Family Needs Help Rebuilding Their Home

Matt and Velina Geraci and their 5 children lost everything they had in a house fire last September.  Area churches and the community have been working to thelp this family build their house back.  Their wish for Christmas is to be in their new home.  They have a lot completed toward this, but still need a lot.  If anyone want to help in any way with labor or money toward material it would be greatly appreciated.  This house is located in Bald Mountain on Silas Branch Road.  Matt has had problems with his back but is waiting to get his house finished to take care of his back.  If anyone wants to help, Bro. Charles Carroll, Pastor of White Oak Church, is helping the family, he can be reached at 675-0489.  Everything will be used toward the needs of this family.

Mitchell FBLA Community Clothing Drive (Details)

Needs Your Old Seed/Feed Bags

mine is not an opinion as I try to keep mine to myself, but I have a small business and am trying to reach people in this area who might be feeding animals or the birds. I need your feed bags. I make handbags from these and am running out of anything to work with! Don't trash them, I can recycle them. Email


Food Ministry for the Needy of All Counties

 Paint Gap Baptist Church is doing a food ministry for the needy.  The only requirement is that you or someone you know needs food.  All counties are welcome.  Please call ahead for pickup time at 828-689-4841 or 828-206-4841.