Election Home Mitchell County North Carolina

Sheriff (vote for 1)

Republican - Donald Gary Banks 
Democrat - Jeff Neill

Board of Commissioners (vote for 3)

Democrat - Jill Austin
Democrat - Johnny Riddle
Democrat - Jim Edwards
Republican - Byrl Ballew
Republican - Jeannette Maddox
Republican - Earl (Chip) Tipton

Clerk of Superior Court (vote for 1)

Democrat - Tammy Riddle McEntyre (Incumbent)

NC. House of Representatives District 118 (vote for 1)

Republican - Michele Presnell (Incumbent)
Democrat - Dean Hicks

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor (vote for 2)

Keith Boone
Russell Fox

NC State Senate District 47 (vote for 1)

Republican - Ralph Hise

US House of Representatives District 11 (vote for 1)

Republican - Mark Meadows
Democrat - Tom Hill

US Senate (vote for 1)

Republican - Thom Tillis
Democrat - Kay Hagan
Libertarian - Sean Haugh

NC Supreme Court Chief Justice (vote for 1)

Mike Robinson
Cheri Beasley

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice (vote for 1)

Eric Levinson
Robin Hudson

District Attorney - District 24 (vote for 1)

Republican - Seth Banks

NC District Court Judge 24th Judicial District (vote for 1)

Warren Hughes 

Court of Appeals Judge

Paul Holcombe
Mark Davis

Court of Appeals Judge

Donna S. Stroud

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice (vote for 1)

Bob Hunter
Sam J. Ervin IV

Court of Appeals Judge

Lucy Inman

NC Supreme Court Chief Justice (vote for 1)

Mark Martin
Ola M. Lewis

NC Court of Appeals Judge (vote for 1)

Marion Warren - Chuck Winfree - John M. Tyson - Elizabeth Davenport Scott
Tricia Shields - Jody Newsome - Marty Martin - Hunter Murphy - Keischa Lovelace
Ann Kirby - Abe Jones - Sabra Jean Faires - Daniel Patrick Donahue - J. Brad Donovan
Lori G. Christian - Jeffery M. Cook - Betsy Bunting - John S. Arrowood - Valerie Johnson Zachary

NC Constitutional Amendment (vote for or against)

Constitutional amendment providing that a person accused of any criminal offense for which the State is not seeking a sentence of death in superior court may, in writing or on the record in court and with the consent of the trial judge, waive the person's right to a trial by jury.