Jan 31st.

February 3rd Snow

Amy Brown took this picture Sunday of the snow.

Hughes Gap Snow

Some places DID receive snow..and a lot of it last week...we received this picture of Hughes Gap Road in Buladean.

Snow Dust

Disappointment Friday morning for people who were wanting a little snow. There was only a  light dusting of snow in the higher elevations and not much at all in the valley. But there was snow at Bald Mtn, (more pics)


Amy Brown took this photo of some unusual cloud formations a few months ago.

Fabulous Sunrise

Another photo of that fabulous sunrise on December 23rd, this one taken by Amy Brown.

Red Sky in Morning, Sailor's Warning

Peggy Bailey took this photo of the sailor's warning December 23rd.
Beautiful photo taken Thursday morning looking at Celo Mountain. Photo by David Grindstaff.
We understand "Vixen" stopped by for a meal at Calvin Campbell's house after a long night of pulling Santa's sleigh.
Amy Brown took this photo of the beautiful sunrise Thursday morning, December 22nd.
The staff of WKYK and WTOE held their Christmas party on December 20th. Pictured left to right first row: J.Ardell Sink, Remelle Sink, Holly Hall, Nikki Presnell, Mary Wiseman, Michael Sink. Second row: Lee McFarland, Bruce Ikard, Dennis Renfro, David Grindstaff. 
Katie Spencer Coppley can hardly wait to open her gifts.

Waiting for Santa

Lil Man and Flea waiting on Santa. Photo by Calvin Campbell

Stone Mountain

Diane Edwards took this picture on a recent trip to Stone Mountain, GA. We welcome your photos! Send using button below or on  right or email or

Cozy Kitties

Sampson and Delilah curled up together for a cozy day at home. We welcome your photos! Send using button below or on right or email  or

Deer Visit First Baptist

We believe these deer were on the way to the North Pole to help Rudolph when they decided to take a break and stop by the First Baptist Church in Burnsville. Charlie Hensley was able to get this picture. 
Calvin Campbell (the Peanut Man) took this photo of the early morning sky Tuesday morning. Pretty.
Perfect photo of our beautiful mountains. Photo by Linda Brown.
Linda Brown took this photo of the fall leaves in a stream.

Halloween Sunset

Perfect orange glow for Halloween evening. Sunset captured by Amy Brown.
Calvin Campbell "The Peanut Man" took this October 31 from his porch, looking at the Black Mtns.

Four Wheelin'

With school out and snow on the ground, Keaton Hall took the opportunity  to do a little hunting and four wheelin'.

Snowstorm Photos

High winds and snow all over our area, with the heaviest snow in the Buladean area. Here are a few photos we have received. (more)

First Snow of Season

The first snow of the season moved into the area early Monday morning. Photo by Amy Brown.

Mexican Asters

They look like spring/summer type flowers but these are actually blooming right now. They are Mexican Asters. We welcome your photos...send to or or use the website button below.
Don't know how she does it..but here's yet another beautiful photo by Amy Brown. We welcome your pictures! Send to or or use button below on right.

Giant Spider!

Go by to see this creative Halloween decoration at Burleson Plumbing in Spruce Pine.
We received this picture of fall decorations in the Pensacola area.
Its real...believe it or not, no photoshop on this picture. Amy Brown recently captured this amazing evening sky.
Wednesday morning's view from the radio station in Burnsville.
Singing the national anthem? Photo by Steve Murphy
Calvin Campbell took this photo just before dark Sunday evening.

Alaskan Vacation (more pics)

This photo was taken by Dennis and Donna Hughes on an Alaskan Cruise they went on recently for their 50th Anniversary. 

Denny Woody captured this photo of a duck recently.

Morning Fog

Amy Brown took this photo of early morning fog on 10/4.