Heritage JV Football Team Works for Third Straight Title

Heritage JV Works for Third Straight Title
With longtime Coach Ronnie Randolph back on the sideline and a talented group of freshman and sophomores on the roster it looks like the Heritage JV Cougars are poised to defend its back to back Western Highlands Conference football championships.
“This is a great group of kids who really want to represent our school and county in the best possible way,” Coach Robinson said of his team of young football players this season.  “I would encourage the people of our county to come out on Thursday and Friday nights to E.L. Briggs stadium and support the Cougars.”
The Cougar JV’s have been the team to beat having lost only one games in the past two seasons with two WHC championships to show for their efforts.
You can bet that another WHC title is a goal of the 2013 edition of JV Cougars as well. “We of course want to win the WHC championship and go undefeated, but we are going to take it one game at a time,” Randolph said.
Coach Randolph has seen his young men grow in the first two weeks of preseason practice as the coaching staff covers the basics of the Heritage offense and defense.  “Our goal as a coaching staff is to get better at what we do each and every week.  The freshmen are always behind the sophomores and it takes time to get them up to speed at this time of year,” Randolph said.
Saying that he was pleased with their progress of his team so far, Coach Randolph said that his guys are right on schedule. “Both sides of the ball are progressing at pretty much the same rate, but we need to work on getting better at what we do each and every practice.”
It won’t be easy for the Cougars to repeat, with just about all of the starters on last year’s JV team moving up to varsity this year, but Coach Randolph is confident in his players. “We may have two starters back from last year’s team on either side of the ball, but we are looking to start five sophomores and six freshmen on defense and eight sophomores and three freshmen on offense.,” Randolph said.
 The Cougars are starting more freshmen than they would typically due to six sophomores being moved up to the varsity level this year.  “I believe that this is a good thing for our football program.  The sophomores that are ready for varsity are going to get that experience this year and it opens up more playing time for our player on the JV level,” Coach Randolph said.
Ca och Randolph said that the players returning from last year’s team are ready to make their mark this year, adding that the middle schools do a phenomenal job developing quality football players for his program.
Offensively the Cougars will be a run first throw when you need to team again this year.  “We have a good group of running backs lead by Maleek Smith and Josh Meadows and our quarterback, Bryson Cooper, will be taking snaps this season for the first time in his career.  He is doing a great job running the offense at his new position and he is able to throw the ball effectively,” Coach Randolph said of his offense.
The Cougars again have a hard working, physical bunch of kids on their JV roster. “Our conference is known as one of the most physical 2A conferences in the state and Mountain football demands that your team be physical to be successful,” Randolph said. 
Randolph said that it was good for his team to see some preseason action before it hits the road for the season opener at Patton High in Morganton at 7 p.m. this Thursday. 
  “I’m glad we got to see a different colored jersey across from us before our first game.  It makes it easier for the players before they have to go out and perform on the big stage in a real game. For many of them this was there first high school football experience,” Coach Randolph said.He expects his team to send a message Thursday night when they travel to Patton. “We want to leave there with everyone knowing that we are a physical football team who plays hard and does it the right way,” Randolph concluded.
by David Grindstaff

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