Ashley Nicole Cooke

Mitchell Pair Charged in String of Break Ins

Mitchell County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a couple on multiple breaking and entering of homes in the Altapass and Spruce Pine communities. Ashley Nicole Cooke, age 23, of 167 Charlie Woody Mountain Road, Spruce Pine, N.C. Jacob A. Atkins, age 24, of 5872 North 226 Highway, Bakersville, N.C. Both subjects are facing numerous felony charges. These two arrests solved four break ins and felony larceny cases in the area.

                               Jacob A. Atkins
Captain R.V. Wiseman advised on Sunday a resident of Harris Height Street in Spruce Pine came home and found Cooke and Atkins inside their home. The resident immediately called 911 and Cooke and Atkins fled on foot. A male subject who resided at the residence pursued the couple. State Trooper Jeremy Carver who lived near the break in was coming home for his lunch break and saw the pursuit. Trooper Carver joined the man chasing the pair on foot.
Mitchell County Deputies, Spruce Pine Police, and other State Troopers responded to the area.
Spruce Pine Officer Kasey Cook went to the residence and obtained a description of the suspects. Officer Cook then advised the other officers of the descriptions of the pair. Captain Wiseman advised Cook the descriptions were of Cooke and Atkins. Captain Wiseman obtained pictures of the pair and showed them to the homeowner who identified the pair as Cooke and Atkins. Some people who observed Cooke and Atkins fleeing the scene also made a positive identification of the couple. Cooke and Atkins were able to evade the officers.
Officers kept the area sealed off and continued to look for the pair. Mitchell Lt. Detective C.C. Hobson observed Cooke and Atkins entering a pickup in the parking lot of the Lemon Tree Inn. Lt. Detective Hobson notified all the other units, which then proceeded to his location.
Cooke and Atkins had a room at the motel. The couple had contacted a Ryan Briggs to pick them up at the motel and get them out of the area. Cooke and Atkins had changed clothes, it was raining while they were fleeing the area of the break in.
Cooke had several pieces of jewelry in her possession when taken into custody. Atkins gave officers consent to search their motel room.
Officers located several pieces of stolen jewelry, purses, gun cases, and other items stolen from residents in the Altapass Community. Officers also located the rain soaked clothes Cooke and Atkins were wearing.
Lt. Detective Hobson interviewed Cooke and she confessed to breaking into the house on Harris Height Street and three other homes in the Altapass Community.
With the assistance of Cooke all the firearms stolen, most of jewelry, and other items were recovered.
Atkins had a large amount of cash in his possession. The homes on Altapass had several hundred dollars of cash stolen from them.
Lt. Detective Hobson obtained arrest warrants on Atkins for felony breaking and entering, felony larceny, and felony larceny of a firearm. Atkins is being held in jail on a $280,000.00 secured bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 24, 2013.
Lt. Detective Hobson obtained arrest warrants on Cooke for felony breaking and entering, felony larceny, and felony larceny of a firearm. Cooke is being held in jail on a $135,000.00 secured bond. She is scheduled to appear in court on June 24, 2013.
While Cooke and Atkins were being processed, Atkins was able to break out of a holding cell at Spruce Pine Police Department. Sheriff’s Deputies, State Troopers, and Spruce pine Officers located Atkins.
This investigation is continuing and there will be additional charges pending.
Sheriff Street praised the efforts of the officers for the apprehension of the pair.

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