All-Conference Football Players From Cane River
All-Conference football players in the Toe River Conference were announced following the conclusion on the Tri-County Bowl Tuesday Night at Avery High in Newland.
The following players were voted to the team by the league's six coaches: East Yancey-Brandon Buchanan, Adrian Boone, Devin Woody, Corey Presnell, Mike Bingham, Dathan Robinson, Seth Edwards and Trey Robinson—Bowman-Justin Greene, Dylan Jarrett, Todd Self, Alex McKinney, Michael Austin and Jordan Putman.—Avery—DC Braswell, Christian Hicks, Charity Ollis, Heath Woody and Bret Smith.—Cane River--Adam Shuford, Justin Keener, Caden Fox, Isaiah Buchanan and Calen Holmes.—Harris—Dustin Sparks, Jacob Yelton, Ben Young and Ben Robinson.—Cranberry—Kyle Taylor, Porter Cooke and Dustin Eudy.
Congratulations to all of these outstanding players and to all the young men and ladies who competed in the Tri-County middle school league this season.
By David Grindstaff
Cane River All-Conference Performers (Small)
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Cane River All-Conference Performers (Small)