Lonnie Mack Davis

Drug Arrest Ends In Chase, Three Charged

Mitchell County Deputies have arrested three Mitchell County people on numerous felony drug charges. Melinda Marie Chrisawn, age 48, of 291 Hannah Lane, Spruce Pine. Lonnie Mack Davis Jr., age 39, of 291 Hannah Lane, Spruce Pine. Gregory Alan Street, age 54, of 463 Sparks Road, Bakersville. All three face felony and misdemeanor drug charges. Street also faces numerous traffic charges.

Captain R.V. Wiseman advised several months of investigation came to a close on May 8. Davis and Chrisawn had been under investigation for the sell of methamphetamine and prescription pills. Captain Wiseman along with several other deputies had conducted numerous hours of surveillance and developing intelligence information on Davis and Chrisawn. Street came into the picture a couple of months ago.

Davis and Chrisawn had sold an undercover agent methamphetamine on prior occasions. Davis had also sold methamphetamine, morphine pills, and methadone pills to informants on different occasions. Some of the prescription drug and meth sales had taken place at a local factory during work hours.

Davis had been released from Federal Prison several months ago where he was serving a sentence for federal drug and weapon charges. Davis was still on Federal Probation for his charges. Davis had made statements to several people he had a gun and was not going back to prison.

Captain Wiseman placed Deputies A.D. Beam and T.C. Workman in the woods behind the Davis and Chrisawn residence just prior to serving arrest warrants. This was so they could observe the residence before officers arrived and to provide a safety net and backup the arrest team.

Deputy Beam advised a blue truck was leaving Davis’ residence and he could not see who got into the truck.

Captain Wiseman observed the truck pull onto Altapass Road, traveling towards US19E. Captain Wiseman was unable to see how many subjects were in the truck. Captain Wiseman activated his blue lights to stop the truck and see if Davis or Chrisawn was in the truck. The truck sped up, Captain Wiseman activated his siren. Captain Wiseman advised Mitchell Communications the tag number on the truck and that the truck was refusing to stop. The Communication center advised the truck was registered to Street.

Street traveled on to US19E and turned towards Yancey County. The pursuit approached the intersection of Highland Avenue. Street abruptly turned onto Highland Avenue traveling towards Greenwood Road. Street then turned onto Peterson Street, turned onto Hill Top Street, onto Tappan Street, and then onto Summit Avenue. Lt. J.D. English, Detective C.M. Beam, Spruce Pine Officer Steve Turbyfill, NC SHP Troopers Shelton Vaughn and Jeremy Carver joined the pursue. Captain Wiseman then forced Street off the road into the parking lot of the Rusty Rooster. Officers then surrounded Street’s vehicle and removed him. Street was taken into custody after a brief struggle. There was loaded 22 caliber magnum pistol in the truck. Street was the only one in the truck.

Street ran numerous stop signs and reached speeds of 60 mph on the streets which had posted 20 mph speed limits.

Street claimed he did not know he was being pursued. During the pursuit Street extended his left arm out the window and made a gesture with his finger at Captain Wiseman.

Deputy Beam then notified Captain Wiseman Davis ran out of the back door of the residence. Davis saw Deputy Beam and immediately ran back into the residence.

Captain Wiseman along with the Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team then went back to Davis residence to serve arrest warrants.

Captain Wiseman and the SRT Team arrived at the residence and immediately surrounded it. Captain Wiseman yelled and told Davis they had an arrest warrant for him and to exit the residence with his hands up.

Davis opened the front door and raised his hands and exited the residence along with Chrisawn and another female.

Davis told Captain Wiseman, Street had just delivered him a quantity of meth. Davis further advised that Street had left with a large amount of meth on him. Davis told Captain Wiseman when he ran out the back door and saw Deputy Beam, he ran back in the residence and flushed a quantity of meth down the toilet.

Chrisawn, who has the residence rented gave the officers consent to search it. Deputies located methamphetamine and a small amount of marijuana in the residence.

Captain Wiseman served arrest warrants on Davis for sell and delivery of meth, morphine pills, and methadone pills, possession with intent to sell and deliver meth, morphine pills, and methadone pills, and possession of methamphetamine.

Davis is being held on $87,000.00 secured bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 5, 2013.

Chrisawn was served arrest warrants possession with intent to sell and deliver methamphetamine, sell and delivery of methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia.

Chrisawn was released on a $20,000.00 secured bond. She is scheduled to appear in court on June 5, 2013.

Captain Wiseman obtained arrest warrants on Street for felony fleeing to elude arrest, reckless driving, failing to stop for blue light and siren, possession of methamphetamine, delivery of methamphetamine, maintaining a vehicle for keeping controlled substance, and drug paraphernalia.

Street was released on a $30,000.00 secured bond. He is schedule to appear in court on June 5, 2013.

Captain Wiseman wanted to thank Spruce Pine Police Department and North Carolina Highway Patrol for their assistance. Captain advised he just praised God for nobody getting hurt during the pursuit and serving of the arrest warrants.

                       Melinda Marie Chrisawn
                                Gregory Alan Street

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