Gun Law News Release from the Yancey Sheriff's Department

Sheriff Gary Banks would like to make the public aware of some important changes to Gun Laws in North Carolina that became Effective October 1st.  Many of you have heard about these changes through media outlets, and Sheriff Banks would like to clear up any confusion that may exist concerning the new law.  First, the changes to the purchase permit process. While the process for applying for a purchase permit has not changed, a few of the details about the permit themselves have. First, there is no longer any cap on the amount of permits that can be issued in a year or at one time, each permit issued is still five dollars. Also, the time allowed for issue of a purchase permit has been reduced from 30 to 15 days.

There has also been several changes to the Concealed Handgun permit as well. Anyone with a valid concealed permit may now carry concealed on a premises where alcohol is sold and consumed, provided that the property is not posted as a “no concealed carry” property and that the person carrying concealed is not consuming alcohol themselves.  Anyone with a valid concealed carry permit may also carry their hand gun in a financial institution provided that the property is not posted “no concealed carry.” Lastly, anyone with a valid concealed carry permit may have their handgun on public school property provided that said gun is secured in a locked car.  This change in the law does not permit any person to have a gun on their person while on school property.

Sheriff Banks hopes that this will clear up any confusion that anyone may have had about the change in gun laws this year. If anyone has any questions concerning this change in law you are encouraged to Contact Sheriff Gary Banks or  Administrative Sergeant Bradley Boone at the  Yancey County Sheriffs Office at (828) 682-2124.

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