White Oak Man Faces Meth Charges

Mitchell County deputies arrest a resident on White Oak on drug charges. Zachary Wayne Hall, age 32, of 21 White Oak Crossing faces numerous felony drug charges.

Captain R.V. Wiseman advised that the Sheriff’s Office received information from a concerned citizen advising Hall was purchasing a large quantity of liquid heat, red devil lye, camp fuel, and lithium batteries. Captain Wiseman advised all these items are immediate precursors used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Captain Wiseman advised while checking the Pseudoephedrine Logs for the area he noticed Hall had purchased Pseudoephedrine on Thursday night around 8:30p.m.

Captain Wiseman knew Hall was on probation. Captain Wiseman contacted PPO Cody McKinney. PPO McKinney advised he would conduct a probation search at Hall’s residence.

PPO McKinney, Wiseman, and other deputies went to Hall’s residence. The officers were unable to get Hall to answer to the door.

Captain Wiseman, Lt. J.D. English and K9 Oscar, Lt. Detective C.C. Hobson, Detective C.M. Beam, and Deputies S.E. Davis and D.S. Buchanan then executed a search warrant at Hall’s residence. The officer’s found Hall lying on the couch directly in front of the door. Hall advised he did not hear Probation knocking at his door.

Lt. English and Oscar then began to search the residence. K9 Oscar alerted on safe in the bedroom. There was a small flashlight on top the safe without batteries in the flashlight. The flashlight had white powder residue in it, which tested positive for methamphetamine. Captain Wiseman then had Hall open the safe.

Inside the safe was a plastic box which contained a plastic bag of methamphetamine, syringes, and digital scales. The methamphetamine was consistent with one pot “Shake and Bake” methamphetamine.

Officers also located liquid heat, red devil lye, camp fuel, and lithium batteries. Officers located some records which indicated the actually lab was probably in an adjoining county.

Warrants were served on Hall for possession of methamphetamine, possess immediate precursors, possess with intent to sell and deliver methamphetamine, maintain a dwelling for keeping and selling methamphetamine, and possess drug paraphernalia.

Hall is being held in jail on an $110,000.00 secured bond. He is schedule to appear in Mitchell County Court on September 16, 2013.

Captain Wiseman is working with detectives in the other county on the actual meth lab.

Sheriff Street said he appreciated concerned citizens calling with information on illegal drugs. Sheriff Street advised anyone with information on illegal drugs to call the Sheriff’s Office at 828-688-3982. All information is confidential.

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