Cold Dog

Most folks are capable of caring about mistreated children and mistreated animals at the same time! They are not mutually exclusive._______________

SAD,with all the problems in the United States Of America and the world. Even in Yancey County some people's Biggest Concern is a dog getting cold. Most dog owners who have a dog/ hunting dog take better care of it far better than many parents take care of their children, sadly through government assistance more and more people are getting a house or apartment for little or no cost to them, they are kept warm when it's cold, and cool when its hot both free in too many cases. they also receive an EBT/food stamps and according to news stories about arrest and yes it goes on in Burnsville I personally have knowledge that more than one Drug Dealer fills out their grocery list gives it to the above mentioned person they the go to the grocery store and pick up the groceries takes them back to the drug dealer and receives the amount of their drug of choice equal to value of groceries.Sadly many little babies are killed through abortion yet no one every expresses any concern, and anyone who expresses concern,or their opinion it never gets to the interest of the people. Then there are the children that should have plenty to eat because of the EBT/food stamps but don't because one or both parents used what was intended to feed their children to support their Drug Habit. It is my opinion that many residents see suspicious activity close to their home, But never report anything they observe using the excuse they don't want to get involved,yet apparently get out and search for a dog that's out in the cold and half the people in Yancey County are outraged contact the media and they come running and the accused arrested many falsely. Many will go to great lengths over dogs, but care less about the murder of innocent BABIES,and the child neglect and abuse,as well as domestic violence. OH by the way dog's were made by God to live outside Before Animal lovers get furious I In no way believe in the abuse of any animal I have a dog that pretty much is the boss at my house and since she's a small breed sleeps on the same nice warm bed my wife and I do. However the Babies killed by abortion and the children as well as adults are far more important to me than Animals. People have a Soul animals do not. PLEASE keep in mind I have attempted to bring articles of interest to the people, I have Attacked no one personally only pointed out the difference in my opinions and those of others.Believe my opinion or not.

It makes me so sad to see a dog left outside in these freezing temps. i pass by one everyday. Maybe the owner leaves for work early in the morning. Surely it isn't out there over night while they are snuggled in bed in a warm house. How does its water not get frozen? How does it stay warm? Can it not stay in a basement, garage, bathroom till the temps warm up? I hope he or she doesn't freeze to death. It's a pretty dog.


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