Mitchell Deputies Uncover Indoor Marijuana Operation

Two Mitchell County men face several felony drug charges after an indoor marijuana grow operation was uncovered.
Walter Andrew Rose, age 42 and Michael Charles George, age 44, of 1547 B&B Road, Bakersville were arrested in connection with marijuana grow operation.
Captain R.V. Wiseman said Sheriff Street contacted him and said a concerned citizen had stopped by the office and told Sheriff Street that Rose was growing and selling marijuana at his residence.
Captain Wiseman and Lt. Detective C.C. Hobson then went to Rose’s residence. Captain Wiseman knocked on the door and Rose along George came to the door. Captain Wiseman advised Rose of the complaint Sheriff Street had received. Rose at first just stood and looked at Captain Wiseman. Captain Wiseman asked if he and Lt. Detective Hobson could come in and look around. Rose and George talked between themselves for a moment. Lt. Detective Hobson then asked Rose and George if they were going allow Captain Wiseman and himself to come in the house.
Rose then stated he had some seedlings in the house. Captain Wiseman asked Rose what kind of seedlings. Rose stated marijuana seedlings. Rose then told Captain Wiseman and Lt. Detective Hobson to come on in the house.
Rose then took the deputies to a bedroom located in the rear of the residence. Rose then pointed to a framed grow room in the corner. Rose removed the sheet covering the grow room. There was five potted marijuana seedlings ranging from an inch tall to approximately five to six inched tall. The grow room consisted of grow lights, a fan, and an exhaust pipe coming out of the grow room. Rose had each pot labeled with the name of each variety of plant. The temperature was controlled with a thermostat to maintain the perfect temperature for the marijuana to grow. Rose had a chart showing the growth of the marijuana from the time it was planted.
Rose then told Captain Wiseman he had more plants. Rose took the detectives into another room. The room had three separate rooms inside it. There were two rooms which contained marijuana grow rooms. These rooms contained five adult marijuana plants each which ranged from three to six feet in height. The rooms were set up with grow lights, fans, and heaters. The temperature was controlled by a thermostat. Rose also had charts showing the progress of the marijuana plants.
The third room was a drying room for the marijuana after the marijuana buds were harvested. The drying room had several marijuana buds drying inside the room. There was also a glass jar which contained dry marijuana buds.
Captain Wiseman located potting soil, lime, Miracle Grow, and other types of fertilize. There were several boxes of bulbs for the lighting system.
Captain Wiseman advised this operation had the capability to grow a large amount of marijuana.
Rose told Captain Wiseman that George assisted and worked in the growing operation.
Captain Wiseman charged Rose and George with manufacturing Schedule VI, possess with intent to manufacture, and possess with intent to sell and deliver Schedule VI.
Rose and George are being held in jail under a $30,000.00 secured bond. They are scheduled to appear in Mitchell County Court on March 5, 2014.
Sheriff Street encourages citizen who have information on illegal drug activity to contact the Sheriff’s Office. All complaints are kept confidential. Sheriff Street stated his office takes all complaints concerning drugs serious and they are investigated. Anyone with information can call 828/688-3982.

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