DHHS Takes Steps to Eliminate Backlog of Food Stamps

  In July, the Department of Health and Human Services updated the new NC Fast software system. Since then county-level division of social services offices across the state have experienced a back log in processing the benefits applications and re-certifications. Local DSS employees have been working evenings and Saturdays to catch up the backlog. Now DHHS is taking steps to help speed up the process. DHHS is training a team to become experts at using the software and is asking counties to send outstanding food stamp assistant cases to Raleigh, where this team will process them.  DSS Director Darrel Renfro tells us more…(inserted audio) 
Once the county-level cases are complete, more than 160 state workers will be sent to offices in all 100 counties by early October. There will be at least one new state employee who will be in each county working to assist them in training on the new system. Despite the challenges, DHHS remains confident NC FAST will be a dependable, paperless method to provide state supported services to those in need.

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