Local Author, Katey Schultz Speaks at Rotary

On January 9 members of the Rotary Club of Spruce Pine were privileged to hear from Katey Schultz, local author and winner of the Military Writers Society of America 2013 Book of the Year Award for her book of short stories, FLASHES OF WAR. Although she has never been involved with the military or in a war zone, Katey’s expressive words show detailed images and emotions of those who have been. It was a special pleasure to hear her read aloud from her book. She writes with compassion and understanding and says that she simply uses a writer’s tools, research and imagination. The Spruce Pine Rotary Club appreciates Ms. Schultz being with us and thanks to Rotarian Oscar Weinmeister for arranging this program.We wish continued success for this exceptional writer. 
Pictured is Rotary President Janie DeVos presenting a locally handmade Rotary mug in appreciation to Katey Schultz

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