Students Perform at The Orchard

On Saturday, May 11, students from the Traditional Arts Program for Students (TAPS) entertained folks at the Orchard at Altapass with strumming, picking, and singing. One student, Sabrina Woody, offered a tribute to Harris Middle School instructor, Terry McKinney, using only a plastic “glass” as an instrument. Terry acted as lead guitarist, conductor, and announcer for these elementary and middle school students, who represent some of the over 30 participants in the program from the two-county area. The program is designed to teach traditional skills and regional heritage to the youth of the community. This performance, a collaboration between the Orchard of Altapass and the Toe River Arts Council,  was a culmination of their from 3 to over 24-hour study and practice.
Pictured from left to right:  Thomas Smith, Sophia Phillips, Bridgett Peterson, Vinnie Ceja, Jack Weinmeister, Trey Boone, Liam Henson, Marie Duncan, Devon Lowery, Sabrina Woody. 

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