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Racing Results - 1/10/15

Greg from the race team. I was in Dillon S.C. on Saturday for their annual New Years Race that was rained out last weekend. There were 42 cars that started, and that's a huge field on a 4 tenths mile track. I qualified 23rd which was not where I wanted to be with that many cars on the track. After seeing the qualifying times there were a lot of cars that were running the same times, within thousandths of a second, as where I qualified. The race started and 4 cars crashed before they even made it to the start finish line. The race turned out to be more like a demolition derby than a race, everyone was racing like every lap was the last and there were so many cautions I lost count. I was involved in a crash before the halfway that tore up the car but was still raceable and wasn't all that bad. The front suspension was bent up and needed some serious adjusting and it was at the halfway break, 50 laps. When the second half started the front suspension was in much better shape, not perfect, but much better. I dodged many crashes and spins but through it all picked up damage along the way but was just cosmetic. With about 30 laps to go I lost oil pressure and shut the engine off and loaded the car in the trailer, our day was done. The engine gave no signs of damage, it was running fine and never acted like anything was wrong, but when I saw there was no oil pressure I couldn't take a chance on ruining the engine, It could have been a faulty gauge but I have too much in the engine to take the chance. The end result was a 22nd place finish, only 12 cars finished the race and a few of them were many laps down. I doubt I will run this race next year because there are too many cars on a small track and too many inexperienced impatient drivers that have no respect for fellow drivers. I think the trunk lid and the drivers door skin are the only panels on the car that don't have damage, so the car needs a lot of work, cosmetic and mechanical. I have video's of the race I am currently editing and will post soon.