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Mental Health Center Opens To Serve Area

A regional comprehensive mental health facility has opened in Asheville.  The new facility aims to provide a “one-stop shop” with a range of mental health services in a single location including 24-hour crisis services. RHA operates the center located at 356 Biltmore Avenue, in Asheville. Though located in Asheville the new C3356 Comprehensive Care Center serves several counties including Mitchell, Madison and Yancey counties. The facility should relieve some pressure on Mission Hospital’s emergency department, officials say. The Mission emergency department has been overwhelmed with people that are in psychiatric crisis even though that’s not the best way for individuals to get treatment for their psychiatric needs. Right now, the facility offers behavioral urgent care 12 hours a day, seven days a week. RHA hopes to expand that to 24 hours a day in early June.In addition, RHA plans to move the 16 beds for adult crisis and detox from the Neil Dobbins Center to the C3356 Comprehensive Care Center. That move will likely take place in early fall. The facility also has eight observation areas. Eventually, the Comprehensive Care Center will be able to handle involuntary commitments, which  law enforcement currently drops off at Mission ER. For more information go to or call 828-254-2700 for more information about services offered through the C3356 Comprehensive Care Center.

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