Mitchell County Looks at Vehicle Tax Values

Mitchell County tax assessor Blair Hyder told County Commissioners last week that a problem with the county’s tax software had lead to an overvaluation of vehicle property taxes dating back as far as a year. The problem came to light after the Assessor’s Office received a higher than average amount of appeals last quarter. Hyder blamed the problem on the outdated computer system the county has used to determine the values. Hyder said that at this point that there is no idea of how many people have been affected but that those taxpayers who did appeal have had proper assessments assigned to them. After the issue is fixed funds will be returned to residents. The problem with the Mitchell County system in not related to the new Tag and Tax system being implemented by the State of North Carolina to collect vehicle property taxes along with registration renewals which began in mid 2013 and should be fully incorporated by the middle of this year.

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