Bad, Bad Food!

There is a fairly new restaurant in Burnsville (who's name I know I can't mention here but it's the one that never has any costumers), well the food is just terrible, very old smelly meats, brown salad greens,cloudy tea, I could just go on about my whole family's terrible experience there. How is this going on????? I know it was a mistake to go there if no one else does but really I was curious and thought how bad could it be? now I know!!!! We don't have a lot of money and can't eat out often so it was a terrible disappointment especially for the kids and they will usually eat just about anything BUT NOT THIS STUFF!!!! I'm just wondering why this place is still open and why haven't the health officials done something???? Now that it's too late and I started asking around seems that a lot of people had the same terrible time as we did. terrible service too but that won't kill you,bad food can!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!! IF THERE IS NO ONE ELSE EATTING THERE JUST DON"T GO!!!!!!!!

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